Lynette Eason’s “Crossfire” ~ a Revell Reads Review

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Revell Reads sent me a copy of the newest Lynette Eason book in the “Extreme Measures” series: Crossfire. If you’re a fan of strong female characters and suspense reads, you will want to check out this book!

About Crossfire

The FBI. SWAT teams. Hostage situations. And the approaching 15th anniversary of a terrible event from Julianna’s past; one that still gives her nightmares.

She’s able to sort of bury the memories all the rest of the time. But in the days approaching the anniversary of the school shooting when she was a student, the memories refuse to be buried.

Julianna is a top-notch FBI special agent and negotiator. In fact, she hasn’t lost a hostage yet. But she’s about to be involved in negotiating for hostages in a cascade series of crimes. First, in a courtroom where not only the judge but the jury and some marshals are taken captive. While she’s working that assignment, she meets Clay Fox, whose sister is one of the hostages. Clay is a former army sniper, and while he’s exceptionally competent at his job as a school resource officer, he’s got pain and secrets of his own.

But when Clay sees Julianna in action, he is a bit…smitten. Slowly they become friends. And coincidentally, Julianna’s sister Dottie is a student at Clay’s high school.

But the cascade of hostage situations is beginning. There are some terrible ones. And the perpetrator is asking for Julianna as a negotiator by name. He, or she, is escalating. And those that Julianna loves the most might become the next targets.

My thoughts


Once again, Lynette Eason has crafted a highly readable thriller with appealing and even vulnerable (at times) characters. She unfolds Julianna’s story in a fascinating way, even as a sweet romance might be developing between the special agent and Clay. They do have a lot in common, after all, beginning with their careers. They also have unhealed pain from the past that suddenly impacts their present.

I enjoyed seeing Julianna’s work as a hostage negotiator. (Not that I’d ever want to see that in person!) She is measured and effective, and readers will totally root for her. Eason also illustrates that dealing with past pain (or not dealing with it) really does impact the current day.

Crossfire is a great read. You will love it if you’re a fan of suspense thrillers with a bit of clean romance and a lot of mystery; intersecting with faith. I recommend it!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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