God’s Attributes, Wonderfully Unfolded ~ A Review & Giveaway of “None Like Him”

I have just been introduced to the most wonderful new author.

None Like Him banner

Have you ever received a book that was JUST what you needed to read at that very moment?  That’s what I’ve experienced with Jen Wilkin’s None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That’s a Good Thing).  And it’s an experience I’d like to share with you as well!

About None Like Him

None Like Him is Jen Wilkin’s expression of 10 of the key attributes of God, and how they differ dramatically from the attributes of man.  In this book, she discusses how God is:

  • Infinite
  • Incomprehensible
  • Self-Existent
  • Self-Sufficient
  • Eternal
  • Immutable
  • Omnipresent
  • Omniscient
  • Omnipotent
  • Sovereign

And, in each chapter in which she discusses these attributes, what they look like, and how God expresses them, she then shows readers how very different we (as humans) are from God.

This might sound depressing.  But it’s not!  Rather, it’s very, very encouraging.  We’re not after all, supposed to BE God.  (Despite the joke that used to make its way around my church, “God loves you and I have a wonderful plan for your life.”)  Rather, we’re invited to KNOW Him, to FOLLOW Him.  None Like Him, in every page, reminds us why we would want to do this…and why we, in ourselves, are not enough.


About the author, Jen Wilkin

Who is Jen Wilkin?  She is a writer and a blogger.  She teaches women’s Bible studies.  She’s a speaker.  She’s also the author of Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds.

Jen is an amazing wordsmith.  She’s also quite a remarkable observer of human nature.  (I’d LOVE to know what her Myers-Briggs personality “type” is.  You’ll understand my curiousity after you read chapter 2 of None Like Him.)  Her observations of humanity and of the character of God enabled her to write this fantastic book, which is not only full of worthwhile lessons about the Lord God Almighty, but encouragement for us as well.


My experiences

None Like Him is a book I wanted to take my time with, to savor.  First of all, the cover is breathtakingly beautiful.  It’s a rich green (according to the Benjamin Moore paint chart, a cats’ eye green) color with rich pink flowers in the center.  It’s restful and resonant at the same time.  It’s a beautiful book to hold; but the real treasure is inside.

When I begin a nonfiction book, I’m never quite sure of what its effect on me will be.  I have to admit that more than one time (er…more than a hundred times, really…or more than that!), I’ve begun one only to set it aside before I’ve finished it.  That is not the case with None Like Him, though.  I’m not rushing through it as I would one of my fiction reads.  Rather, I’m valuing each and every chapter, thoughtfully reading a few pages at a time and noting some key thoughts and verses in my journal.  These are thoughts and ideas I’ll want to revisit in the future for sure, but for now I’m slowly considering and turning them over.

Jen talks about the difference between God’s attributes and our own tendencies in ways that are revelatory.  Really, I’ve never thought extensively about how I am different from Him, except for the ways I fall short.  Here, though, Jen clearly shows us the differences.  But never in ways that degrade humanity, or are designed to make me feel like a clod of dirt.  No, she expresses the best (and the worst) of God’s creation, man and woman, in ways that cause me to appreciate Him and His goodness all the more.

Here are some of my favorite words of Jen’s from None Like Him:

  • “Rather than casting all your anxieties on the Internet, which cares for no man, cast them on God, for he cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).”  (p. 116)
  • “Our limits teach us the fear of the Lord.  They are reminders that keep us from falsely believing that we can be like God.”  (p. 25)
  • “The link between anxiety and not-knowing also shows itself in our craving for knowledge of the future.  Like an impatient reader who flips to the last page of a suspenseful novel to relieve the tension, we want a peek into what’s next.”  (p. 114)

That second one in particular made this book completely worth the reading for me.  Several years ago, I had an unexpected emergency surgery.  I have had a truly wonderful recovery.  Yet, I have struggled with not being the gal with “unlimited” energy any more.  I do feel better all the time!  But it’s still not quite what it was.  I have been so frustrated with that, for it has rather dramatically limited what I’m able to do in a day.  And, I’ve struggled to understand God’s purpose in it.

Well–I may never know all His purposes in this.  (Actually, that’s probably VERY likely!)  Yet reading Jen’s words about what our limits can actually do for us….well, to call those an epiphany wouldn’t be too dramatic.  What a relief!  (Yes, no doubt about where on the Type A continuum I might fall!)

His purposes for us are good.  And learning more about these eternal attributes of our God can even strengthen us and establish us firmly in our own faith, as we consider more and more why He is God and we are not.

Final thoughts…and a giveaway!

So yes, I am happy to recommend Not Like Him to you.  What a phenomenal book!  It would be excellent to use either in your own reading or study time, or in a group as well.  Read this book.  You’ll be encouraged, and your mind will be drawn to think about things of God that maybe don’t regularly come to your mind.

You can purchase your own copy of this marvelous book at Amazon.  And you can also visit Jen at her blog The Beginning of Wisdom (btw, I’ve enjoyed her writing so much that I’m now following her blog!), if you’d like to encounter her yourself.  It’s worth it!

But, fabulously enough, you can also enter here to win a copy of None Like Him for yourself!  Just follow the directions on the Giveaway Tools entry form below.  Giveaway closes at 11:59P on 5/13/16.  Best wishes—the winner will be blessed!




Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing this prize for the giveaway. Choice of winners and opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

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Enjoy!  –Wren


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