Summer Art Camp Fun for Your Kids (and it’s even online!)

I’m sure that many of us are wondering what kinds of fun we can devise for our kids and families in the year of the coronavirus. In our area, there are still some outbreaks happening although for all intents and purposes, the state government is slowly opening up access to businesses. (With caveats, of course, regarding size of groups and social distancing. And masks.) So many of the things we’d normally do during the summertime may be off-limits to us now. But Heather Wombacher has a wonderful idea for you: online art camps for your kids!

About Heather Wombacher and The Apprentice Art Studios

Heather teaches both art and art history online and in person. She focuses on helping students to really see (art, technique, style, and beauty) and to create art in her classes. Her workshops work well alongside the Classical education method and are suited for children in grades K-12. We’ve been fortunate to take Heather’s class on Van Gogh and learned and put in to practice the master artist’s techniques through mark-making, brush strokes, color, and whimsy. She is a kind and loving instructor who will enable your students to learn and create art while enjoying the process.   Wonderful Watercolor Whimsy 101   At The Apprentice Art Studios website, you can find more information about Heather’s classes. She has A La Carte Classes (Collage, Mark Making, Watercolor Whimsy 101) and an Apprentice Masters Atelier. You can even check out her Free Kids Art Video Lesson! All of Heather’s classes are gently, beautifully, and kindly taught. She instructs on artistic technique and materials and helps students celebrate the creativity that God has placed in each of us. I love her teaching style and her classes!    

2020 Art Camps at The Apprentice Art Studio

This summer, your child (or even your entire family!) can take advantage of Heather’s wonderful teaching style and classes packed with creativity in the 2020 Art Camps series. Each class is priced at $75 (or $100 for the entire family) and the classes will be held online via Zoom. There are two classes:

  • Drawing the Golden Ratio is for older students, grade 5 and up. Students will learn about: positive/negative space; sketching vs. drawing; value; face mapping; and more, using a variety of drawing media. This art camp runs from June 22-26, 2020.

  • The Nature of ART camp is geared for students in grades 2 and up. Students will use recycled materials and nature artifacts to create both a nature journal and art pieces. Mandalas, prints, painting with plants, and a clay project are some of the cool art that attendees will create. This art camp will run from July 6-10, 2020.

How to find out more

Just follow this link to Summer 2020 {Camp HeARTful} Camps and scroll to the bottom of the page, to find out more and to register. (You’ll also be able to see a gallery from last year’s camps.) If you are looking for a beautiful, creative art experience for your child or family, you will love Heather’s art camps! You can also visit Heather Wombacher at her website, The Apprentice Art Studio to learn more about her and her art classes. And to see beautiful art! Heather is also on Facebook on The Apprentice Art Studio page.


I hope all of you are hanging in there as we navigate this weird world of pandemic. Stay well and take care!

Enjoy! –Wren

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