Things We Love: La Croix (It’s Like a Healthy Soda!)

I used to call every carbonated beverage a Coke.  Back when I lived in the Great State of Texas.  As in, “Let’s go get a Coke.”

Even if it was a Dr Pepper, my carbonated bev of choice.  (Now I live in the West.  I do not know when “soda” became a part of my vocabulary.  It’s a Coke, people—even if it’s not a Coke!)

Except when it’s a La Croix.

This is not a Coke.

This is not a Coke.

What is a La Croix, you ask?  (And just so you know–it’s pronounced “la croy,” not “la kwah.”  This is what the company website tells us.)

Well, a La Croix is like a soda—a healthy one.  But they call it “naturally essenced sparkling water.”  It is sparkling water (with the bite of a soda) with flavor.  No sugar though!

But, the La Croix drinks/sodas/sparking essences are FABULOUS.  And DELICIOUS.


This one is our newest flavor:  Cerise Limone, aka Cherry Lime.  Now I ask you.  Who doesn’t love a cherry lime anything?

La Croix also comes in grapefruit (excuse me, pamplemousse), berry, pear peach, lime, lemon, and other awesome flavors.  Again, with no sugar.

Just the delicious guiltless refreshing thing for a hot summer day!

(But it’s not a Coke.)

Enjoy!  –Wren


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