Pure Flix’s “Vindication” ~ A Police Procedural with a Twist

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Earlier in the summer, I had the privilege of sharing Pure Flix’s streaming service with you all. Did you know that Pure Flix not only offers movies of all types (current, classic, kids, family, teens and more) but also, a number of tv series? One of those is one I’ve taken to in a big way. It’s called Vindication, and it’s a police procedural, with a twist. Momentum Influencer Network provided the way for me to watch this series on Pure Flix and my husband and I are TOTALLY engaged with it and its characters! Let me tell you more…and keep an eye out for a giveaway I may or may not have for you, not today but very soon!

So. You may not know this about me, but I am a HUGE fan of police procedurals. I love the suspense, the drama, the unfolding of an investigation, and, I hope, the solving of the crime. It isn’t the crime that I’m interested in as much as it is seeing good people working to bring justice and bring help to the victims. That is so satisfying to me. I’ve been thrilled to add Vindication to my lists of faves in this category. It’s wonderful…while providing viewers with a little something extra.

About Vindication

With each episode about 23 minutes long, in a 10-episode first season, Vindication introduces viewers to Detective Gary Travis. He’s served for 15 years in the police force of a Dallas suburb. He lives with his wife Becky in town. When we meet Det. Travis, he’s interviewing a suspect in a crime. We find out over the course of the episode that the interviewee is being questioned because of a serious crime committed against one of his coworkers; a woman that he’d been jeopardizing his marriage over as he flirted with her and met with her outside of work. I’d LOVE to tell you the spoiler of the episode (but I won’t!), but the reveal is just astonishing.

In the remainder of the episodes, we meet Kris, the younger female officer he’s been assigned to mentor; his daughter Katie, who’d been struggling with addiction and out of their home for quite awhile; and other officers from the force. In each episode, viewers learn more about the characters and become intrigued with each one and their relationships, as secrets are brought to light. We begin to see their weaknesses or struggles, as well as their strength. For some, we even learn about their faith.

So police procedurals are about…crime

Yes. Each episode of Vindication is focused on two things: first, the crime that Travis, Kris, and their fellow officers are seeking to solve; and second, what’s happening in each character’s life or relationships. The crimes do include mature themes, like:

  • Stalking
  • Human trafficking
  • Sexting
  • Domestic abuse
  • Murder
  • Addiction
  • The dark web
  • Suspected kidnapping

And while these are occurring or being investigated, there is also the human element of each characters. They’re not presented as perfect people who have it all together; they have failings and struggles just like (to be honest here) every human has! Many of these struggles are some that could honestly wreck a life, or a relationship. But that is where the “twist” that I mentioned in the title comes in.

Vindication is just a little different

…and that’s one of the things that makes it so appealing to me. In this series, that little “twist” seemed to me not like a bad turn. Instead, it’s a little something that brings LIFE, like a lime wedge squeezed into a glass of water. It’s something that just almost made me catch my breath in some episodes; in others, I might have teared up. Or almost flat-out ugly-cried.

It is the redeeming inclusion of faith and the amazing difference it can make when lives are going so badly, or wrong decisions have been made by characters. And just like that twist of lime, it’s never heavy-handed or overly done. The faith of some of the characters (because only of few of them would classify themselves as followers of Christ) brings something special to each episode. And I was never quite expecting it; rather, it sneaked up on me and brought surprising resolutions or “wow!” moments in the different episodes. It is, frankly, sometimes breathtaking and beautiful. (And really, as we all probably know, those are not adjectives we can generally use about many police procedurals.)

So who is the intended audience?

Even though there are beautiful moments of faith and resolution, there are also awful, awful examples of the harm one human can do to another. That means, to me, that Vindication is a series that I’d recommend not for children at all, but for teens and adults. It’s still something families with older kids could watch together. And in truth, these are episodes that could provoke powerful conversations between parents and their teens.

As I mentioned, my husband and I streamed Vindication together. We cannot wait for season 2 (hint: it’s already begun to drop!) and continuing to follow the stories of Detective Travis, Kris, Becky, and their families. There is so much we’ve covered in season 1, but so much to come in season 2!

Where to watch Vindication

You can find Vindication on Pure Flix streaming service. Here are some links:

The Vindication series

You can also find out more about the series and check out trailers on the Vindication series website

Also, you can subscribe to Pure Flix by clicking on the highlighted link. You can even start a free trial to check out all the amazing offerings you’ll find there, including Vindication!

Enjoy…and keep an eye out on the FINCHNWREN blog for more about Vindication soon! –Wren

DISCLAIMER: I received this product via Momentum Influencer Network. All opinions are honest and my own.

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