Word of the Year 2020 from FINCHNWREN

Happy 2020!

I’m a little late on the Word of the Year game this year. I’ve been ruminating over the word I’d like to focus on for awhile. I’d like to do a lot of things with this year. But the words I thought of didn’t quite circle around everything I hoped and wished for this year.

Then, this week, it came to me.



This year, I’d love to create beauty in our family life. In our family and our relationships; in our home; in our homeschool; and for me, personally.

Have you ever had seasons which ground you down? Where things were hard and applying pressure? We’ve had that in recent years. And not that there haven’t been great and amazing things during these years. We’ve had victory over cancer; our son has completed homeschool through his junior year and the first half of his senior year and graduation and college are on the horizon. But there have still been battles during those times.

My desire is to make a beautiful life for us all, in Jackson’s last semester of homeschool and as he heads off to college and my sweet hubs and I become empty nesters. (I cannot believe that I can see that phrase in conjunction with us!!)

Here’s where I’d like to see beauty:

  • In our home. We have got 12+ years’ worth of homeschool materials to shuffle out the door. Jackson and I have a plan that will give him some entrepreneurial experience…and, Lord willing, create some space in our bookshelves and crates!
  • In our family relationships. I’m very conscious that this is our last 5 months of homeschooling. We have materials to complete, of course, but this is the conclusion of all these years together learning and working on academics. I would love for these months to be, additionally, a sweet time relationally.
  • In myself. I’ve learned, in the past year especially, that I love creating. Crafts and handwork bring me great personal enjoyment and peace of mind…even as something beautiful is being created! This year, I’m looking forward to:
    • Kumihimo bracelets
    • Knitting
    • Art class with my son (we’re both creating during this time, with charcoal pencils, watercolor, collage materials, and more)
    • Bible journaling (I have a new journaling Bible that allows me not only to read the Word but also to create in this special Bible!)


I’m sure that there will be other ways I’ll be able to experience beauty and work to create beautiful things, whether they’ll  be tangible or intangible. For now, I’m joyfully and lovingly looking forward to these.


Have you selected a word to focus on in this new year and new decade?


Enjoy! –Wren

2 thoughts on “Word of the Year 2020 from FINCHNWREN

  1. Awww, how I loved reading your words here. I can. not. believe. that Jackson is heading to college. I mean, I can . . . but, I can’t.

    Beautiful is such a great word. I imagine the Lord has ways and places where He’ll bring beauty into your life that you haven’t even imagined yet. 🙂

    My word for the year is PRESENT. God is already showing me the beauty of being present and not being overly caught up in the to-dos of daily life.

    • I love both our words. I hope somehow we can see each other in the not-to-distant future and compare notes. Would you believe we got the flu? (Not the one covered in our flu shots, sadly!)
      All our love to you and your boys.

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