“Sons of Thunder: Redemption” Coming Soon to PureFlix

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Have you had a chance to watch Sons of Thunder on PureFlix? Well, if you haven’t yet, you’ll want to, because PureFlix is premiering a brand-new spinoff to it called Sons of Thunder: Redemption. PureFlix and Momentum Influencer Network provided the opportunity for me to see the first series already…and I’ll be sharing with you about the second soon!

About Sons of Thunder

Sons of Thunder is an unusual crime drama involving a former biker gang member and combat veteran and his rides across Texas. He runs into various families and individuals who need the help that he can provide, as he is learning to know Jesus. Simon’s also trying to make up for the wrongs he’s done in the biker gang, as he helps those in need. The show is a dual-timeline series, where Simon is assisting people in the present but remembers his struggles and choices while with the gang.

There are seven episodes in Sons of Thunder:

  • “Mi Casa Es Su Casa,” where a border town rancher and his son come up against dangerous criminals
  • “The Blind Fighting the Blind,” in which a family’s members are set against each other for unknown reasons
  • “Hunter Hunted,” when a woman’s livelihood is threatened by poachers
  • “Time and Chance” brings Simon face to face with a corrupt and powerful man, who runs his town and everyone in it cruelly
  • In “Deep Water,” a charter boat captain hires Simon to help as he takes passengers out on the Gulf. But a bickering couple might cause either life…or death, for those on the boat
  • “Brother’s Keeper Part One” and “Brother’s Keeper Part Two” bring Simon back face-to-face with his former gang, and lives will be at stake. (And also, boxing.)

The storyline is very interesting, as Simon’s current experiences and past life contrast dramatically. It’s just him, his motorcycle, his Bible, and Jesus, leading him from place to place and situation to situation. Each one provides opportunities for the new believer to think about God and what He would lead Simon into. His faith is present and growing, but the series’ presentation of faith is never heavy-handed. It’s refreshing to see Simon’s choices and watch him connect with others. (Here’s the Sons of Thunder Pure Flix link.)

And now that you’ve got a glimpse of what Sons of Thunder is, welcome to Sons of Thunder: Redemption!

About Sons of Thunder: Redemption

In Sons of Thunder: Redemption, viewers will meet Jacob, who was sentenced to prison for the biker gang’s crimes he committed. Before he is released, he meets Simon…who changes his life for the better. Executive producer Anna Zielinksi shared that they wanted to stay true to the original Sons of Thunder and introduce new characters and an exciting adventure at the same time. This time, former biker gang member Jacob will be in the starring role. Here’s the official trailer to whet your appetite!

Sons of Thunder: Redemption will premiere on PureFlix on January 13, 2022.

Now, keep your eyes out in the coming days for more on Sons of Thunder: Redemption, as I’ll be sharing an exciting opportunity!

Enjoy! –Wren

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