Not Back to School Blog Hop! Favorite Homeschool Traditions

I’m so happy to be joining the Homeschool Review Crew this week for the Not Back to School Blog Hop!


During the week of August 10-14, the members of the Homeschool Review Crew will be joining together to share all their great homeschool tips. They’ll be linking up (and I’ll have the links at the bottom of each post) so you’ll be able to see tons of great ideas on homeschool helps for your family. Whether you’re a veteran homeschooler, a newbie, or a first-time homeschooler because of COVID-19, you will find help and encouragement for your own homeschool journey.


I have to admit something that truly does strike me as a bit funny, for me personally! This blog hop is entitled “Not Back to School Blog Hop.” For the first time in 14 years, that is actually true for us! Our son Jackson just graduated from high school this past June. We homeschooled from preschool all the way through his senior year. So I’ll be sharing my tips with you as I am stepping out of my role as homeschool mom into the next thing that God has for me. But this particular blog hop couldn’t have been better timed, for me! 🙂


Today’s topic–Traditions!


This summer, I made a couple of foam core collage photo boards to capture Jackson’s homeschool years, from start to finish. I was reminded of so many beautiful memories of our homeschool time together. I have several, but the photo journey reminded me of one of our  main ones. I’ve listed several below!

  • First Day of School Photo: Each year, I’ve printed out a sign with Jackson’s name, the grade he’s going into, and the year. Then, he poses holding the sign on our front porch. I can’t tell you  how wonderful it was to see him, from his first “official” year of homeschooling all the way through his senior year!
  • A special breakfast, out or in! We try to eat a special cooked breakfast at the start of each year. Dad is generally off at work so it’s usually just Jackson and me. But it’s a nice way to “officially” start the year.
  • School supplies: As homeschoolers, we have purchased our own curricula each year. So we always have what Sonlight curriculum company calls “Box Day.” That’s the day that all the books for the school year arrive. But that is usually a couple of weeks before we actually start school, so I have some time to organize things and do lesson planning. But in addition to that, I LOVE providing fresh new supplies for the school year, whether it’s new binders or pens, crayons and scissors, or whatever is appropriate for your child’s age. We also get new backpacks (although that might be every other year, depending on how well the packs last going back and forth to homeschool coop!). I just love fresh new clean supplies and my son always has, as well!
  • Coop activities: We have, except for perhaps the first couple of homeschool years, always participated in a homeschool coop of some kind. That provides opportunities for Jackson to take enrichment classes and connect with friends. So every semester, we have the joy of picking out classes that he’ll be able to take one or two days each week. So important and such a blessing.


We’ve done other activities here and there, but these are the four that stayed with us all our homeschool journey.


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Annual NOT Back to School Blog Hop 2020

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Enjoy! –Wren

8 thoughts on “Not Back to School Blog Hop! Favorite Homeschool Traditions

  1. Box day sounds like so much fun! I purchased somethings from Notgrass this year for our son and it was awesome opening the box – I can only imagine if you get materials for everything – not just history.

    • It IS so fum! And usually it was more than one big box, especially as we moved into middle school and high school. Lots of books, fresh, new, and gorgeous, for the upcoming year! I will totally miss that!

  2. Aww, how bittersweet! I can’t imagine the emotions that came putting together the foamboard of the homeschool journey. Such a wonderful accomplishment! Congrats to you both!

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