“Vindication” Season 2 – And Your Chance to win Pure Flix (ends 9/29/21)

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Last week, I told you about an exceptional new crime drama, Vindication, that I was able to enjoy via Pure Flix. (All 10 episodes of season 1!) Now, Vindication‘s Season 2 is dropping…and I have a 6-months Pure Flix subscription to give away!

About Vindication Season 2

Vindication is a crime drama, or police procedural, from Pure Flix. (You can also read my review of Vindication season 1 by clicking here.) We watched Season 1 and were truly captivated by the storylines and the characters, and their journeys. Detective Gary Travis serves with a Dallas suburb’s police station. The crimes they seek to solve cover everything from stalking, human trafficking, domestic abuse, drug addiction, murder, the dark web, and more. Travis is mentoring a younger female officer, Kris, who’s much tougher than he thinks; and here and there faith enters the picture in various characters’ lives.

In season 2 of Vindication, we see Travis, who’s had a promotion, heading up a smaller police station. Things don’t seem to be running that smoothly and his detectives and officers don’t seem to be actually doing their jobs. Kris is still over at the East Bank station, with other staff we met in season 1. Family issues, staff problems, crime investigations, and Travis’s growth in his faith form the basis of the episodes (we’ve seen the first four thus far).

About “Suspicion Comes Home,” Episode 3

Although Travis no longer works at Precinct 1, his new position at Precinct 2 came with a promotion. As sergeant of his new station, he faces employees who seem to just be there to garner a paycheck. So, Travis is interviewing potentials for his police force. A number of hopefuls come in, but Travis is thrilled to meet Dallas detective Tre, played by Courageous and War Room star T.C. Stallings, who’s looking for something new.

Meanwhile, in Precinct 1, Kris (who’s also been promoted, to detective) investigates a home assault crime, called in by the victim’s teen daughter. The dad was mildly injured, but Kris is very apprehensive; she’s very concerned that she might personally know the perpetrator. And there are stirrings of romance in the workplace.

I really enjoyed “Suspicion Comes Home.” Vindication does a spectacular job of keeping viewers engaged. There’s always something going on behind the scenes that isn’t visible immediately, or sometimes, even til the very end of the episodes. The faith references are both genuine and impactful without being too heavy-handed. Those elements were true in this episode as well. In life, interpersonal issues are often the most difficult we face as humans, and viewers will relate as Travis, Kris, and their family members struggle both at home and at work.

The cast continues to be outstanding, and work so well together. T.C. Stallings is a fantastic addition to the crew and he and Todd Terry, who plays Travis, interact so well together. Venus Monique (Kris), Peggy Schott (Becky), and Matt Holmes (Kevin) continue to bring their A-game. All the actors play so well together. With each episode, we really want to see more of them and hope for their success.

Where to find Vindication

If you’re a fan of crime dramas, I so highly recommend Vindication! You can stream it on Pure Flix. In fact, you can even sign up for a free trial of this streaming service! Just click on the Pure Flix link below. That will take you to the Vindication page, where you’ll be able to sign up and watch!

Pure Flix

Even better, you can enter to win a Pure Flix subscription!

The FINCHNWREN blog has a Pure Flix subscription to give away! One entrant will receive a 6-months’ subscription to Pure Flix streaming service, where viewers can watch everything from classic film, to Christian-themed entertainment, to kids/family/teen films and series.

To enter, simply click on the pink “Enter here!” link below. That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form, where you’ll be able to enter to win in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes 9/29/21. One winner will be selected to win. Best wishes!

Enter here!

Enjoy! –Wren

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