Giveaway! “I’m Happy for You (Sort of…Not Really)”~Awesome Book You Need to Read!

This might be one of the funniest book titles I’ve ever run into:

I'm Happy For You banner

Kay Wills Wyma’s I’m Happy for You (Sort of…Not Really) is one of the best nonfiction books I’ve read this year.  It’s also pretty funny, as you’d expect with a title like that!  But, it’s also truthful…honest…and open about a subject that affects all of us, subtly or not-so-subtly, in today’s “likes” and “thumbs up” social media-driven world.

Have you guessed what this book is about?

Comparison:  the examination of what others are, do, or have as compared to what I think I am, do, or have; and the thoughts or emotions that result.

Despite the fact that Scripture instructs us not to compare ourselves with others (consider the elder brother of the prodigal son; the disciples, on discussing who was the greatest; the Pharisee who told God he was glad he was not like that “sinner” on the other side of the street), we often do.  And it begins with a single thought or observation, that can then pick up speed until the happy person we were just a few moments ago is suddenly sad, dissatisfied, or embarrassed.

And comparison can happen over anything!  Salary.  Children (or lack thereof).  Our homes or lawns or cars.  Especially, for women in our day and age, it can be weight, appearance, beauty.  Things we were personally satisfied with can suddenly seem to be not enough.  This is SO not fun.

Wyma PinterestingSo…since we know comparing ourselves with others isn’t good, how can we stop doing it?

Author Kay Wills Wyma has put a lot of thought and observation into this subject.  Her book discusses the root of comparison and its resulting dissatisfaction, and offers helpful ideas for changing the way we think and react when comparison rears its ugly head.  What if…instead of comparing ourselves with others, we can respond with contentment about ourselves and our lives?  In I’m Happy for You (Sort of…Not Really), Wyma shares not only her own (often hilarious) experiences but also stories of many other women, who’ve battled comparison in its many forms.  This book’s chapters talk through:

  • Three simple words that can stop comparison it its tracks
  • Looking beyond the present moment to the big picture
  • Pressure, performance and social media
  • What “real beauty” truly is
  • Relationship and friendship
  • and so much more!

Wyma Fat ThoughtsSo how does this book compare to other self-help books?  (Just kidding.)

I know, I know…I just couldn’t resist!

I’m not going to compare this book to others I have read.  I admit, freely, that I am definitely not a big reader of nonfiction books.  Often, I’ll  make it halfway or partially through and my attention goes somewhere else, despite how helpful it might be.  (A novel, however, is a different story.)

However, I’m Happy for You (Sort of…Not Really) affected me in a very different manner!  Perhaps because it is story-driven, it was highly readable for me.  Kay Wills Wyma’s manner is so candid and open.  I almost felt, as I was reading this book, that I was just sitting and engaging with a trusted friend who had incredibly helpful teaching to share with me.  I loved the real life stories she included in her book, as well as the quotes from famous personalities of all stripes.  So unlike my frequent yet uncompleted forays into nonfiction books, I read huge chunks of it nearly every time I sat down to read it.

Perhaps most importantly, there is enormously beneficial and valuable information in this.  Yes, of course I want to be a contented person!  I want to raise my son to be thankful and contented as well, and to be armed with wisdom and understanding as he navigates the social media-driven world he’s growing up in.  And Wyma’s book is full of information to help us both with the goal of contentment and avoiding comparison.

I’m happy to recommend this book to you.  It’s a delightful and fully relevant book!

I'm Happy For You bannerAnd…you might even win your own copy below!

Just enter the Rafflecopter below for your chance to win.  And, you can join Wyma on her blog for her #HydrateForTheHolidays on her blog posts this holiday season, to help you and your family focus on contentment as you celebrate!


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21 thoughts on “Giveaway! “I’m Happy for You (Sort of…Not Really)”~Awesome Book You Need to Read!

    • It IS hard! Must remind myself that we are God’s creations, with His individual plan for each of us. Not cookie-cutter people!

    • I definitely understand that. I have felt it myself. It can be hard for us as parents when we want to do more, yet can’t at the moment. There is a lot to be said, though, for a home that is filled with love!

  1. I think the hardest thing for me has always been being different…kinda nerdy and quirky. I am very happy to be the unique person I am today but it wasn’t always easy.

    • That is a fantastic observation. Of course all the qualities you describe are in high demand today though, aren’t they? 🙂

  2. I want to reag this! I’m horrible about comparison I do it with everything. I constantly try to keep up. I just became a stay at home mom for my kids I love it but feel everyone judges me. I cant wait to read this. Thank you:)

  3. i always fight the saying “i don’t care what anyone thinks of me,” even though in my heart, i really do. seeing someone with 86 likes compared to my single-digit likes makes me feel “less than” even though it shouldn’t.

    • I think many of us struggle with that, Sharon. It seems as though social media can engender that very thing in us. From time to time I really have to remind myself that my worth…and others’ worth…is not measured by the numbers of our followers!

  4. The hardest thing is knowing that my appearance means I get treated as less than, have to try 10 times harder or be 10 times better to get the same results or close to it as my more socially acceptable looking peers.

    • That IS hard, A.L. Hard on us and hard because God even looks on the heart, not on the external appearance.

      Thank you for entering. 🙂

  5. It is important to realize that so many photos in magazines are not real – they have been photoshopped out to unrealistic proportions. We can’t compare ourselves to them.

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