Kids Faith Krate ~ fun, faith, and family togetherness in a box! (a review)

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Recently, FrontGate Media and the Kids Faith Krate ladies sent me a wonderful subscription box that’s perfect for families with little ones! While I love subscription boxes already, I found this one to be unique, well-designed, and something that families will love. Let me tell you more!

What is Kids Faith Krate?

Kids Faith Krate is a monthly subscription box program that’s designed for families to enjoy with their children aged 4-10. Imagined and created by founder Lynsey, who is a former teacher herself, each box contains 4 weeks’ worth of activities (one per week) for parents and children to enjoy together; and learn about God as they do so.

Lynsey understood that parents may not always know how to teach children about God, faith, and the particulars of Christian discipleship. She developed Kids Faith Krate as a means for families to experience God and the Bible together, with Bible readings, Q&As, and a wonderful variety of activities designed to help children learn the life of faith.

Each month, the Kids Faith Krate boxes include (the photo above is an example of what a Kids Faith Krate can include):

  • Four weekly fun and interesting Bible lessons for parents and kids to do together
  • Four crafts which go along with each week’s lessons
  • A new stamp for kids to add to their Kids Faith Krate Stamp Collection as they complete Bible verse memorization

The subscription boxes are designed to contain activities for 1-3 children (if you have additional kids, you can add them to your subscription for just a slightly higher price).

Each month, the contents of the subscription box will have a different theme connected to faith and discipleship. They are Bible-based but not connected to any particular denomination.

My thoughts

Did you ever love attending Vacation Bible School as a child yourself? Kids Faith Krate reminded me of the best and most beautiful aspects of that–except that here, you get the joy of doing the discipleship activities with your own child, instead of someone else getting to do them!

The Bible teachings are fantastic. Although there is a main verse that connects each week’s activities, the Bible lessons cover specific stories in the Bible, or here, as in the last week, some of its instructive verses. The accompanying booklet is like a lesson plan for the whole month as well as for each week. The first page of the booklet provides an instruction manual (even though it’s only two pages long) that tells the parent how to use the Bible lessons and the activities. Most important, it encourages families to read the Bible together, talk about God’s Word, and to pray together. What wonderful habits for us to develop!

I loved the variety of the activities too. The box I received contained: a cooking activity (with a cool craft that all ages will love doing); a coloring and sort of “mystery” activity that will bring to life one of Jesus’s miracles; a blanket craft for little hands to tie together; and a stickers-and-cardboard ornament. Each of these is something that parents can do with the children or that kids can do on their own. (A parent will need to provide ingredients for the cooking activity, but they’re all items that can be found already in most pantries.) Other than that, everything is included in the box. (You’ll need your own Bibles, however!)

I absolutely loved the Kids Faith Krate that we received. The activities, the Bible lessons, and the conversation and prayer ideas were wonderful and so encouraging. Even if parents wouldn’t consider themselves to be Bible teachers, the box’s contents and plan will enable anyone to follow these faith-building activities. And, to thoroughly enjoy them with their children!

How to subscribe to Kids Faith Krate

You can purchase a subscription and learn more about this wonderful company by clicking on this link:

Kids Faith Krate

Kids Faith Krate offers a variety of plans (monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly) that are great for families. And, Kids Faith Krate has a special offer for you…below!

Here’s a coupon for $10 off your first box!

You can receive $10 off your first Kids Faith Krate box! Just use the code campinabox when you purchase your subscription.

Thanks for letting me share with you about this lovely, faith- and fun-building subscription service. What fun for families!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a Kids Faith Krate subscription box from FrontGate Media. All opinions expressed here are my own honest ones.

Motivated Moms–the best home organization app and program (plus sale, thru 1/9/21!)


Are you a natural home organizer and keeper? Or are you like me, someone who struggles with staying on top of all the chores that needed to be completed to keep a home orderly and beautiful?

I can happily tell you the tool which enables me to do this! Motivated Moms is a home organization tool that’s available in both app form (iOS) and print form. It is simply the best home and chore organization and schedule program I have ever used. It’s readily available to be used by all members of the family. Best yet, it’s on sale now through January 9, 2021, at Motivated Moms!


How Motivated Moms works

Motivated Moms has an incredible set of printables with a calendared plan for EACH DAY OF THE YEAR with chores and home keeping tasks. These are also available in the iOS app, if you’re someone who works better with a digital calendar. I am a paper to-do list person myself, so I take advantage of the printables. When you purchase your membership, you have access to 38 different types of printables in a variety of formats (in your choice of b&w or color), such as:

  • Full Size Color Tasks List
  • Half Size Black and White Tasks List
  • Menu Planners
  • Appointments List
  • Clean My House Tasks List
  • Tasks List/Daily Appointments/Planner pages

There really is something for everyone, and these are fantastic for families and individuals alike.

There is also a fantastic “Getting Started Guide” to use so that you don’t get overwhelmed starting out on this new plan. Ideally, the Motivated Moms lists enable users to begin to build habits of homekeeping over time so that, in the end, homes become peaceful, orderly, and clean. The whole family can join in as well, and these sheets are fantastic for teaching children how to do home chores.

Once you purchase your membership, you select which type of printables you’d like to work with. (You can view them before you download.) Next, you’ll save it to your computer. Then, print! If you’re just starting out, I recommend the “Getting Started Guide” so that you can begin your home keeping journey in an easy and stress-free manner. Once you’ve got a few of the tasks mastered, you can add more each week. As you do so, you’ll be building your home keeping routine (for yourself or your family). It truly is the easiest home keeping plan I’ve ever used. We love it!



My favorite Motivated Moms pages

I love using the Full Size Color pages which start on Sunday. They contain a daily list with check-off boxes on the left side of the page (in portrait format) and then, lists of tasks to complete on each day of the week, from Sunday to Saturday. I’ve used these for some time and they just fit with the way I see and organize tasks the best. They’re easy to print out and save in a binder or folder. I prefer to keep a stack of the pages (6-8 weeks’ worth) on a clipboard. Then I leave the clipboard out in a high-traffic area of our home, and we can view and select chores to do at different times of the day.

The “Daily Chores” section on the side never changes. But the chores rotate through on the right-hand, weekly side of the list. You’ll begin to recognize the difference between chores. For example, you won’t need to change your furnace filters weekly, so that won’t be on the list regularly. Other chores that you need to do monthly or quarterly will show up during those times, such as cleaning various shelves of the refrigerator or vacuuming the baseboards. Others, that you’ll do more regularly, will show up weekly.


How to purchase and what you’ll save now during the January Motivated Moms sale!

Normally, a year’s subscription to Motivated Moms is $19.99. This gives you access to 38 different types of cleaning/home care/appointment pages with a calendar year’s worth of weekly and daily plans!

During this sale, however, the code 5CLEAN will take $5 off your membership costs, making your subscription only $14.99. It is an incredible deal.

If you’re an Apple user and think you’d prefer the iOS version, click on Motivated Moms app, for the discounted digital version of this wonderful tool. You can use the same code, 5CLEAN, for the discount, but you’ll have to use it via this link for the discount rather than through the App Store.

Click over to Motivated Moms and check out this sale. Remember, it ends on January 9, 2021. I love my Motivated Moms home planner, and I truly believe you will as well!

Motivated Moms is also offering a freebie in 2021. When you sign up for Motivated Moms Free, you can get a different version of the Motivated Moms planner free! Now you can get the January and February planners free by clicking on Motivated Moms Free. Cool way to see all the amazing tools and tips I’ve been telling you about!


Enjoy! –Wren



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I’m Guest Posting Today at Homeschooling Help!

Hello, friends!



I am guest posting today over at Homeschooling Help, Bridgeway Academy’s fantastic blog that is full of wonderful articles for the homeschooling family.  My post is entitled “7 Ways My Son Benefited From Bridgeway Academy’s Live Online Class,” and in it I share some amazing benefits that Jackson received from taking his high school biology course with Bridgeway Academy.

Just click on the link title to hop over to the blog post.

And, you’ll find an added bonus at the end of my guest post there.  Bridgeway Academy is offering 10% off their online courses with the code you’ll find tucked in at the end of the article!

Enjoy!  –Wren