“Burn the Dawn” by Lisa Phillips: Book 2 in the Brand of Justice series (a review)

My friends! Do you love suspense? Do you love strong female characters that you can sympathize and root for? (And do you mind being scared just a little here and there?)

I have just the book for you then! Author Lisa Phillips provided a copy of Burn the Dawn for me. It’s the second of her books in the Brand of Justice books (the first one is Cold Dead Night, and that’s how I discovered Lisa and her fantastic protagonist Kenna!). Let me tell you more!

About the book

Kenna is still alone. But she prefers it that way. (Except for her AWESOME dog, Cabot.) Just as she did in her younger years with her famous author (and investigator) father, she travels the U.S., although she’s traded in her RV for a van that’s big enough to contain a kitchenette, mini-bathroom, and sleeping area. Just perfect for the two of them.

After her time with the FBI ended, Kenna was licensed as a private investigator. And she goes where others desperately need her help. Now, she’s in northern California. Where, in one small region, three young women have gone missing. One by one. Only to reappear, injured, dazed, and forgetful about what has happened to them. And no one knows who’s behind the abductions.

And now there’s another young woman missing.

My thoughts

Keenly observant. Slow to trust. Yet fierce and strong (her hand-to-hand combat skills!), especially when it comes to protecting vulnerable women and children.

Burn the Night begins with a search-and-rescue mission. Just outside of town, the pine forest begins, and a group of volunteers, including Kenna and Cabot, has gathered to receive last-minute instructions from the mission commander. But the two have noticed one man in particular. Perhaps it’s a gut feeling? But if both the dog AND the human have noticed him…

Let me tell you, you will NOT be able to put the book down from there. (And that’s just a few pages in!) It is gripping. Heartbreaking. And yet so encouraging to watch Kenna courageously, passionately, and fearlessly seek out the lost and target the criminals. It turns out that these abductions are not just the crimes of a single perpetrator. There is more than one person targeting these young women. And it’s not obvious who is on the side of the angels…and who isn’t.

In addition, Kenna discovers that her father just might have had connections in this town. But are they people that she can trust? And did they really know her dad, or are they just dropping names in order to gain Kenna’s loyalty?

I honestly could not predict what Kenna and Cabot were going to face next. She is so incredibly skilled as an investigator, even as she keeps her heart protected. But she’s going to need help from others in order to solve these crimes. Because the perpetrator has no qualms about killing those in the way, or those who aren’t of use anymore. (Or who’ve betrayed the organization.) She’s going to face killers. Kidnappers. The worst of criminals. Will she have to do it alone…or will she have allies? Besides her very, very good dog, Cabot.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough to you. Lisa Phillips is the most incredible storyteller–and Kenna is a fantastic protagonist. (I fell in love with her in Cold Dead Night, and I am ALWAYS going to be on the lookout for a new book about her!) If you love thrillers and, like Kenna, have a heart for the downtrodden and cruelly-used, you are going to love Burn the Dawn. You won’t be able to turn the pages quickly enough!

Visit the author, Lisa Phillips here

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Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author. All opinions expressed here are my own honest ones.

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