ANM Storybook Bibles for Children ~ and you can make a difference!

**This is a sponsored post.**

Recently, FrontGate Media shared with me about an amazing organization that is getting storybook Bibles into the hands of those who’ve never seen them before in villages far from city centers, in China. The organization is Advancing Native Missions (ANM). ANM sends Christian workers to those who haven’t yet heard the gospel. The neat thing about these Christian workers is that they are FROM the same nation they’re sharing the gospel with!

About Advancing Native Missions (ANM)

Since 1992, ANM has sent Christian workers to those who haven’t learned about Jesus, God, or the Bible. The key difference about ANM is that they equip these workers to go to unreached areas of their own nations! So rather than a missionary from a foreign country (like America, for example) going to share the gospel, these individuals get to hear the gospel from their own people. You can find out more about ANM at the ANM/About page.

But there is a way that Americans can get involved! ANM matches donations from non-native (i.e., you and me) givers with their local ministry workers and areas. Today, I’m sharing with you about an exciting way that you can help get children’s Bibles to far-flung areas of Asia!

About these storybook Bibles

ANM is producing wonderful children’s storybook Bibles in Chinese! Working with Chinese pastors, ANM will be providing these storybook Bibles printed in the Chinese language, with illustrations that will appeal to every reader. They will be produced in an area from which they can be shipped to the pastors for little cost. The pastors will then take them to villages and remote areas of China. Children, their parents, and grandparents can then read a storybook version of God’s Word together–and, maybe for the first time, understand how much God loves them!


  • The stories are faithfully adapted and beautifully illustrated by Chinese Christians.
  • Chinese pastors and house church leaders will deliver the Bibles, giving them a great opportunity to share the Gospel in person and start relationships with families.
  • Chinese church leaders say that every Bible will reach at least seven people: the child who receives it, their parents, and their grandparents.

How you can help

For only $4, you can send a Bible to a Chinese family! That is a fantastic return for your missions/donations dollar. Imagine how many hands a book can pass through. As ANM shared above, each Bible is expected to reach at least 7 people. Who knows, beyond that? A book can travel through many, many hands before its life is over!

If you’d like to participate, simply click on the link below. That will take you to the donation page for ANM’s children’s Bibles for China. I encourage you to check out this lovely opportunity! $4 is less than you’d pay for a kid’s meal at most fast food restaurants. Yet here, $4 can make a lasting and eternal impact!

$4 for ANM Children’s Storybook Bibles to China

Learn more about ANM here

You can also visit the ANM home page link to discover more about this ministry and not-for-profit. (Do check out their ministry donations/financials info. It’s impressive!)

ANM home page

Thank you for reading! –Wren

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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