F is for Flowers: Blogging Through The Alphabet

Welcome back to Blogging Through the Alphabet!  My friends Amanda from Hopkins Homeschool and Annette from A Net In Time are co-hosting Blogging Through The Alphabet.  This week’s letter is F.



I am a huge fan of flowers!  Especially if they’re fresh or growing in a garden.  I love their scent, shape, the velvety softness of their petals.  The entire package!



I am a fan of peonies in particular.  But I also love the flowers on trees that bud in the spring; of the spiky purple blossoms on chives plants; sunflowers; roses; pansies….really, I can’t think of a flower I don’t like!




I remember being enchanted with Indian paintbrushes as a little girl in Houston.  Bluebonnets in the hill country.  I loved getting the occasional fresh flower arrangement in college, or corsages for formals.  I love seeing them as pops of color in fields or on the side of the highway.




What are your favorites of the flower world?


Blogging Through the Alphabet Linkup

Just click on the button below and you’ll be taken to the linkup.  You’ll be able to see lots of others’ ideas about the letter F!


Enjoy!  –Wren


6 thoughts on “F is for Flowers: Blogging Through The Alphabet

  1. My favorites are daisies (and all flowers that have that daisy shape), tulips, and lily of the valley. Peonies were never a favorite of mine for some reason, but we have some here and I’ve grown to appreciate them more. Also, we’re toying with the idea of investing in a peony farm! o.O

  2. I love Indian Paintbrushes and Lady Slippers. Growing up on a farm when I would run in the woods to be alone, I was surrounded by these two flowers. Just the thought of sitting in the woods and looking at the Lady Slippers still brings me peace!

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