THE KINGDOM OF THRIM ~ Beautiful Children’s Book

Janis Cox has written and illustrated a beautiful new book for children, The Kingdom of Thrim.  She very kindly sent me a digital copy of this book, so that I could share my thoughts about it with you!

Kingdom of Thrim banner

I first connected with Canadian author Janis Cox on Twitter.  She had posted a photo of the most marvelous painting of the Lion of Judah, that she had painted herself.  I messaged her that our family loved the lion, and started following her Twitter account.  When she announced on Twitter that she was going to be publishing a children’s book and was looking for launch team members, I knew that I had to join and see what I knew would be an incredible piece of work.

And, I was right!

Kingdom of Thrim meme 1Janis’ newest book is entitled The Kingdom of Thrim, the second book in her Growing with God Series.  It’s both a wonderful story and a parable which has beautiful truths to share with its readers, whether they are children or adults.


Kingdom of Thrim book cover

What is The Kingdom of Thrim?

The Kingdom of Thrim is the story of Yoj (pronounced like the “j” in “Taj Mahal”), who is a happy doll maker in the kingdom where he lives.  He has an unusual gift; he designs and creates dolls, each one with its own special and unique appearance.  All his fellow citizens are delighted with his work, and he spends happy hours dreaming up and making each doll.  He is a beloved part of his community, where he has many friends.  His fame has spread throughout his entire country, and people travel to him to purchase his lovely toys.  He’s fully living life in the gifts God has planted in him.

One day, however, a man from Shadowland visits Yoj, with a business proposition.  He promises wealth and fame, if Yoj will just leave Thrim and come to work in the man’s factory.  Yoj leaps into this opportunity….but he forgets to ask God if this is His good plan for the doll maker.  So he goes with the businessman to a large, grey, ugly city, and the factory where he’s to work.

Kingdom of Thrim meme 2

Yoj is on a journey.  He notices that his work is suffering, that his creativity is stifled, and that the joy he previously worked in has left him.  What will Yoj do?  Can Yoj undo his decision, and return to the life he’d lived in Thrim?  And can his choices affect those around him?

Have you ever had a time when you jumped into an opportunity without having heard from the Lord if this was His good plan for you?  I certainly have.  And yet even when I make wrong decisions, the Lord patiently and kindly brings me back to His perfect plan.  He even redeems the messes I have made.  The Kingdom of Thrim tells this sort of story, in words so simple that a child can understand them…but so profound that they’ll touch the hearts of both adults and children.  Join Yoj on his journey, and see God and His love for each of us as we walk with Him on His good paths for us!


Kingdome of Thrim 4Where can you find The Kingdom of Thrim?

You can purchase this lovely book at and at ; it’s also available at Amazon.  (Check out Janis’ author page at Amazon, where you can see more about her and her books!)

Also, if you purchase The Kingdom of Thrim before June 28, you will receive some lovely extras; an ebook or PDF of The Kingdom of Thrim and a PDF of Five Extended Activities.  The Five Extended Activities are wonderful projects you can do with your children, or even use in homeschooling to turn this book into a unit study.

The Kingdom of Thrim is both a beautiful parable and a wonderful story, personalized with Janis’ incredible watercolor paintings.  Her artwork brings Thrim and Shadowland to life, as well as all the characters of the book…and the lives they live.  Beauty and shadow are clearly contrasted in the choices Yoj makes and their effects on his life.  And, they show that redemption is always waiting around the corner!  Get your own copy of The Kingdom of Thrim…and see what God can do with not only Yoj and his friends…but us as well!

Kingdom of Thrim Janis picYou can visit Janis at her social media sites:

Facebook Page: AuthorJanisCox
Facebook Page: GrowingWithGod
Twitter: @AuthorJanisCox
Pinterest: AuthorJanisCox

Disclosure:  From time to time, finchnwren may receive a free product or service in exchange for our honest opinions expressed in our blog.  We are not required to write a positive or glowing review, nor are we additionally compensated for these reviews.  We share our own opinions, and our family’s opinions, of these products.  We’re disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations.

Enjoy!  –Wren


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