“The Wonder of Creation” ~ a fantastic new kids’ devotional (review & giveaway, ends 12/6/21)

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Momentum Influencer Network and HarperCollins Christian Publishing were kind enough to send me Louie Giglio’s fantastic new kids’ devotional book, The Wonder of Creation: 100 More Devotions About God and Science. It has been a delight to read; and I have a copy to share with one reader!

About The Wonder of Creation

Louie Giglio has written a number of books for children. This brand-new devotional shows kids God’s greatness, love, and creativity as they are illuminated in science. In The Wonder of Creation, Giglio tells kids about cool science in the earth, in space, in animals, and in people as he shares God’s Word and God’s care for us. Each of the 100 devotions includes a Bible verse, a reading about a little-known science fact, a prayer, a sidebar with more neat info, and vivid illustrations. Written especially for ages 6-10, each devotion is designed not only to captivate kids with science, but also with the God who designed and created everything.

And there is so much to find in this book! Giglio and his co-writer, Tama Fortner, do an excellent job of bringing interesting science facts to a child audience while including verses about the God who designed and created everything. Some of my own favorites included:

  • The octopuses’ garden in Monterey Bay
  • How geodes (LOVE them!) are made and where you can find the biggest one ever
  • NASA’s PUFFER robot, which was inspired by origami
  • Why a person has straight, wavy, or curly hair
  • Why the land on Jupiter’s moon Io could feel like a roller coaster
  • How ducks stay dry
  • And more!

Giglio doesn’t only include cool facts, however. He weaves the Word of God in with each one, and shows how God’s hand created all these amazing things in the physical world, whether it’s here on earth or in space. And how the mind of God thought of all of them. He also shows us how we can even get to know God better as we learn about what He has created.

Some of my favorite verses Giglio uses are:

  • How God’s mercies never end and are new every morning, despite our mistakes, imperfections, or sins (Lamentations 3:22-23)
  • How God chose us to be different than the world, via John 15:19, using the example of orange Bengal tigers and the rarer white Bengals
  • Proverbs 15:3-“The Lord’s eyes see everything that happens.”….even our hair follicles and how their shape makes our hair look a certain way!
  • The many zones of the sea and the specific things that go on in each of them…and remembering who made the sea (Psalm 95:5) and owns it

In addition, there is also a downloadable Parents’ Discussion Guide for The Wonder of Creation. It includes each devotion’s Bible verse plus 3 questions that the parent can ask their children after they read. They’re not “test” questions, but more open-ended questions that ask the child’s opinions about what’s described in each devotion, how they see Jesus or people responding, and even for fun ideas. It’s a great complement to the book and will bless both parents and kids with connection moments with each other and Scripture.

This book is written with such joy; and it was a joy for me to read! In my son’s younger years, we delighted in exploring science and seeing God’s hand in and behind it. That always gave us greater awe for the Lord and His incredible creativity…as well as giving us a love for creation (especially space! and the ocean!) that is still very much alive in us today. I delighted in reading The Wonder of Creation, and I joyfully recommend it to you! It would be a fantastic addition to any kid’s library.

This is a book that you could use in your bedtime routine with your kids; that they could read on their own; or that could be utilized in homeschools. It would also be a fun addition to morning devotional times. It’s just a fantastic devotions book, overall!

You can purchase The Wonder of Creation now!

The Wonder of Creation is available for purchase now! This would make a wonderful gift for your family or especially for your elementary school-aged child. Click though the Buy Link below to go right to the website where you can purchase your own copy.


Also, when you click on the Buy Link above, you can download a free sample of this devotion, plus check out the book’s Free Resources which include Educator and Activity Guides.

You can enter to win your own copy!

Momentum Influencer Network and HarperCollins Christian Publishing have kindly provided a copy of The Wonder of Creation for me to give away to one FINCHNWREN reader! To enter, simply click on the pink link below that says “Enter here!” That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form where you’ll be able to enter to win in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes on 12/6/1; limited to U.S. entries only. One winner will be selected to win. Best wishes!

Enter here!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: Many thanks to HarperCollins Christian Publishing for providing this product/product information for review. Opinions are 100% my own. I did receive the product in exchange for this review and post.

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