“Farm to Film” ~ a lovely ABC book for early readers (review & giveaway, ends 12/3/21)

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The BlogAbout Blogger Network recently sent me two of the most beautiful books! Farm to Film, written and illustrated by Hannah Miles Pierrou, is a lovely, gentle ABC book for early readers. Let me tell you more about it…and then, you’ll be able to enter a giveaway to win a wrapped copy for your family!

About the author

Hannah Miles Pierrou is a long-time lifestyle photographer, designer, and artist. Hannah recently launched Treehouse Storyteller where she plans to write, illustrate, and publish many books in the future with Farm to Film as the debut book. 

Leaning into her experience as an artist, she is brings her readers into various design elements such as detail, contrast, movement, composition, shape, and rhythm so that they can feel like they are in the scenes with her characters. She hopes to inspire readers to take time to unplug and see the beauty in our lives. 

Hannah and her husband are raising their family in the countryside of the Colorado foothills.

Hannah’s desire for her children and generations to come, is to see nature, animals, and a homestead lifestyle not only a rewarding way to live, but a beautiful one at that….Her hope is for her little readers to unplug, get back to nature, and find peace in the life on the farm.

Hannah Miles Pierrou, Farm to Film, Dedication

About Farm to Film

Farm to Film is a lovely ABC book for early readers, written and illustrated by Hannah Miles Pierrou. It tells the gentle story of a child who goes to her grandparents’ (Pop and Gram) farm. Told in first person, Farm to Film allows the reader to see the child’s day on the farm, and everything she engages with and photographs with Pop’s vintage camera, from A to Z. And there is a lot to see!

Each letter receives two facing pages in which the child tells about what she sees and what she is taking a photo of. She sees animals (both farm and wild), insects, flowers, vehicles (including the most awesome vintage pickup truck), buildings, food, and objects. The speed of the story is calm and placid, where the reader is able to meander along and take the time to gather and absorb the text and the artwork. While this book is perfect for early readers, it would also be an excellent choice for a read-aloud. In fact, I believe that educator Charlotte Mason, who delighted in bringing children outside to nature and giving them time to explore their senses outdoors, would have loved this book!

The art style is clean and carefully-drawn. Miles Pierrou loves to use geometric shapes, especially for her animals, which not only are breathtaking to view but also provide the reader and parent opportunities for a little art observation (“Can you find a triangle? Or a diamond? What colors and shapes do you see?”). The pale backgrounds draw the reader’s eye directly to the focus of each page. The illustrations are also quite restful to observe. Yet the narrative, where we see from a child’s point of view, helps us to skip along to the next page, propelling us to continue with her to see everything she sees on the farm.

Farm to Film is a peaceful and delightful excursion to a lovely day on the farm, away from the busyness and stress of a day in the city. It is a joy to read and to experience, and I’m so impressed that the author found such rich and full items to use up every letter in the alphabet! Personally, I loved reading it. The illustrations, especially those on the flyleaves, captured my heart and reminded me of a beloved book from my own childhood. I loved looking at the artwork; such appreciation and nostalgia it created in me!

This would be a wonderful gift for children or new parents, for homeschooling families, or even grandparents who love to read to their grandkids. And, The BlogAbout Blogger Network provided a copy of this lovely book to give away to a reader!

How you can enter to win Farm to Film

Simply click on the “Enter here!” link below. That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form, where you’ll be able to enter to win in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes 12/3/21. One winner will be selected to win the beautifully-wrapped copy of Farm to Film. Best wishes!

Enter here!

Where you can purchase Farm to Film

Farm to Film is available on Amazon. Just click on the highlighted title!

Thank you for letting me share this beautiful book with you.

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from the author. All opinions are my own.

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