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Recently, Jackson and I were selected by the Schoolhouse Review Crew to use and review an incredible resource for homeschoolers, teachers and other educators:  Crew reviewers were given a one-year subscription to‘s Pro Plan, which provides unlimited access to the website’s materials for $24.95. Banner

What is is a fantastic website full of materials which enable educators to teach and test, and students to learn.  You’ll find lesson plans for grades K-12, arranged by both subject and grade level.  (There is also a section of for Early Education.)  You’ll also find printable tests, games, and worksheets for all grades.  The site produces a highly readable educational blog, which has posts on many different topics of interest for homeschoolers.   Educators can use to assign tests to students, administer tests, and assign lessons that even include videos on the subject matter.  There are colorful graphics on many lessons, like the lunar phases lesson below.

HT Lunar PhasesWhat types of lessons are available? contains lessons for students in K-12 on the following subjects:

  • Grammar, vocabulary, spelling
  • Literature and reading
  • PE
  • Math (from basic arithmetic to advanced math)
  • Geography, history, government, social studies
  • Science (anatomy, biology, life science, chemistry and more)
  • Additional subjects like life skills, business, study skills, vocational education, and technology


HT Irr NumbersHow we used it:

We used over the course of about 6 weeks, 3 times per week.  (You could certainly use more or less than that.)  Much of this time was spent in our exploring all the possibilities.  I would browse through the subjects and lessons and select several to assign to my son.  (There is a way you can email the web address of your assignments to your student, so that he can simply click on and work on the assignment.  Couldn’t be easier!)

Jackson is a middle schooler.  So, I selected lessons in math (algebra, fractions, number line, irrational numbers), sciences, grammar, literature, and others.  The lessons were either in print form (which could be viewed directly from the website) or they were print with a video lesson.  After the lesson’s conclusions, the student clicks through to practice questions,  where the website asks the student to answer questions about the lesson, screen by screen, until the lesson is completed.  Lessons also include links to further study on the topic or additional activities.

Jackson found the lessons interesting to complete…and always looked forward to our time.  (How awesome is that….no groaning!)  Occasionally, he had some questions about a math or science topic, which I’d help him with; then he’d move on.  And some of our favorite lessons weren’t things we’d had in our curricula, like the Harlem Renaissance (we haven’t gotten to that part of 20th century art); a fascinating lesson on rational and irrational  numbers from Khan Academy; and some reminders of the civil rights movement’s key figures.

HT ed gamesWays you could use

There is SO much available at  We explored and used a lot…but we haven’t honestly plumbed the depths of everything this website could provide for us in our homeschool.  Here are some other activities you could explore!

  • Make a test with Test Maker.  You can even make tests using middle school and high school math equations, with squares, differentials, and algebraic formulas.
  • Administer an online test to your student (this feature is available in the Pro Plan)
  • Set up an online classroom for your student
  • Keep a record of your student’s performance over time
  • Create games for your student
  • Make study sheets for various subjects
  • Select your own topics to teach and expand your student’s learning opportunities

That’s just a sampling.  There is a LOT on this website!  And new lessons are added all the time…it seemed like there were new things every day.

HT math probabilOur thoughts and impressions:

This was an incredibly useful website!  I especially appreciate that I can generate worksheets on algebra and pre-algebra; has a lot of features that parents of middle schoolers and high schoolers can use.  I loved the science lessons and several of the literature lessons.  The vocabulary section is also excellent, and there were amazing lessons that I used for math enrichment, for no other reason but that they were cool and fascinating.

I love that is busily adding new lessons all the time.  It is definitely multi-faceted in its learning possibilities, and teachers and students won’t run out of new material any time soon!  (If ever.)

It’s also very, very creative in its lesson presentations.  Sometimes the lessons are simply (yet very well-done) printed information and questions.  But also utilizes some fantastic video lessons from Khan Academy, and Bozeman Academy.  Both my son and I found these fascinating, and kept his interest level very high.

It is a great resource for a homeschooler.  I can use it to expand what we’re learning, to reinforce lessons, or to help me teach a challenging topic in a brand new way.

There were a couple of challenges we experienced with the website.  First, I would love to see them add a search bar.  The lessons and tests are very clearly organized into grade and subject.  But sometimes I might want to assign a lesson on a particular skill set (in math, for example), and lessons on that topic might be spread throughout several grade levelevel listings.  I’d love to just be able to search and pull up a topic (like exponents, for example) and get a list of all the lessons covering it.

Second, there are some incredible tests on the website.   But they aren’t all, as far as I could tell, connected to a corresponding lesson which teaches the items on the test.  So I might have a fantastic and thorough test, but I might not have a lesson which provides the information that’s covered on the test itself.  I might have that in a textbook at home, or I might find it on  I just didn’t find them connected together.

HT product imageAnd finally….

I would definitely recommend‘s Pro Plan!  There is so much I can utilize as we continue to explore  We haven’t spent the time on the website’s art lessons yet that I’d like to, and I’ll continue to use the science worksheets and lessons as a supplement for our science curriculum.  And the math!  I will be using this to create worksheets so that my son can continue to grow in and solidify the math we’re working on.  And the history…and the geography…the list of future amazing educational opportunities goes on and on!

Visit at the links I’ve included, and you can see for yourself how amazing it is.  You can also visit at their social media hangouts below:




And, you can click on the banner below to read about other Crew members’ experiences!

HelpTeaching ReviewCrew DisclaimerEnjoy! –Wren


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