Things we love….DIY Halloween crafts!

I’m not super crafty and rarely enter places like Michael’s….but my team wanted to have a pumpkin decorating contest (mini) with judging on Friday, so I took the plunge. Michael’s is actually super fun! I spent an hour wandering around finding everything I needed to create my monsterpiece and saw a whole lot of things I really wanted (red boa anyone) but didn’t need.

So on Thursday night after work will absolutely no motivation whatsoever, I began work on Taryn the Tarantula! After I started it really was fun!

What you will need:

  • 1 mini pumpkin
  • Black satin finish acrylic paint (small bottle)
  • Black Glitter glue with multicolor sparkles
  • 1 pkg googly eyes
  • 1 pkg Red sparkly pipe cleaners
  • 1 plastic white fork
  • Tiny red beads
  • Small black beads
  • Tweezers
  • Steel punch
  • Small sponge wedge brush
  • Protective paper
  • HairdryerCraft tools

Place paper on table, set mini pumpkin in center,paint three coats of black paint, covering entire surface including stem, blow drying between each coat. I alternated painting and drying between the top surface and bottom for even coverage.

Paint two coats of Glitter glue over entire surface, blow drying between coats. Then affix googly eyes to the front of the pumpkin using glitter glue (i used the paper surface to have a blob of glue reserved for use). Then take your tweezers and pick up the black beads, dip them in the glitter glue and place in rows (3 deep) from the stem down each crease of the pumpkin. Then take a small handful of red beads and sprinkle them onto the top of the pumpkin (dipped in glue).

Take white plastic fork and break off the two center tines for the fangs cut top of tine to about 1 inch in length. Use the steel punch to form the holes for the fangs (angle it up so they will point down when inserted) push tines into holes.

Then take several small red beads, dipped in glitter glue and affix at the top of the fangs. Take punch and create small holes in either side of the pumpkin for the legs.

Almost there!



Take four pipe cleaners and bend into spider legs, then twist at the top and insert into pumpkin fanning legs out. Repeat on other side.

Voila, 60 minutes later, here she is!

Finished pumpkin


She won second place, painted pumpkin donuts stole the show.




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