Jody Hedlund’s gorgeous new “Come Back to Me” ~ a review

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Revell Reads recently sent me Jody Hedlund’s gorgeous new Come Back to Me, a dual-timeline novel that’s the first of her new “Waters of Time” series. I adored it!

Medical research scientist Marion Creighton has long been on a quest that completely fills up her days (and some of her nights). Her beloved sister Ellen is fighting a disease for which there’s no cure, and that threatens to steal Ellen’s life prematurely. But when Marion hears that her father has fallen into a coma, she drops everything and flies immediately to England to see if there’s any way she might be able to help.

When she arrives and discovers that her father’s home and lab were broken into, she wonders why. From her father’s coworker and friend, Harrison, she learns that her father was working on developing a drug that would not only cure her sister’s illness but basically, any other disease. That would be a temptation for thieves of any kind. But then she hears something about time travel, the space-time continuum, and…the Tree of Life? Marion can’t believe that at all…but when she ingests the residue from an ancient ampulla of holy water, she opens her eyes to find herself in the Middle Ages. And so, her adventure begins.

My thoughts about Come Back to Me

Let me tell you, I LOVED this book! But writing about my love for Come Back to Me and its characters without ruining the story for you (no spoilers!) was very difficult! I have written sentences and backspaced over them A LOT as I’ve considered how to share my thoughts with you. So…let’s see how I can communicate without verging into spoiler-land.

First, let’s talk about the author. Jody Hedlund is exceptionally gifted in recreating the past–its appearance, manners, clothing, and personages–in ways that enable the reader to imagine “what life was like back then.” I’ve loved so many of her books for that very reason. In Come Back to Me, she accomplishes that feat again, magnificently. As Marion travels to the past to find a substance that could cure not only her sister but her father, she experiences life in ways that she’d never considered. And life in the 1300s looks nothing like life in the twenty-first century!

Second, the characters. So many interesting ones; but I particularly enjoyed Marion and Will, the knight she meets in the past. They are very different, as you’d imagine; but the way they meet and the experiences they encounter and move through ring true to their times and their persons. Their character journeys are fascinating and satisfying.

Third, the time travel. It’s presented in such an interesting way, and one I’ve never encountered in books before.

Basically, I loved Jody Hedlund’s newest novel, and I loved it more, the further into the book I read. It captivated me and truly left me wishing I already had book 2 (currently unpublished) in my hands! If you’re a reader that loves historical fiction AND fantasy works; if you’d love a clean love story with beautiful romantic moments and lots of adventure, then Come Back to Me is for you!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads. All thoughts and opinions about this book are my own.

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