The Other Half of the Story from Wren…

Hi dear ones!

I have been meaning to write this post to you for a long time.  Finally, today!

The rest of the story…

So, y’all may remember my long story about the surgery that I had and the many unexpected events along with it.  Infection, the wound vac, going back into the hospital.

But, there is one little piece of information I hadn’t included…really because I was still processing it myself.  The purpose of the surgery was to remove a large cyst, and the surgeon successfully did so.

To my shock, the cyst was cancerous.  We are so thankful that it was completely enclosed within the ovary (which was also removed).  They felt good about getting everything out.  But, we agreed with the doctor that chemotherapy was the way to go for a good prognosis.

So…I’ve started down the chemo journey.  I have actually completed two rounds already.  They give the chemo on day 1, then 21 days later they give the next round, and so on.  This coming Friday, I’ll have round #2 with the goal of completing 6 total.  That will give us October as the final round.

So, what has it been like?

The chemo infusion (or whatever you call it…probably there’s a technical term I’m missing there) wasn’t bad at all.  It contains steroids to help the body assimilate the chemo so you actually think you feel better than you do.  Two days later, the steroids have worn off and the uck part begins.  I had only a little nausea (no vomiting, woo hoo!).  The worst part for me was bone and joint pain from the waist down.  That was not probably excruciating but pretty darn painful.

So that was week 1 of the round.  They say that during week 2 and 3, the person feels better and better and that was true for  me.  In fact, last Thursday I woke up for the first time since before the surgery IN NO PAIN!  Ask me  how happy I was.  🙂


Something else happens between week 2 and 3…

Yep.  You probably guessed it.  The hair makes its exit.

I have to admit that it has its funny moments.  I knew it was going to happen, and I did have one emotional evening.  I have gone from a big-haired Texan to…well…NOT a big-haired Texan!  As a matter of fact, I have always thought I had a big head.  Turns out it was the hair.  Which may not sound that funny but around here, it is!  (For any of you with kids who watch the Disney show “Mighty Med,” I am particularly partial to supporting cast character Philip’s line.  He has a HUGE head…but compared to others on his planet, his head is small.  He loves to mention his “embarrassingly tiny head!”)

I have a few beanies now and a wig.  I haven’t worn the wig yet just b/c the hats are so easy.  But I expect I will.  The hair will come back, 6 months after the chemotherapy ends…which should be around March.

So, what’s next for me?

Two chemo sessions down, with four to go, with the last one estimated to be in early October.  We’re just trying to live as normally as we can, given the circumstances.  We’ve being blessed by support from so many friends and family.  We appreciate those so much!

My goal is to just walk this out as positively (and healthfully) as possible.  By God’s grace, right?

So now you know.  🙂

Lots of love!  –Wren


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