5 Curriculum Resources for High Schoolers ~ Crew Blog Hop “5 Days of Homeschool 101”

This week, one of my favorite Schoolhouse Review Crew events is happening–the Crew Blog Hop, this time entitled “5 Days of Homeschool 101!”  This week, Crew members will be blogging about curriculum, traditions, home management, planning, and encouragement.  Each blogger will be chatting about 3-5 of these topics.  I’ll be linking back to the main overall post as well as the topic posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  So excited for you to join us!

5 Days of Homeschool 101

5 Curriculum Resources for High Schoolers

This fall, we begin our first year of high school as Jackson enters 9th grade.  We have thought and prayed long and hard on what we’d be doing as we entered high school homeschool.  For us, 9th grade is looking like a literature- and history-based year of study of American history, with science and math (of course).  Jackson will also be continuing piano lessons and taking some drama classes at our homeschool coop.

We have been very eclectic over the years of our homeschool, using a huge variety of curricula and resources.  We’ve done online marine biology study; outside art classes; hiking clubs; math with textbooks, online, or manipulatives….and much more!  However, this year I really felt that our focus needed to be a bit tighter.  This is the year we begin accumulating credits for that high school transcript, for college admission.  I’d like to share with you some resources that I have found to be exceptional as I’ve prepared to enter this new homeschool season.


Sonlight booksSonlight

A friend told me years ago that Sonlight has the best book lists ever.  If you’re looking for vibrant, fascinating living books across a wide swath of history (as we are), she would be right!  Some of our most-beloved books were from years we spent using Sonlight curriculum:  Walk the World’s Rim, The Winged Watchman, Cheaper by the Dozen, Ginger Pye…so many rich books!

I’m really grateful for all of these, and for the new ones Jackson will be delving into this year.  Peace Child and The Cross and the Switchblade are just two of my personal favorites that my son will be introduced to, of the many on our reading list this year.  I highly recommend Sonlight.  They’ve filled our schooldays with beautiful words!



Have you ever visited The Old Schoolhouse Magazine‘s SchoolhouseTeachers.com?  It is a complete one-stop spot for an entire homeschool curriculum, from preschool to 12th grade!  Membership can be purchased for $12.95 monthly or $139 for a full year; that membership provides complete access for all courses and resources.  High School classes are available for every single subject category!  You’ll find classes (both in video or in print format) for computer science, foreign languages, art, drama, math, history, language arts….really, everything that must comprise a high school transcript!

Of course, any time The Old Schoolhouse Magazine creates anything it is high-quality.  SchoolhouseTeachers.com and its classes are no exception!


Progeny Press logoProgeny Press

We were very fortunate to be introduced to Progeny Press during the last school year, when Jackson was able to use their Introduction to Poetry and The Scarlet Pimpernel study guides.  For an intensive learning experience in literature from a Biblical worldview, nobody can beat the curriculum creators at Progeny Press.  They do create study guides for younger students, too; they’re just an exceptional resource for high school students.  Their courses are challenging yet beautifully teach excellent language and literature assessment skills.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.


Summer 2015 926Classical Conversations

We aren’t a classical homeschooling family; we’ve always been more eclectic in our curriculum choices.  But when I read Leigh A. Bortins’ The Conversation last year, I learned so much that I knew would equip me for our high school homeschooling years.  The author speaks not only to the character we’d like our children to have well-established as adults, she covers each high school subject and questions parents can ask of their selected curricula.  I was both encouraged and inspired after reading this book, and I know I’ll refer to it again.


Yes, Pinterest!  I have discovered so many wonderful boards about homeschooling a high schooler!  Here are some of my favorite pins that I’ve run across; just do a search on Pinterest for “Homeschooling High School” and you’ll be astounded by the wealth of options and ideas you’ll find!

Seven Sisters Homeschool: Transcript Necessities

His Mercy Is New: 100 Free Resources for Homeschooling High School

Walking By The Way: Homeschool Volunteer Log

5 J’s Homeschool: High School Credit Planner

The Home Scholar: College-Bound Reading List

Clearly, there’s so much more than this available.  There are homeschool boards for high schoolers on every school  subject, on character, on college prep….just do the search.  You’ll probably find tons of boards you want to follow.  The only issue I ever have with Pinterest is getting back to look at the articles I pin; but as long as you can do that, you’ll be fine!

More on the “5 Days of Homeschool 101” Blog Hop….

Crew bloggers will be posting every day this week.  Visit these links for more awesome homeschool info!

Monday – Curriculum http://schoolhousereviewcrew.com/curriculum-5-days-of-homeschool-101/
Tuesday –  Planning –  http://schoolhousereviewcrew.com/planning-5-days-of-homeschool-101/
Wednesday – Home Managementhttp://schoolhousereviewcrew.com/home-management-5-days-of-homeschool-101/
Thursday – Traditionshttp://schoolhousereviewcrew.com/traditions-5-days-of-homeschool-101/
Friday – Encouragementhttp://schoolhousereviewcrew.com/encouragement-5-days-of-homeschool-101/

I’ll be back on Wednesday with some home management tips that have worked in our household.  See you then!

Enjoy!  –Wren


5 Days of Homeschool 101

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