Math, Cooking, and Children? A TOS Review of “Eat Your Math Homework”

The amazing Ann McCallum has found a way to combine cooking and lessons, in ways both parents and children won’t be able to resist!  Our newest Schoolhouse Review Crew review has made our lessons mouthwatering, relational, hilarious, exciting, AND delicious.  What a combination!  Ann McCallum Books’ cookbook for parents and kids, Eat Your Math Homework, was given to us to use and review in softcover version.  And, oh, did we love it!

Eat Your Math banner

What is Eat Your Math Homework?

Eat Your Math Homework is the ultimate way to add both cooking and math fun (yes, you heard me right–math FUN!) to your homeschool days.  Author Ann McCallum has created recipes that teach math functions and principles of various levels that are just right for parents and kids to prepare together, fulfilling the books’ subtitle: “Recipes for Hungry Minds.”  Along with each recipe, McCallum includes a mini-math lesson that teaches a bit more, as well as math puzzles or problems for students to solve.  Illustrator Leeza Hernandez’ humorous illustrations add hilarity to every page.


Amusing illustrations and interesting text

Amusing illustrations and interesting text

In this delightful cookbook (designed for elementary students, but just as great for teens), you’ll be able to prepare recipes to teach your children about the following:

  • Fibonacci sequence
  • Fractions
  • Tessellations
  • Tangrams
  • Pi
  • Probability

There is even a free downloadable teacher’s guide to go along with Eat Your Math Homework available at  the author’s website.  Just scroll down to and click on the tab that says Downloadables on the Eat Your Math Homework page and you’ll be taken right to it.


Assembling the Fibonacci Snack Sticks

Assembling the Fibonacci Snack Sticks

How we used Eat Your Math Homework:

As you can imagine—we read it, laughed over it, learned from it….and used its recipes to learn more about amazing math concepts!  First, we’d read the math introduction to whichever recipe we were about to cook together.  (I’m the mom of an only son, so Jackson, my eighth grader, and I did all the prep and the cooking.)  Next, we’d read the ingredients list together and the recipe steps.  Then, we’d collect the ingredients and the cooking utensils/pans we’d be needing.  And then—off to the races, or to the kitchen, in this case!

So far, we have prepared Fibonacci Snack Sticks, Variable Pizza Pi, and Fraction Chips.  I loved the clear illustrations of math each provided…and each one was absolutely delicious.  For the sake of utter math and food coolness, though, I’d have to say that the Fibonacci Snack Sticks were the best.  We’ll definitely use these recipes again.  And investigate all the other ones in the book!


...and the Variable Pizza Pi

…and the Variable Pizza Pi

What we thought about Eat Your Math Homework:

This is an easy one!  We love, love, loved it.  From the clearly-explained math concepts, to the amusing illustrations, to the delicious meals and snacks we prepared, we relished every single moment with this book. My son Jackson commented on how fun it was to make the recipes; his expectations were both met and exceeded!

And not only did the book, the recipes, and the food allow for pleasant experiences, the time together in the kitchen did as well.  The two of us had so much fun cooking and laughing together as we worked through the recipes in Eat Your Math Homework.  So this book allowed us some truly exceptional times together.  What a great addition to our homeschool days!


And preparing the Fraction Chips!

And preparing the Fraction Chips!

In conclusion:

I highly recommend Ann McCallum Books’ cookbook Eat Your Math Homework.  For kids, it will teach awesome things about math, and provide great cooking experiences.  For parents, it will provide exciting and learning-filled activities to teach their kiddos.  Maybe it will even help them to love math!

You may purchase Eat Your Math Homework for $7.95 at Ann McCallum Books.  (And you can check out all her other wonderful books.)  Don’t miss this delightful cookbook experience!

Enjoy!  –Wren

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