Our Favorites for the Year ~ and the Schoolhouse Review Crew’s Blue Ribbon Awards!

Did you know that Schoolhouse Review Crew members vote on their absolute favorites in each review category, every single year?


Well, we do!  And today, I’m going to share with you some of Jackson’s and my personal faves.  Then, I’m going to give you a link so that you can see the overall winners from the Crew’s voting.

Without further ado…..da winnahs!


Dynamic Lit 1Favorite Vocabulary:

Definitely Dynamic LiteracyWordBuild Elements Level 1 is an extremely creative, games- and exercise-based study of Greek and Latin word roots.  I’ve always felt that these are excellent helps for understanding the English language, since so many English words have a Latin or a Greek root….or prefix or suffix.  This course makes learning the roots enjoyable and fun.  It’s very effective!


IEW Resource Set bannerFavorite All-Around Language Arts:

Definitely Institute for Excellence in Writing!  We received the amazing resource set above, which included both a book and a DVD, Teaching with Games; an unusual and excellent thesaurus writing tool called A Word Write Now; and Timeline of Classics.  These tools were both engaging, unique and very helpful to both Jackson and me.  Institute for Excellence in Writing always lives up to the “excellence” part of its name.

a Fall 2014 147Favorite Grammar:

Again, it’s Institute for Excellence in Writing!  This time, it’s IEW’s Fix It! Grammar, which utilizes classic literature (in our case, Robin Hood) to teach correct grammar and punctuation.  It’s so effective and filled with clarity.


Poetry pic 2Favorite Literature:

Progeny Press’ Introduction to Poetry Study Guide was a remarkable introduction to the world of poetry.  This high school course was still very accessible to my 8th grader, and I think he especially enjoyed the fact that the guide was an interactive PDF, which he typed all his answers and work into.


Middle Ages bannerFavorite History:

Homeschool in the Woods’ Project Passport World History.  The Middle Ages study is hands-on, fascinating, user-friendly, AND covers parts of history we weren’t even that familiar with.  We learned a ton, and enjoyed every minute of it!


Eat Your Math bannerEat Your Science book coverFavorite Science and Favorite Math:

I cannot tell you enough how much I adore Ann McCallum Books’ Eat Your Science Homework and Eat Your Math Homework!  In these, you and your students will learn about black holes, invisible ink, tessellations, atoms and molecules, fractions, and Fibonacci sequence.  All while cooking up a storm together!  We enjoyed these so much.  You must check them out!

And some other faves that Jackson and I enjoyed:

Prasso Teen Bible Studies

ARTistic Pursuits

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal by Apologia Educational Ministries

Star Toaster’s Orphs of the Woodlands

Koru Naturals

YWAM Publishing

We had a fabulous year with the Schoolhouse Review Crew, loving and being blessed by so many products.  Many thanks, from the bottoms of our hearts, to the Crew and to our fantastic vendors!

And now that I’ve shared our TOS review faves with you….check out the by clicking here on Blue Ribbon Award Winners from the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  You’ll be taken to the Crew blog, where you can see the overall winners, plus links to Crew members’ own lists!

Enjoy! –Wren


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