Irene Hannon’s new novel: “Blackberry Beach” (a Revell Reads review)

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Hi everyone! I recently received a new Hope Harbor book from Revell Reads to share with you. Irene Hannon writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels, with faith as one of the key ingredients. Her newest book, Blackberry Beach, returns to the town of Hope Harbor, where new characters meet the lovely beachside town as well as old favorites from the series.

In earlier years, Katherine Parker had visited Blackberry Beach and loved its beauty, simplicity, and of course, the nearby ocean whose sound and rhythm permeated the village. So when her challenging and demanding career drives her to a moment when she knows that she needs some peace and quiet, she rents an oceanside cottage and settles in. She loves the secluded area and finds much to enjoy. The blackberry bushes, Charley’s food truck, with its incredible fish tacos, and an empty beach to stroll daily help her to catch her breath.

Zach Garrett would probably understand her perspective. After loss, he’s moved to Hope Harbor and started a new career with his own gourmet coffee shop. He has become a talented and artsy barista and loves the locals, and his coffee shop attracts both residents and visiting tourists. When a lovely woman buys a latte but doesn’t respond to his friendly conversation, preferring to hide behind her oversized sunglasses, he’s intrigued…but respectful. He’d love to find out more about her though. In a non-stalker-y way. He’s even more interested to discover that the woman is his near neighbor on the beach.

Katherine’s and Zach’s lives couldn’t be more different; yet underneath, they both lack, and hope for, some of the same things. But to find out if they might be compatible, they’ll have to have a real conversation. Personal hobbies, a volunteer opportunity, and maybe even the fish taco truck’s owner might help them along the way.

Irene Hannon’s contemporary romance is a gentle story that shows both the importance of human connection and the challenges of dating in this day and age, for adults of many ages! Her characters are appealing and interesting. Hope Harbor and its adjacent Blackberry Beach are described so beautifully that the reader will actually be able to see and imagine the luscious blackberries, smell the lavender, and mentally taste the truffles, as they follow Zach’s and Katherine’s journeys. And anyone who’s struggled with the questions of “Is God really good?” or “Can he be trusted with my hopes and dreams?” will appreciate the characters’ walks of faith.

Pick up this book if you’d like a lovely romance set on the beach, to visit Hope Harbor, and to remember God’s lovingkindness!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Blackberry Beach from Revell Reads. All opinions included here are my own.

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