Win a Wall Pops! Wall Art Kit to Brighten Up Your Walls! (Giveaway Ends 8/1/17)

So…are you looking for some fun ways to brighten up your walls…or your dorm room…or some other space that needs some decorating?

Then you’ll love my newest giveaway–a Wall Pops! Wall Art Kit set in the colorful & fun Tika design!



Have you heard of Wall Pops! yet?

Wall Pops! Wall Art Kits are repositionable art designs–like decals–that you can use to add a dose of pop to any wall in your home. They’re incredibly easy to use: as the box says, just “peel, stick, and move.”  In moments, you can turn your walls into works of art!


How exactly do Wall Pops! work?

Wall Pops! has easy-to-follow instructions included with each kit.  First, you’ll want to clean the wall area you’ll be adding the Wall Pops! to.  The company also recommends that you first spot-test them by applying a small one on an inconspicuous area.  This way, you can ensure that they’re compatible with your paint or walls.  Once you’ve taken care of the safety steps, you’ll just peel the stickers off the sheets and place them onto your clean, smooth wall surfaces.  Then…ta-da!  A beautiful new look for your walls!

If you don’t like them where you’ve applied them, you should be able to gently remove them from your surfaces to reposition elsewhere.


And now…enter to win a set for yourself!

One reader of the FINCHNWREN blog will win this Wall Pops! Wall Art Kit in the Tika style.  Just enter by clicking on the pink “Enter here” link below.  That will take you to the Giveaway Tools form; once you’re there, just follow the directions!  This giveaway closes on 8/1/17.  Best wishes!

Enter here!

Enjoy!  –Wren




36 thoughts on “Win a Wall Pops! Wall Art Kit to Brighten Up Your Walls! (Giveaway Ends 8/1/17)

  1. We’re in the process of turning one of our storage bedrooms into a nursery so I’m sure I could find a wall to put these on!

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