The FINCHNWREN Blog’s Privacy Policy

Thank you for being a FINCHNWREN blog subscriber!  We’re so happy that you have allowed us to hang out with you and we love sharing our thoughts about life, books, homeschool, and our giveaways with you.

We’d like to share our privacy policies with you.

When you subscribe to the FINCHNWREN blog, you will either receive emails when we add new posts or you will see the posts in your WordPress news feed (depending on how you subscribed).  We hope you’ll continue to subscribe, but you may unsubscribe at any time via email or the Follow widget in your WordPress Admin page.

  • Our blog is set up via, which does not give us access to personally or legally sensitive information from our subscribers by default.
  • FINCHNWREN does not sell or share your information with others.
  • When we host giveaways, we utilize Giveaway Tools’ entry forms/widget.  Once the giveaway is concluded and we have contacted the giveaway winner, that particular giveaway entry form and all its entries are deleted.  (See Giveaway Tools privacy policy for more information.)
  • If a FINCHNWREN giveaway is co-hosted with another blog, company, or organization, only the personal information you share with them will be collected by them.  (For example, if you choose to follow a company’s blog or Twitter account and enter your own subscriber information or email address.)  If that blog or company is awarding the prize, they will receive the winner’s mailing address information so that the prize can be shipped.
  • This information is collected via  follower and subscriber information; comments on the blog; contact form submissions; search queries; site registrations; technical data from visitors (like the info web browsers, mobile devices, and servers typically make available about visitors to a Site, such as the IP address, browser type, unique device identifiers, language preference, referring site, the date and time of access, operating system, and mobile network information.); info on visitor interactions such as “likes” and “ratings”; location information to (for example) tell about visitors from different geographical regions; Akismet commenter info (to filter out spam comments, for example); cookies.  (You can visit Privacy Notice for Visitors to Our Users’ Sites for more information on these.)

Thank you for hanging out with us!  And thanks for reading.


Enjoy!  –Wren










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