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A Book Called You JustRead Blog Tour

Welcome to the Blog Tour for A Book Called You by Matthew Stephen Brown, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


A Book Called You Title: A Book Called You Author: Matthew Stephen Brown Publisher: W Publishing / Thomas Nelson Release Date: October 5, 2021 Genre: Christian Growth / Enneagram A biblically grounded Enneagram book that looks at the Enneagram numbers of people in the Bible so readers can discover more about themselves and gain specific wisdom about how and why they are uniquely made. Who am I? Everyone asks that question, no matter their age or status in life. If we truly are supposed to be real with others, shouldn’t that start with learning how to be real with ourselves? We think so. But we have to be willing to look inside and ask, “Okay, God, who am I? What is it that I don’t see about myself that you see?” A Book Called YOU will help us learn about who we are as individuals and how a biblical view of self-discovery can improve every part of our lives. Based on his widely successful teaching series “A Series Called You” and his personal experience using the Enneagram personality assessment tool in his marriage and other personal relationships, pastor Matt Brown offers a groundbreaking, entertaining, and heartfelt guide that highlights biblical truths alongside the Enneagram to help us better understand ourselves and how we relate to the people around us. PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Book Depository | IndieBound | Christianbook | BookBub


Matthew Stephen Brown is the founding and lead pastor of Sandals Church in Riverside, California. Sandals Church began in 1997 when Pastor Matt and his wife, Tammy, set out to create a church where people could be real with themselves, God, and others. From its first meeting with eight people in the Browns’ living room, Sandals Church has since grown to reach more than 12,000 people each weekend at eleven locations across Southern and Central California. Around the world, Sandals Church’s digital content is viewed by close to 30,000 people every week.

Today, he continues to lead Sandals Church as the primary teaching pastor. In 2016, he launched The Debrief podcast, an opportunity for people to get real answers to tough questions about the Bible and Christianity. And last year, Pastor Matt and Sandals Church launched the ROGO Foundation, which exists to help save and replant dying churches and invest in up-and-coming leaders through hands-on leadership training programs at Sandals Church. Matt is passionate about the vision of authenticity and raising up the next generation of leaders for the local church. He and Tammy have three children and reside in Riverside, California.
CONNECT WITH MATTHEW: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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My experiences with A Book Called You

I’d been meaning to take the Enneagram personality test for quite awhile; but somehow, it never seemed to be the right time. With the opportunity to read A Book Called You, though, I knew it was finally the moment! (I was also grateful that I had waited a bit to take the test; when I first considered it we’d gone through an extremely difficult time in my family. I think my answers might have been skewed because of that time of suffering. There’s definitely a time for everything!)

So, if you’re not familiar with the Enneagram, it’s a personality test which gives results by helping test-takers identify themselves via 9 different types:

  • Type 1: The Reformer
  • Type 2: The Helper
  • Type 3: The Achiever
  • Type 4: The Individualist
  • Type 5: The Observer
  • Type 6: The Loyalist
  • Type 7: The Enthusiast
  • Type 8: The Challenger
  • Type 9: The Peacemaker

Now. I’m a fan of personality tests, for the purposes that they can help us understand who we are and how we interact with the world, people, and work. I really like the Enneagram because it informs me about, as author Brown says, motivation, or “why we do what we do,” in his book introduction. In A Book Called You, Brown takes each Enneagram type and describes what they are and how you can recognize them. He identifies their greatest quality (or gift), their most likely besetting sin, and their own greatest needs. He shares a character in the Bible whom he believes would be that particular type (including both their flaws and strengths), along with stories from his own, family’s, and friends’ lives.

But because this is not just a book about information, Brown shares how we can grow and be real: with ourselves, with others, and with God. These are sometimes challenging, because they’re going to cause each type to have to engage with their greatest failings. But wow, the fruit that could come from dealing with those in our lives!

What this book did for me personally

I’ve been familiar with my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for years, and that information really helped me in terms of understanding how I am energized, how I categorize information, and the patterns I follow in work or play. However, in other ways I’ve been a mystery to myself.

What a gift the Enneagram–and this book–were to me in regards to that! Suddenly, I understood why I have had difficulty in saying “no” (although I am SO much better at that in recent years) over the course of my life; why I love volunteering; why I attach emotional value to the food I prepare for my loved ones. I’ve also been struck with the clarity of my own fears and avoidances; both what they are and why they might exist in the first place. And why certain spiritual practices tend to be easy and enjoyable for me…and why others (which are equally important) are hard. I appreciated and agreed with Brown’s recommendations for my type, and how I can grow in transparency not only with myself but with others, and with God.

I loved reading this book. Brown’s voice is enjoyable, his manner of relating helps and information about each type is engaging; and, most of all, when he speaks pastorally to encourage and exhort the reader, he does so with the understanding of how each type will be able to best receive that information. If you’d like to approach the Enneagram types from a perspective of Christian growth and encouragement, this is the book for you. I enjoyed it; and I’m sure I’ll use it again and again!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

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