“Half the Battle” ~ Pursuing Personal Healing (Review & Giveaway, ends 10/13/20)

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I have an incredibly wonderful book to share with you today! The BlogAbout Blogger Network provided two copies of Dr. Jon Chasteen’s Half the Battle (Gateway Press), a remarkable book on personal healing from a Christian perspective. I’m thrilled to share with you about this book, and better yet, one of those copies is for me to give away to one FINCHNWREN reader!



Half the Battle

Subtitled “Healing Your Hidden Hurts,” Dr. Jon Chasteen’s new book is designed to help the reader identify and receive healing for pains that are often kept hidden (either well or not-so-well) from the outside world. Using the Bible’s Old Testament account of the Israelites’ battle at Jericho, Dr. Chasteen illustrates a path to bring the reader illumination and victory over the rejections and hurts of the past that still influence and sometimes damage years after they’d originally occurred.

The book contains the following chapters and segments:

  • Before the Battle
  • The Stench Behind the Stone
  • Dealing with Rejection
  • The Final Resting Place of Pain
  • Time to Take Ground
  • The Weapon for War

There is also a leader’s guide, for small groups or classrooms, and a study guide for the reader to work through chapter by chapter. The study guide includes a brief review of each chapter, key Scripture verses, important quotes, discussion questions, activation (or steps for action), and prayer.




Half the Battle is not a lengthy book; the teaching portion (or chapters) comprise 140 pages of the volume. The remaining 40+ pages are the study guide and leader’s guide (with a short appendix and author’s bio). It is well-written, and Dr. Chasteen explains the Bible passages and the personal healing he believes that readers can work out clearly and simply.

However, the brevity of the book takes nothing away from its power and meaning. Indeed, the author doesn’t belabor anything. He explains Scripture, the wounds we can all face from life, and the way those can be healed in such a way that they actually seem attainable. This is actually a book on overcoming the pains and struggles of life that truly works–it has the potential to help readers gain relief from pain and a closer relationship with God and friends and family.



Key thoughts from the book

Dr. Chasteen identifies rejection from others as one of the major life experiences that wounds us. Whether it’s by parents, peers, significant others, or loved ones, it can leave a mark. Those marks create shame, disconnection, hardness of heart. We may try to overcome life’s pain. But we don’t always know how to do it effectively. So that attempt to overcome pain might work for awhile (even if it creates bad habits or endeavors to overcompensate). The trouble is, these attempts never deal with the original problem, which is the pain in our hearts caused by rejection and its companion, fear. And we grow more and more accustomed with hiding that pain in our hearts.

Everyone has faced rejection and pain. From the Bible, Chasteen reminds us of Moses; of Esau; of Hannah and Elijah; of the Israelites as a nation; of Joseph. And what about Jesus? He was rejected by His family, by the high priests, by many of those whom He taught. He was deserted in His hour of need on the cross, when even His Father forsook him. Our Savior can empathize with us in our deepest pain for sure. He experienced it and He understands us.

In Half the Battle, Dr. Chasteen helps us to:

  • Realize that the pain we thought we’d hidden so well influences and even “stinks” up our lives
  • Understand that dealing with that hidden pain is possible and is even a major part of the battles we face
  • Identify our own pains and bring them before God
  • Receive healing from the hand of our loving Father God




My thoughts about Half the Battle

Half the Battle is an incredible, powerful, encouraging book. Like many others, I have hidden pains that I have considered and even worked on over the course of my life. I totally believe that God can and does bring healing to us during our lives, as we seek to follow Christ and know Him. And I have seen it happen!

However, this book impacted me tremendously. Looking at Bible figures’ lives in the context of pain and healing was really powerful for me. Being reminded that God wants a close relationship to me; that He desires my heart, was lovely and meaningful. And seeing that I could bring my pains before Him, to lay them at the foot of the cross, and to open my heart to Him for healing and deliverance was compelling. Even better, it actually worked!

I read through Half the Battle with highlighter in hand. But I plan to work back through the book again, this time using the study guide. It can be hard to open our hearts and reveal the pain we have hidden away there. But this book gently walked me through that process and made me feel safe while I did it. It is definitely worth going through again. I know I’ll continue to grow and heal in the process.

Some of my favorite quotes:

  • “Jesus says, “Show Me where your faith ended. Take me to the place where you lost all hope and quit believing. Let me see where the pain was so real that you didn’t know what else to do with it but shove it in a dark place and roll a stone over it to cover up the stench.”” (p. 28)
  • “As humans, we don’t like others coming near our sensitive places, and in regard to rejection, your heart is the most sensitive place you have.” (p. 45)
  • “Think about this truth. Up until the very last moments of His life on this earth, Jesus was offered bitterness, yet He always refused to accept it. No matter how many times He was rejected, He consistently refused to become bitter.” (p. 74)

There is a LOT more from Half the Battle that I’d like to share with you. But I hope that this little taste encourages you to read it for yourself! It can be a powerful tool in God’s hand for your healing and blessing. Go for it!


How to enter to win your own copy

I am so happy that The BlogAbout Blogger Network has given me a copy to share with one of you! To enter this giveaway, just click on the “Enter here!” link below. That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form, where you’ll be able to enter in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes on October 13, 2020. One winner will be selected to win a copy of Half the Battle. Best wishes!

Enter here!



Enjoy! –Wren

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