A Word for 2017 ~ Joy

I woke up this morning and knew what my word for 2017 was!


I had considered some other words; things that I wanted to work on.  But when I woke up this morning, the word JOY struck me.  And I knew!

So why “joy”?

I want to live a life of hope.  And a life of joy.  I want to create happiness and love with my family.

We’ve had a hard few years.  Years where the joy has been fleeting, where life has just been tough, where it honestly just felt like we’d lost the flow.  So I have been thinking about how I can make things different.

This morning during my Bible time, I recalled the words from Isaiah 55:12:

“For you will go out with joy,
and be led forth with peace:
the mountains and the hills shall break forth before you into singing,
and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands.”

Then I looked further.  The Bible has quite a bit to say about joy; according to BibleGateway.com, 211 verses mention it or a form of the word (joyfully, joyful, etc.) in the NASB.  Some of these are conversational.  Some are promises.  Some are statements of fact, or of history.  But several key things stood out to me as I read through these verses.

  • Joy can be a result of worship
  • Fullness of joy is in God’s presence
  • God’s Word can be the joy of our hearts
  • Mount Zion and Jerusalem are a joy
  • God will crown the head of the ransomed with joy
  • God will exult over us with joy

And….as we read in Nehemiah:

  • “…The joy of the LORD is your strength.”

So what does this mean for me in 2017?

I imagine it’s going to look like many things over the course of the year.  I plan to start with God’s Word, however, and the truths in it about joy.  Over the past few years of challenging struggles, I have known what God’s Word said, about Him, about  me, life, struggles, and so on.  Yet I, in many cases, was not able to apply those truths to myself.

I think that now, however, is a time I truly wish and desire to embrace the Word.  What it says, and what it means.  And BELIEVE it.

Starting with what it says about joy.

What is your word for 2017?

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God bless you all in 2017!

Enjoy!  –Wren


6 thoughts on “A Word for 2017 ~ Joy

  1. Wren i love that your word is joy!!

    The Nehemiah verse is said by Ezra the scribe, which is also our son’s name. Our daughter’s name will be Piper Joy and we are making that her life verse.

    i too struggle with finding joy and just living a joyful life most of the time. Really hoping JOY is on your forehead at all times this year!

    ❤❤. thanks for being a part of the link up!!!


  2. Visiting from the One Word hop at Create With Joy!

    Joy is a GREAT word! I chose STRETCH because I seem to have become somewhat complacent in certain areas of my life and I want to get things going again! :O)

    Here’s my ‘One Word’ post!

  3. Joy was a word that chose me a couple of years ago and it made such a difference for me. I pray that this year will be one of overwhelming joy, not necessarily because circumstances are good or better (while I do wish that for you) but I hope that you have overwhelming joy because you have chosen to order your life that way. May you be blessed. – Lori

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