Schoolhouse Teachers — Great Deal thru 1/31

SchoolhouseTeachers.comDid you know that through January 31, 2016, that you can get a 50% discount off a year’s membership to SchoolhouseTeachers?

SchoolhouseTeachers is an incredible online learning website pioneered by The Old Schoolhouse magazine.  It is absolutely packed with online, self-paced study classes for every grade from preschool through 12th.  Here’s a short list of the subjects offered there:

  • Foreign language (like French, Hebrew, and even Latvian)
  • Math (for all ages)
  • Computer science
  • Geography and history
  • Language arts
  • Art and drama
  • and a lot more!

Now through January 31, you can use the coupon code CREWFOLLOWER to receive a 50% discount.  So if you’re looking for something amazing to add to your homeschool, or a plan to work from, check out SchoolhouseTeachers!

I didn’t review it this year, but I’ve included the banner below so that you can read about other Crew members’ experiences.

Enjoy!  –Wren Review 2016


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