Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible for kids: a review

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Have you ever had a book that combined all the best assets of a print publication with the excitement of video? I didn’t think it could happen, either–but with Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible, it has! FrontGate Media provided a copy of this amazing story Bible for kids and families for me, and I’m delighted to share its features (and coolness!) with you as well. Plus, you can enter to win this neat Bible too!

About the Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible

ABOUT THE BIBLE, from the publisher

With a proven track record of over 6 million copies sold, Egermeier’s Bible Storybook has been a favorite for generations.

The Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible now brings the Bible to life with new colorful illustrations and an entire series of quick-sketching videos that tell the stories as they magically appear on the screen.

Readers now have the choice to read the stories or to watch them being drawn before their very eyes!

Children of all ages may read the stories or watch them being drawn before their very eyes!   312 stories feature animation-style illustrations, scannable QR codes, Scripture references, and discussions questions – all designed to help kids understand how God’s word fits together and how the stories point to a relationship with Jesus!

Suitable for kids ages 8 and up! This hardcover, easy-to-read format is 660 pages and is makes the perfect gift!

My thoughts about this Bible

What a wonderful, engaging story Bible for little ones and families! The Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible is arranged chronologically, so that children can learn via story the big picture of God’s interactions with humans, and the ways He spoke about the coming Messiah, Jesus, all throughout the Old Testament and all the way through the New, when He arrives on earth as a baby, and grows into the adult Jesus; with His ministry, death on the cross, and resurrection. This Bible then continues through Acts and the Epistles, through Revelation. At the end, there’s an exceptional reference section which includes:

  • How We Got Our Bible
  • Explanation of the books of the Bible, what they contain, and their literature categories
  • Interesting Facts About the Bible (fun factoids)
  • Great Prayers of the Bible
  • Our Lord’s Parables
  • Wonderfully-drawn maps with Old Testament-time Israel, the Temple at Jerusalem, Jerusalem itself during Jesus’s days, the Holy Land in New Testament Times (current-day as well), and Paul’s missionary journeys

Although this Bible is designed for children ages 8 and older, I think it would also be a wonderful one for parents or grandparents to use with smaller children for reading aloud–and for using the QR codes! When parents scan the QR codes with their cell phones, a voice narrates the written story on the page with the QR code. Then, line drawings appear first in black and cream. Then, the drawings are colored in as the story is told. It’s as if the viewer is in an artist’s studio, watching the drawings be created and then colored in, all as they illustrate the Bible stories. (There are additional illustrations included in the QRs that aren’t in the print book, but that further illustrate the Bible stories. Not every Bible story has a QR code, but many do.) Each story also includes the Scripture references (addresses) that it comes from, with questions for parents to ask their children after reading.

The language is simple and clear, yet still reverent; easy for children to follow and understand.

And my impressions? I love this! I think often of the Bibles that were available to me when I was a child, at the time of my own salvation when I began to try to read the Bible on my own. I had a copy of the King James Bible, and one of the Living Bible. What a wonderful friend this Bible would have been to me! The story format is wonderful and engaging. I love that each Bible story has its originating Scripture references, and that the Bible stories are laid out in chronological order. How amazing and equipping this will be for each child that reads it (or who’s read to)!

The QR codes will also allow this Bible to engage children in this world that we all live in; where the Bible becomes to children the Living Book that it is, with animation, audio, and video proclaiming the Word. It’s rich, beautiful, captivating, and enjoyable. It will provide even more ways for God’s Word to be taken into little hearts; and enjoyed by the whole family. It is marvelous!

A fun short video about the Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible

You can watch a fun short video about the Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible at this link, to see all the amazing features I’ve told you about, and more!

Where you can purchase the Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible–plus a code!

You can purchase the Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible from Warner Press at the buy link below. Also, if you use the discount code BLOG30 during the months of November 2022 and December 2022, you’ll receive 30% off the purchase price!

Buy link for Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible

And! Enter this giveaway to win the Egermeier’s Interactive Story Bible

You can enter a giveaway to win your own copy of this cool Bible from Blessed Freebies! Just click on the link below that says, “Enter here!” That will take you to the Blessed Freebies website. Just follow the directions there to enter the giveaway. Giveaway closes on 12/27/22. Winner will be selected and notified on 12/28/22. US entrants only; must be 18 or older.

Enter here!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions shared here are my own.

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