E is for Echidna: Blogging Through The Alphabet

Welcome back to Blogging Through the Alphabet!  My friends Amanda from Hopkins Homeschool and Annette from A Net In Time are co-hosting Blogging Through The Alphabet.  This week’s letter is E.



What is an echidna, anyway?

I actually discovered it thanks to the Crossy Road game (reminiscent of Frogger from the 80s), where it’s one of the winnable characters from the Prize Machine.  In Crossy, the Echidna lives in the Australia characters set and location.  It looks rather LEGOesque in its design, and it eats ants with its long tongue.  I have always thought it was such a cute and fun little guy!




In real life, the echidna (I’ve heard it pronounced both eh-KID-nuh or eh-CHID-na) is one of only 3 egg-laying mammals in the world.  There are long-billed echidnas, short-billed echidnas, and the platypus, who’s more familiar to us all.  It lives in New Guinea, Australia, and Tasmania.  If you’d like more info on the echidna, visit this link to the San Diego Zoo, which has a great write-up on it.

Or, you can watch this YouTube video of The Late Late Show with James Corden, where Jack Hanna visits and brings not only an echidna but two darling clouded leopards.  (The echidna starts at about the 4:40 mark—but if you watch the whole thing, you can see the leopards, a bearcat, a penguin, and then the echidna!)


As always with the Internet, I recommend parents watch the videos before their kids do.  Just b/c things can change rapidly!

Do you have a favorite “odd” or unusual animal?

Blogging Through the Alphabet Linkup

Just click on the button below and you’ll be taken to the linkup.  You’ll be able to see lots of others’ ideas about the letter E!


Enjoy!  –Wren


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