and WAR ROOM ~ A Review

We were really happy to be selected to review this month, who generously provided a copy of WAR ROOM for our family to review.  Read on to hear more about this amazing company, and our newest favorite faith-filled movie!

WAR ROOM Banner resizedWhat is sells quality Christian movies and films at excellent prices, perfect for families, in both DVD and Blu-Ray formats. was started by Dr. Enis Sakirgil, a Turkish Christian (now an American citizen) as he helped make a movie about the Christian heritage of his native Turkey, and began to desire to provide quality Christian entertainment to families. offers over a thousand Christian films in many categories, including:

  • Christian Family Entertainment
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When you visit, you can either search for a particular movie or click through the numerous links on the sidebar.   You’ll be absolutely amazed at all that you can find, in so many categories! also partners with ministries in Turkey, with the goal of furthering God’s kingdom in one of the lesser-reached nations on the planet.

We had the opportunity to review two other films from over the past year, a When Calls the Heart episode and a documentary called Privileged Species.  Our experiences both times were so great, we definitely hoped to be selected for this review….and were thrilled when we were!


In WAR ROOM, we meet Elizabeth and Tony Jordan, a successful couple with a great daughter.  He is a top-sales producer for a pharmaceutical company; she’s a strong real estate agent.  They seem to have it all; a beautiful home, great careers, a lovely family.  But this is an image that doesn’t really convey the truth of their lives.  The couple’s fights are angry and acrimonious while daughter Danielle sits sadly to the side.  Tony is flirting with infidelity and close to stepping over the line.  They fight about money, about whose job is better, about anything else they can think of.  The intimacy of marriage and love of family seem to be out of their grasp, with no hopes of ever reclaiming a happy family.

Until Ms. Clara comes into their lives, that is.  Elizabeth calls on Ms. Clara, an older woman who’s selling her home and plans to live with her son and his family.  Elizabeth’s happy to have such a beautiful property to sell, but is puzzled by Ms. Clara on the house tour.  Ms. Clara reveals that she has a most favorite room, which turns out to be a closet with a chair and notes pinned to the wall.  It’s her prayer closet, and Elizabeth is about to embark on an unexpected journey which has the potential to save not only her marriage and family, but her joy.

FishFlix LOGO_zpslr8bk7fyOur impressions:

I always try to reveal as few (if any) spoilers as possible, so I’m not going to reveal anything else about this storyline.  What I will tell you is that this really is more than just a movie.  It’s a story that will capture your heart and encourage you as it reveals where the real battle is fought….and how every single one of us can fight it, to win!

Brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick, producers and directors (not to mention actors) of Facing the GiantsFireproof, and Courageous, have knocked it out of the park again with this stellar faith-based film.  Priscilla Shirer, daughter of megachurch pastor and writer Tony Evans, shines in her first-ever movie role (she’s actually a Bible teacher and speaker).  She embodies Elizabeth’s transformation and grounding, as she begins to fight for, and not against, her family.  T.C. Stallings’ turn as husband Tony is fantastic as well.  (I have to admit, I did NOT like him at all, at the beginning of the movie…he is that good in his role!)  Shirer’s charming niece is absolutely perfect as their daughter.  (If you’ve seen other Kendrick movies, you know they’re particularly skilled at drawing professional and inspiring performances from complete amateurs.)  And we can’t forget Ms. Clara, the linchpin around which the action turns.  You won’t believe actress Karen Abercrombie’s portrayal of an elderly prayer warrior…especially if you watch some of the special features! The Kendricks take their time and build the story well.  It is believable, emotive, and a fantastic encouragement to get on our knees and pray!

I can’t end the review without mentioning the special features.  There are over three hours’ worth of them, and include the funny, the inspirational, and the incredible.  We enjoyed watching these as much as we did the movie itself….which tells you something about the faithful work of the Kendricks, as well as their ability to spin a yarn!

My entire family—my husband, my 14-year-old son, and I—LOVED this movie.  We are so thankful to own it!  We were mesmerized from the first few moments of the film all the way through to the end.  I have to admit that there were tears (in the adult members of the family!).  But there was laughter as well.  The film does deal with some mature subjects, so be aware of this as you decide which ages it’s best for, in your own family.  (The rating is PG.)  It is definitely entertainment…but be prepared to be strengthened in your faith as you watch!

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To order WAR ROOM and other fabulous Christian DVDs, visit and check out all the amazing movies that they have available.  In addition, other Crew members reviewed more films from  To read those reviews, click on the banner below!

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Enjoy!  –Wren Review 

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