Encouraging Books to Start the New Year

Hello–and happy 2016!

Encouraging Books for the New YearI know that for me, a new year brings promise, hope and encouragement.  The promise of amazing things to come; hopes and wishes for creative beginnings; and encouragement to start anew in areas we’ve been giving attention to.  This week, my friends at the Schoolhouse Review Crew are sharing books that had been meaningful to them (I’ll have a link up to those later in the week).  And I’d love to introduce you to some books that I have been working through, that have impacted me this year.

52 Things52 Things Sons Need from Their Moms

It’s the perfect time to start Angela Thomas’ book!  Arranged in 52 readings, it’s just right to start off the new year with some meditations and thoughts from a mom of boys who has been in–and survived–the trenches.  With chapter titles ranging from “Teach Him How to Treat All Women,” to “Pray for Great Men to Become His Influencers,” to “Be Filled with the Powerful, Everyday Grace of God,” Thomas enables moms to step out in prayer, look for the good things, and be the mom that our boys need.  Just love her friendly, encouraging perspective—and the truths she shares.


Safe House 2Safe House

I loved Dr. Joshua Straub’s book on providing a place of emotional safety for our children to grow up in.  How can we parent our kids so that they live in a place of grace and grow up to be healthy, happy, responsible adults?  Dr. Straub’s wisdom, teaching, and direction on parenting well, our children’s brains and behavior, and healthy and gracious discipline provided a wealth of instruction for me.  I know that this will be a book I’ll continue to use and refer to.


Teaching from RestTeaching from Rest

How did you feel at the end of your fall semester?  We’d had a busy coop all fall; a piano recital; and a very full homeschool schedule.  And that’s not including regular life, which was pretty eventful too!

I was REALLY thankful for the Christmas break.  I was tired all over, inside and out.  I’m so grateful that Sarah Mackenzie’s email popped into my inbox one day.  Sarah is a homeschooling mama, a read-aloud enthusiast, and a writer and blogger.  I had signed up to follow her at Amongst Lovely Things, just because I always want a little extra beauty in my life.  Little did I know that she’d written a book!

When I saw the title of Teaching from Rest, I was intrigued.  And when I saw the subtitle, “A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakeable Peace,” I was sold.  I didn’t realize it until then, but I had been lacking peace in my life for some time.  I am still slowly working my way through this book, but I can tell you that it is everything it promised…and then some.  Perfect for homeschool mamas….and papas!


Happy Journal 2Instant Happy Journal

Last but not least, I must mention Karen Salmansohn’s Instant Happy Journal.  This isn’t as much something to read (although you’ll certainly revisit what you have written, over time) as it is something to experience.

Here’s the thing.  I always thought I was a naturally happy and positive person.  But I, and our family experienced challenges over the last few years that finally robbed me of the joy I’d lived with for many years.  It has been a journey back to joy and healthy living that has taken awhile.  (But at least it’s a journey that I’m actually ON!)

I’ve noticed that joy can come from many things (not the least of which is my relationship with God).  But it can also come from intentional thinking and living, and the choices I make daily and even hourly.  This lovely little journal has 365 beautiful pages with prompts and writing ideas, all to help you notice the good things around you and in your life.  So helpful, and even fun!


Are you looking for some wonderful book ideas for the coming year?  Check out the Schoolhouse Review Crew link below.  It’ll go live on Friday.

Our Must Read Books for 2016 {Dad & Mum's Book Stand}And…happy New Year!

Enjoy! —


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