Intentional Bites Planner from MyFreezEasy ~ My New Love! (And Review)

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Hello friends!

If you’ve read the FINCHNWREN blog for awhile, you know how my family and I just adore MyFreezEasy. I love their freezer meal planning system and recipes; in fact, those help my family eat healthily while they keep me from freaking out at the last minute every weeknight because I’m exhausted or I don’t know what to cook.

Now, Erin Chase, the MyFreezEasy creator, has developed an amazing new tool to help us track, design, and determine the eating and healthy living plan that we need.  It’s called the Intentional Bites Planner, and MyFreezEasy kindly sent me my very own copy (free!) to try out and review for you.  Better yet, it launches today!  And I have a code for a $10 discount for you that I’ll share at the end of this post!



What is the Intentional Bites Planner?

Erin Chase is a master at planning meals, getting the most for her grocery buck, and (of course) freezer meal planning.  However, she noticed in her own life that she felt better when she ate certain foods and not as well, when she ate others.  She thought, how could she begin to track those foods that helped her as well as eliminate those that did not?  Out of that experience, Erin developed the Intentional Bites Planner.  It is designed around these steps:

  • Deciding on your own eating plan
  • Keeping a journal and meal plans
  • Making movement a priority
  • Tracking for best results

All of these steps have the goals of enabling you to feel better, look better, and be better.


How I used the Intentional Bites Planner

The Intentional Bites Planner is divided into 3 sections; My Intentional Bites, My Food Journal, and My Meal Plans.  In the first section, I did a personal assessment.  (Which sounds overwhelming but wasn’t, at all.)  I recorded things like how I wanted to feel, or meals that were my favorites.  Then I wrote ideas for meals at home that I could plan ahead of time.  (It was a longer list than I thought it would be!)  There were also sections for hydration, supplements/vitamins/meds, and exercise.  (Don’t even ask me how this happened but once the homeschool year started I’ve hardly done ANY exercise!  Ack.)



Section 2, My Food Journal, gave me a place to record my food and drink intake each day.  Now, THAT was truly eye-opening.  I really thought I was doing a LOT better on food and daily hydration than I actually was.  I start out well.  I drink 16 oz. of water every morning when I get up.  Then I have a cup of coffee.  And I often eat fresh spinach and eggs for breakfast.  (I know that may sound gross to you…but I try to get a certain amount of fiber in each day and a breakfast salad really helps me on my way.)

But, the longer the day goes on and the more tired I become, the more I may depend on a Dr Pepper or as much coffee as I can stuff into my body.  Wow.  I sort of knew that…but seeing it in black and white on a page was pretty eye-opening.  However, each page is pretty encouraging at the same time because you can also list how you actually WANT to eat and drink.  And, how you feel as a result.

Section 3 provides shopping list/meal plans, and weekly meal planners.  I loved those!  I haven’t had a calendar page before which gives me space to write out every meal I’m planning for the week.  That was the best visual image plus it also helped me to not have the same kind of meal or the same kind of protein every single night.


What I think about this planner

I have to admit this to you.  I LOVE planners.  Lesson planners, personal planners, school planners.  I love them all.  So, it wasn’t a huge leap to think that I would love the Intentional Bites Planner as well.  And, I did!  It is well made and sturdy.  The pages are nicely printed, the spiral works beautifully, and the whole thing is just gorgeous.

But it is so much more than a pretty package.  I think that we all imagine or know that we could eat better, or plan our days and meals more effectively.  However, actually making that happen can feel horribly overwhelming.  And even though I really enjoy to-do lists and planning, I never really got past weekly meal planning or freezer cooking.  And when life got crazy or my schedule got too full, it was way too easy to just default to takeout or fast food.  I was really missing the consistency portion of choosing the foods that were best for me and my family…and then making those meals happen.

The tools in the Intentional Bites Planner have really helped me to stop, take a serious look at my schedule and my days, and then begin to make choices and plans to help me and my family.  When I first heard about this planner, I wasn’t really sure that it was a tool that I needed because I think I choose good foods overall; and I’m not needing to eliminate certain types of foods or pursuing a diet per se.  However, what I needed most was what this planner provides; a tool to help me consider my eating and scheduling choices, to think through my life (and the margin I so often have lacked in the past) and to create a plan that will help us pursue health.  What an incredible gift.

I do, happily, recommend the Intentional Bites Planner to you.  It is a fantastic, non-overwhelming tool for anyone who wants to develop a healthy life and a healthful eating and exercise plan.  And, it is fun to use!  And, I believe, over time it will enable us to build the habits and tools we desperately need or want to live well.  And, for those of us who have children, it will help us model these things for our kids as well.



How to order your own Intentional Bites Planner

Just click through on this link for Intentional Bites Planner.  That will take you to the website where you can purchase your very own copy.  And, if you use the launch code IBP10, you will get $10 off your copy!

Do check this out.  I truly believe it can be a life-changing tool for most (if not all) of us.

Enjoy!  –Wren



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