“Lights Out” ~ a Revell Reads review

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Recently, I had the opportunity to be introduced to author Natalie Walters, courtesy of Revell Reads, with Natalie’s brand new suspense thriller Lights Out. What a read! Let me tell you more!

About the book

Brynn Taylor, who’s been with the CIA for 8 years, is especially excited about her new anti-terrorist project. Her idea, to gather intelligence officials from other countries and train them to work together to ferret out terrorists BEFORE they have a chance to strike, is approved by her superiors and is progressing swimmingly.

Until, that is, one of those intelligence operatives disappears. The Egyptian intelligence officer, Riad, has gone completely off the grid. The CIA doesn’t know why he’s missing; but he should have remained on base with the other officials meeting and working together. Brynn, her promising project, and perhaps even the U.S. are in danger.

With Riad still missing, Brynn promises to find him. Yet her boss informs her that the search is being handed over to the SNAP Agency; but that she can work along with them. She is appalled at what this might mean for her career, much less for the U.S. She doesn’t even know that her heart might be affected.

Until she walks into SNAP’s offices and sees the man that she rejected for the CIA position she was hired for, eight years ago. But whom she has never forgotten.

Jack Hudson has never forgotten her either. It’s hard to forget someone who both betrayed him AND broke his heart. Neither of them has a choice though; they, along with Jack’s SNAP (Strategic Neutralization and Protection) team have been assigned the task of finding Riad. Which includes a computer genius-level hacker, an EOD expert, a logistician, and Jack, who’d trained for the CIA along with Brynn.

None of the group has any idea that the task before them, and the hidden dangers within it, has the potential to cost them their own lives. Or really, the magnitude of this task; that it not only could affect Washington D.C., but the whole United States, and even the world. If they can survive the poisons, the weapons, kidnapping, and worse, that is.

And if they can keep their own hearts under control.

My thoughts

So, one word: Wow.

What a story! I absolutely fell in love with Brynn and Jack, along with the fabulous SNAP team. Their chemistry, their teamwork, their fascinating skills and abilities, and even their pop-culture love, captured my heart. Each was so believable, with rich backstories that made their choices and interactions make perfect sense.

And, since I love (and have loved since high school) a good spy mystery, Natalie’s mastery of the genre made my first foray into her books a joy. She not only crafted characters that I was happy to cheer on (and hope that they survived!), she built an exceptional thriller. And, even better, I couldn’t predict anything! But I couldn’t put down the book either.

I loved every chapter, and every character (well, except for the bad guys). It’s a clean read, with a tiny bit of romance, great dialogue, and action that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I can’t wait for the next book in Walters’ series about the SNAP Agency; and I’d recommend not only that you be on the lookout for it but that you read Lights Out too.

It’s inconceivable to me that you wouldn’t love it as well!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads. All opinions are my own.

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