Words of the Year: First Things First

Are you a “word of the year”-type person?

First Things FirstI like the idea of a sort of an overall theme for my years.  I’ve used “grace” and “love” over the past couple of years.  I admit that I haven’t focused on the words for the entire year; but I have enjoyed thinking on them and working on adding more of them to my days and weeks.

This year, I have considered several words, but the one that won out wasn’t really a “one.”

It’s three.

“First things first.”

What does that mean to me?

It means that I want to work this year on the vital things.  The things that bring order and life and even joy, to me and to my family.

And, what does that look like?

Here is the list of things I’m desiring to focus on this month, and this year:

  • Meal planning for my freezer:  I’ve discovered freezer cooking this year, after being inspired by my blogging friend (from Gallimaufry Grove) Angela’s wonderful article about it.  When I read Freezer Cooking for Easier Mornings, the whole once-a-month cooking idea FINALLY seemed doable; not to mention unstressful.  Now, we don’t have an extra fridge or deep freeze at our home, so I don’t do 30 days’ worth at once.  But, I can crank out 6 or 8 meals on a Saturday afternoon that I’ll put immediately in the freezer for the coming week.  Each morning of that week, I pull one out of the freezer, add a little liquid to the bottom of my Crockpot, and pop it in.  7 hours later, when I really don’t feel very energetic, I have a healthy and delicious meal that’s ready to serve.  I love it!
  • Daily Planning:  My friend Kemi from Homemaking Organized is a beautifully organized woman.  You might remember her from our Garden Party Linkup this summer.  She creates amazing planners and printables.  I am using her The Homemaker’s Weekly Planner this year.  I also love this!  I finally feel as though I have a planner layout that is just right for me.  It is a page-per-day planner, and it also has a pair of pages for each week, a monthly calendar, and beautiful cover pages and printable dividers.  It is fantastic.  I have only been using it since the end of December, but I feel so much more organized AND I have gotten a lot more done.  Yay!
  • Personal Bible Study:  I’ve spent the last few years in devotional Bible reading.  I have several awesome “read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year” Bibles and lists, and they’ve been very good.  But I also love inductive Bible study, although it has been a number of years since I’ve done it.  This year, I am starting it again, with a Hebrews study from Precept Upon Precept.  I am SO excited!  This Hebrews is part 1 of 4 parts (so if you do all four, it will take you about two years).  I started it on January 1.  I don’t know what kinds of Bible studies you like to do, but I have found inductive Bible study to be a most rewarding process.
  • Building New Routines:  I’m excited about building a number of new routines, in the areas of exercise and homekeeping.  It has always worked well for me when I’ve had home routines assigned to different days of the week, like laundry on Mondays, bathrooms on Tuesdays, and so on.  I’ve been working on the home routines, now I just need to add back in family (and personal) exercise!


I’m focusing on these things because I have realized that I need a bit more order in my home and my life.  I’ve been, for much of my life, a person who LOVES to do a lot.  That’s all good…but the downside can be a lack of organization in the personal life and routines.  I definitely need to grow in these areas.  My desire is to build a good foundation in them for my life.  It may not sound that exciting…but I am VERY excited about them myself!

So, these are my “First Things First” for this month, and I hope, for my entire year.  I’m so looking forward to solidifying them into my life and routines, and the resulting peace I hope they’ll bring!

What is your word (or words :)) for 2016?  If you’d like some information or just to see what others are thinking of for this year, hop over to the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog, which is featuring many of our Crew bloggers and their words for the year!

Enjoy!  –Wren


10 thoughts on “Words of the Year: First Things First

  1. I love how you’ve laid out your priorities and have a plan to really put those first things first! I am easily distracted by having many things I want to do as well, and need to be more disciplined in sticking to my plan to get the most important things looked after first. (Instead of the easier things! LOL) Great word for 2016!

    • Thank you, dear Kym! Yes, it IS sort of easier to do the fun things first. I’m sure that’s in large part why I felt so drawn to these words.

      Thank you for visiting!

  2. I love how intentional you are being with your word(s) this year. Getting a plan in place is always a good thing. 🙂

    I’ve picked one word for a few years now. My word for this year is AUTHENTIC. I think God wants to see me grow more authentic in my relationship with Him and in my relationships with others. It’s going to be a stretching year, but I’m looking forward to the work He’s going to do in and through me.

  3. Love it Wren! I don’t tend to stick to words so I’ve omitted it for this year. But that doesn’t mean I’m not focusing on something. I guess we’ll talk about that in a few weeks eh 😉

  4. I like your insight and vision for your word. I think it’s important to keep things in a proper order and I’m sure that staying focused will bring you many blessings in the process.

    • Thank you! It has been interesting because normally I think I’ve selected more ethereal words as my Word for the Year. It can be a bit more difficult to measure progress. But with this year’s, I am very conscious of doing what I’ve hoped for, because they are indeed practical words.


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