From the creator of VeggieTales: the “Minno Laugh & Grow Bible for Kids” – plus get 2 mos. of Minno Kids streaming service when you buy! (ends 4/30/22)

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My family has ALWAYS been a fan of VeggieTales! And now, FrontGate Media has introduced us to Phil Vischer’s newest creations: the Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids and the Minno Kids streaming service. If you picture both of these as being awesome, hilarious, and amazing, you’d be right. And if you purchase this Bible for your kiddos (via the link below) by April 30, 2022, you’ll receive a free 2 months’ subscription to Minno Kids! Let me tell you more!

About the Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids by Phil Vischer

I’ve had a lot of beloved Bibles for kids over the years. But I think Phil Vischer’s newest one is my favorite! It is a story Bible; in fact, it’s subtitled “The Gospel in 52 Five-Minute Bible Stories.” It’s written in classic Vischer style (subtle humor for kids that is simultaneously hilarious for adults) which also plainly sets out the truths of the Bible in clear, understandable language. The artwork is colorfully-drawn (and beautiful) cartoons.

Best of all, Vischer takes the Bible and, in 52 short yet pithy stories, tells kids the overall focus and content of God’s Word; from Genesis to Revelation. Each story ends with verses, conversation topics, and prayers for families. The stories include:

  • The Garden of Eden, creation, and the Fall–and Noah
  • Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph
  • Moses, the Children of Israel, their deliverance from Egypt and their 40-year wandering
  • Kings of Israel
  • Prophets of Israel
  • and then, of course, the Messiah! The annunciation, Jesus’ birth, and His temptation
  • the disciples and Jesus’ ministry, concluding in His crucifixion, death, and resurrection
  • Paul, the epistles, and even Revelation

There are also excellent infographics that cover the fruit of the Spirit, the generations from Adam to Jesus, the travels of the Israelites, important women of the Bible, and more. These are both fun and fascinating, and help even more to unlock for readers the scope and content of the Bible. It’s geared for ages 4-8, but I guarantee everyone in your family will love it!

About Minno Kids

We’re all rather used to streaming services these days, aren’t we? But I know that, with those streaming services, comes the very vivid understanding for parents that much content is not at all appropriate for children. Minno Kids is here to change all that! Virtually all the content is kid-friendly and either faith-encouraging or neutral in content, and organized for preschoolers, elementary kids, and tweens. On Minno Kids, you’ll find:

  • BibleMan, VeggieTales, the Buck Denver shows, and 3-2-1 Penguins!
  • Bethel Music’s “Come Alive” Dance Tutorials and eKidz Worship, plus lots of other kid-friendly worship
  • Minno Church at Home
  • “The Finders,” a sort of “The Librarians” kind of show for preteens
  • Bible stories and Devotionals
  • Specially-curated collections for Easter, Good Friday, and Palm Sunday
  • and more!

It is truly family-friendly and -focused. There is so much to love! Check out the service by clicking on this Go Minno link.

My thoughts and opinions about the Minno products

Fun fact: the word “Minno” comes from the Greek word which means “to abide.” Minno has connected that meaning to the Bible verse John 15:4, where Jesus says, “Abide in Me and I will abide in you.” So their products, the Minno Kids streaming service and the Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids, are designed to help kids and family connect to God. Pretty awesome company goal, right?

So first, my thoughts on the Bible. This is a product I’d happily recommend to all my friends or family who are looking for an excellent and winsome story Bible. I love the Genesis-to-Revelation content and explanation. When I was a new (and quite young) Christian, I understood very little about the Bible. I knew Bible verses I’d memorized at camp. But I didn’t know that God’s love story for humans began at creation, unfolded through the Old and New Testaments, (predicting and introducing us to the Messiah, Jesus) and ended victoriously at Revelation. What an incredible resource for kids and family this is! It is fun (sometimes hilarious) to read. Yet it’s full of Bible truths and will teach children (or even parents!) the story of the entire Bible. It is truly wonderful.

And I also highly recommend Minno Kids. Prices are quite reasonable ($6.99 monthly, $69.99 annually). And, there is a ton of content (120 shows of great variety, plus 50+ episodes of VeggieTales) that’s continually being added to. Shows are downloadable or streamable, and can be watched on phones, tablets, and computers. And it also includes articles and podcasts for parents, as well as devotionals. I loved (of course) the VeggieTales content. I loved the variety of video content for kids. And, I was moved and blessed by the worship content, curated especially for kids! Perhaps that was especially meaningful after Covid restricted our opportunities to worship together in congregations. But how wonderful to remind everyone that worship can also occur at home.

Overall, the best things about the Minno Bible and Go Minno are the hope and joy they provide. Viewers and readers will feel and believe those themselves. God is a God of hope; and His plan for us is amazing and happening every day!

And, Minno has a special offer for you!

Through April 30, 2022, Minno is giving a free 2-month subscription to Minno Kids Streaming Service for anyone who purchases the Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids through the link below. The Bible includes a coupon with a special code families can use to start this subscription.

Purchase Minno Laugh and Grow Bible for Kids here!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I received a copy of these products from the authors. All opinions are honest and my own.

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