My favorite Anthem Lights songs–and more fun to come!

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What are your favorite Anthem Lights songs? I’ve had such a wonderful time listening to this band’s original and cover songs, and I’ve got more fun about the band to tell you about! Momentum Influencer Network and PureFlix gave me this opportunity to tell you about an upcoming series as well as share my own musical faves with you. First, let me tell you more about the band!

About Anthem Lights

Anthem Lights is an American Christian group formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2007. The band started as a solo project for the vocalist Chad Graham. He and Alan Powell were writing music for the project when they thought the songs would be better performed by a group. They came together with vocalists Kyle Kupecky and Caleb Grimm and formed the band Yellow Cavalier releasing one self-titled EP in 2009 before changing the name to Anthem Lights. The group signed with the label Reunion Records and in 2011 released the self-titled EP Anthem Lights and the full studio album with the same name. The first track from the EP “Can’t Shut Up” reached number 42 on Billboard’s Christian Songs chart. Together the band released 7 studio albums, Anthem Lights, You Have My Heart, Escape, Hymns, Painted Skies, Hymns Vol. II, and Worship. They also released 3 EPs, 5 compilation albums, and 9 singles. The bands current members are Chad Graham on vocals, Caleb Grim on vocals, Spencer Kane on vocals, and Joey Stamper on vocals, piano, guitar, and drums.

What I love about Anthem Lights

Two things: songs I love, delivered by Anthem Lights’ perfect harmony!

Anthem Lights is known for both their original songs (I love “Live This Day” and “You Will Always Be My Son”) and their fantastic covers (“Bless the Broken Road,” “Isn’t She Lovely,” and more) and medleys. Their harmony is so beautiful and pure, and it is a delight to listen to their songs. (Especially as a former choir geek myself.) The background music is wonderful, but the purity of the vocals on each song just fills the listener with joy. The band has also sung covers of lots of my favorite Christian/worship singles and hymns (“My Jesus, I Love Thee,” “Hymns Mashup: Come Thou Fount/I Need Thee Every Hour/This is My Story”).

Anthem Lights also has a YouTube channel, where you can find all of their wonderful songs in video format. I definitely recommend that you check this out! (And when you do, don’t miss the “Easter Medley,” which features Nicole C. Mullens’ “My Redeemer Lives” among other inspiring resurrection songs.)

I’m thrilled to share some of my own favorites with you! First, “In Christ Alone.” I love how this song carries the worshipper from Jesus’s birth, life, and crucifixion, all the way to victorious resurrection.

Another of my favorite Anthem Lights songs is this “Hymns Medley.” We don’t (at least in many contemporary worship churches) get to hear a lot of hymns these days. But in this medley, the guys sing a mix of some of my own childhood favorites that still have a special place in my heart. It will make YOUR heart sing, too!

Last, I’d like to share with you this fun one: the “Friend” medley, which blends radio faves “Stand By Me,” “Lean on Me,” “Time after Time,” and more. The end result is seamless, amazing, and a wonderful listening experience.

And now, for PureFlix streaming service’s new show!

Soon (as in tomorrow, January 12, 2022!), PureFlix will be releasing their fun new animated series featuring Anthem Lights! Exclusively on PureFlix, families (including parents and kids) will be able to watch “A Show About Anthem Lights.” This fast-paced and sometimes-zany animated show is PureFlix’s own, developed to add to families’ fun times together. The show is all about the band members of Anthem Lights, as they go about their days, and features the four band members in the lead voice acting/singing roles. I’m so excited to watch this myself. And, I’ll be sharing more soon about this new project, so stay tuned!

You can find out more at

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Momentum Influencer Network and PureFlix for the opportunity to share about Anthem Lights and this upcoming animated series!

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