A is for Art Supplies

This year, I’m participating in some new and different challenges or linkups.  My friends Annette from A Net In Time and Amanda from Hopkins Homeschool are co-hosting Blogging Through The Alphabet.  I’m excited to join in.  And here’s my first linkup post, for the letter A!



A is for Art Supplies

Specifically, for my favorite Bible journaling art supplies!

I am relatively new to Bible journaling.  I am enjoying the process, but also discovering that every single art medium (and we have a LOT of them at our house) doesn’t necessarily translate well to a thin Bible page.  The challenge is that with a super-thin page of Scripture, it doesn’t take much in the way of applied color to bleed through to the other side, making it hard to read.  I have found (at least with the journaling Bible I have), that it’s almost impossible to keep that from happening completely.  There are three media, however, that work beautifully!


blogging-thru-alpha-a-pic-1Micron Pens

I purchased my Micron Pen set for scrapbooking years ago.  Seriously, YEARS (as in before my 14-year-old son was born).  Obviously, there was quite a lot of time that went by when I didn’t use them.  But when I wanted an acid-free, fine line felt tip pen to use for artwork, I remembered these.

They do bleed through my thin Bible pages a tiny bit.  But, they’re the best felt tip pen I’ve found for Bible journaling.  The line they create is very fine and is perfect for outlining and lettering.  And they really do last a long, long time.



Kwik Stix’ new Thin Stix

In our family, we’re HUGE fans of Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint paint sticks.  We’ve used their regular Kwik Stix, the Metalix and Neon versions, and we’ve just received their newest version, the Thin Stix!  (Stay tuned for a review coming on those later this month.)

We love Kwik Stix for their vivid colors, the ease of application, the lack of odor, and how great the finished products always turn out.  I haven’t tried these out on my Bible journaling pages yet, but I am excited to see how they work.  I imagine they’ll partner very well, because with Kwik Stix you get the colorful nature and texture of paint, without the long drying time.





Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils

I love Crayola’s colored pencils.  I’m partial to their Twistables, but purchased the company’s Erasable Colored Pencils for Bible study.  The Twistables are fabulous because you never have to sharpen them.  But I love the erasable features of these.  I have the 24-color pack, which provides a beautiful rainbow for me to color with.  Plus, if I make a mistake, I can fix it!

The Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils hold a sharpened tip well (and for a long time).  The colors are very vivid, and you don’t have to exert a lot of pressure to apply color to paper.





What are your favorite Bible journaling art tools?


Blogging Through the Alphabet Linkup

I’m linking up today with A Net In Time and Hopkins Homeschool   to showcase the letter A.  Hop over and check out the plethora of posts, all with bloggers’ own topics about “A.”  Just click on the purple button!



Enjoy!  –Wren


16 thoughts on “A is for Art Supplies

  1. I don’t bible journal… I’ve been turned off the idea when I see people covering up the world of God in order to draw pictures that might have meaning for them…but are making the word of God unreadable. When I see it done well, using the margins of pages I am amazed at the creativity of people and how God’s word inspires them to greater efforts. 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, the biggest issue really is the bleeding thru of color or ink. But if your journaling Bible contains nice, wide margins, it’s a bit less of a problem! 🙂

  2. We love Kwik Stix. Can I just tell you how excited we were to find *erasable* colored pencils? Just yesterday there was a meltdown because someone used regular colored pencils! I’m not artsy, so I avoid drawing in my Bible, but you’re doing a beautiful job.

    • I really appreciate the erasable Crayola pencils. Just tonight I was coloring yellow stars in a navy sky, when my stars turned green, I was grateful for the eraseable-friendly pencils.

      And thanks for being so sweet! 🙂

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