“Targeted” ~ a new 3-in-1 book review

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Recently, I had the opportunity to read 3 novellas by 3 of my favorite writers of romantic suspense–all in one book! The book is Targeted, by Lynette Eason, Lynn H. Blackburn, and Natalie Walters. I received a copy of this marvelous read from Revell. Let me tell you my impressions!

About Targeted

In this fantastic collection of romantic suspense thrillers, all in novella form, readers meet 3 strong women who are suddenly, and unexpected, the target of nefarious plots. And three fantastic men come alongside them to help…and get more than they bargained for!

  • In Lynette Eason’s On the Run, FBI agent Daria Nevsky comes home before a trip to find her front door opened…and a would-be kidnapper ready to take her against her will. Where, she doesn’t know; and a wound from a knife fight sends her to the hospital, where she meets Dr. Ryker Donahue. He’s willing to go the extra mile to help her (despite her clearly-qualified abilities and strength). But the two have more danger ahead of them, and to survive, will they need to go it alone?
  • Lynn H. Blackburn’s Deadly Objective introduces readers to physical therapist Emily Dixon. She has been working with the U.S. Vice President’s son, Mason, after an injury sidelined him from golf. The Secret Service agent, Liam Harper, who’s assigned to Mason is one of the few who can deal with the teen’s moods and disrespect. But when an attack begins against the Vice President’s residence, the agents whisk Mason, Emily, and the Vice President’s family and staff to a safe house. But they don’t know who masterminded the attack, or if there’s another one ahead.
  • Caught in the Crosshairs, by Natalie Walters, rounds out the trio with CIA officer Claudia Gallegos. Her efforts overseas in another operation connect her to a Saudi prince who reaches out to her for help. When she arrives, however, she’s too late. And former Army PSYOPS officer Ari Blackman (rumored to be the James Bond of the CIA) has the job of debriefing Claudia. (That doesn’t go well.) But Ari might just have the means to save her life, a little later.

My thoughts about Targeted

I was thrilled to read Targeted–and actually couldn’t put it down once I began reading it! The three stories about three amazing, courageous women–women whom you’d love to be friends with in real life–mix perfectly together to provide readers with a novel-length read.

Although Daria, Emily, and Claudia don’t actually meet each other in the books, they’re all living and working around the same Washington circles: the Secret Service, the FBI, and the CIA. And, they’re quite different, but all appealing in their own ways. Daria (from On the Run) has a horrible family history that still affects choices she makes in the present. Emily (of Deadly Objective) is wary of a romance with any Secret Service agent, because she’s observed that these exceptional people are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to protect those they serve–and while she admires that fully she doesn’t want the personal risk of falling in love with one of them. And Claudia (Caught in the Crosshairs) has spent her life proving she doesn’t have to do what her mother wants her to do with her life. And she certainly doesn’t trust the so-called playboy who uses his charm and good looks to discover secret information. (Of course, that info saves lives–but Claudia is irritated by that skill and its effect on other women.)

Each of these women is so relatable (yes, even if you’re not an agent yourself, as I am not!). I loved each protagonist. And the men were equally as awesome, in all their different ways. And the suspense! Just fantastic, dangerous, unexpected events in each book target the duos. You will hope for the best, for each of them–both in relationship and in getting out of danger alive!

If you’re fans of each of these authors’ books, you’ll appreciate their characters from their previous works that get woven in here and there. Fun! This book, both in part and in total, is a wonderful read. Pick it up over your holidays if you’ve got some reading time ahead!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from Revell Reads. All opinions expressed here are my own honest thoughts.

2 thoughts on ““Targeted” ~ a new 3-in-1 book review

    • Thank you sweet Cindy! You will love it and I think it’s the perfect thing for holiday reading, with three shorter books in one. If you have to get up to do something, it’s easy to pick right back up. Blessings!

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