Best Kid Bible Ever ~ Zonderkidz’ FAITH BUILDERS BIBLE

What if you could combine Bible reading with your child’s favorite building toy?

Faith Builders Bible banner

Then you would have Zonderkidz‘ awesome new Bible for brick-building kiddos, the Faith Builders Bible!  We were ever so fortunate to receive and review a copy of this outstanding Bible for Jackson to use.  And we have just loved it!


Zondervan Logo_zpsaxmkrrcjWhat is the Faith Builders Bible?

The Faith Builders Bible was created especially for children (or really, Lego lovers of ANY age) by  Zonderkidz, the children’s publishing section of Zondervan.  It is a complete Bible in the New International Reader’s Version, which lends itself very well to children who read on their own, or for parents reading the Bible to their children.  The language is very accessible to younger readers, or those in elementary or middle school.  But this Bible also has some very special features that will delight brick fans of all ages!

The Bible itself is an 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ hardback book with a laminated cover.  It’s just over an inch in thickness and is very sturdy.  The pages (except for the color photos interspersed throughout the Bible) are tissue-thin, as you’ll often find in Bibles.


Faith Builders 1What will you find in this Bible?

The Faith Builders Bible contains the following:

  • Table of Contents
  • an Alphabetical Order of the Books of the Bible list, complete with page numbers
  • A Word About the New International Reader’s Version
  • All 66 books of the Bible
  • DictionaryFaith Builders Bible 01_samptxt_zpse6j85o3u
  • a listing of “Great Bible Stories” and their page numbers in this Bible
  • Bright, glossy pictures of astounding creative brick builds of crucial Bible scenes
  • “Building Block” verses and building ideas
  • The ABCs of Salvation, The Lord’s Prayer, the Fruit of the Spirit and more


Faith Builders pic 3How we used the Faith Builders Bible

We like to include Bible reading as part of our homeschool day, and as part of our lives overall in general.  Jackson used the Faith Builders Bible for his daily Bible reading.  I assign him a chapter or two for his devotional reading, which we like to do at the beginning of our homeschool day.  We’ve also used it for Bible read-alouds for a Bible study we’re currently doing on parts of the New Testament.

I like to vary Bible versions for my own Bible reading, because for me sometimes a different wording of a familiar verse can bring fresh meaning or vision. The NIrV has blessed us with that as well.  It’s very understandable to a child’s ear, and it works well whether it’s read aloud or just to oneself.  We’ve particularly enjoyed it as we have studied the beginning of the book of Luke.  Words we’re familiar with about Zechariah, Elizabeth, Gabriel and John have read beautifully aloud and have sounded fresh and vibrant.

Faith Builders Bible 03_samptxt_zps6uee1la1And…Jackson and I have sat together and looked at the pictures of Bible scenes built via Lego bricks.  They are truly spectacular; you can tell that whoever composed and created these builds must be thoroughly familiar with, and a lover of, both Lego bricks and the Word of God.  The pictures are just incredible, and each one includes a short description of the Bible scenes being depicted.

We also built the Lego display of the stacked books of the Bible, arranged by categories (i.e., history, prophecy, gospels, epistles, etc.).  It really gave us a vivid illustration of all that our Bible is comprised of, and can offer!  This inspiration to see brick-built Bible scenes will not only bless and encourage your children, and maybe even teach them.  It’s also very likely to inspire them to build their own faith-related brick creations!

And, our favorite parts of this Bible?  Jackson’s favorite brick page was probably the building of the tabernacle.  It’s pretty spectacular, and enables the viewer to finally SEE what that ancient prescribed place of worship could have looked like.  My favorite was Samson at the temple.  It is just majestic, and the moment is just before Samson’s strength returns and it all comes crashing down.  Like these, all the Lego builds are beautifully done and communicate much more than just the coolness of Lego.  They remind us as well of the great truths of the Christian faith and of Jesus and all those who have gone before us.



Faith Builders Bible 01_samptxt_zpse6j85o3uWhat we thought about it

I have to admit that when we received this Bible, Jackson and I were both seriously overjoyed!  (There even might have been some jumping up and down.)  It is REALLY a delight.  And joy and delight truly are the right words to describe how we felt about it!

Picking up the Bible in our family is something we regularly do.  And Jackson does have a Bible of his own, that he used before we received Faith Builders Bible.  But the combination of two of his favorite things–brick-built creations and the Word of God–added up to a book he was eager to use every day.  There weren’t many days when we didn’t pick it up and say words to the effect of, “This is SO cool!” or “I can’t believe this build of (fill in the blank).”  The pictures of the Lego builds of Bible scenes are incredible.  We like that familiar Bible stories are listed at the back along with page numbers, so if my son wants to read about the feeding of the 5000, for example, he can check that list, find the correct page(s), and go right to the account.  This is something that I believe will help all children!

I do want to share that the pages themselves are very thin, yet not quite as delicate as one might expect.  The font size is small yet is almost bolded, so that the words are pretty easy to read (even for adults!).



Faith Builders pic 4Our recommendations

We definitely, definitely recommend  for your children!  The pictures and Lego builds are spectacular.  Any child who loves building with bricks is going to adore this.  And best yet—maybe the photos and building tips they’ll find in Faith Builders Bible will encourage them to read more of the Bible!

You can find Zonderkidz‘ wonderful kids’ Bible at Faith Builders Bible.  Be sure to check it out!  I’m sure that your own favorite Lego-loving child must have a birthday or other celebration coming up!


Enjoy!!  –Wren


Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}Crew Disclaimer

LEGO Ultra Agents App Review!

Hi guys. Jackson here! This is a review of the new LEGO Ultra Agents app!

June2014 327

It is a pretty good app. It is available on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and Samsung Apps.  When you first start, you get to pick a name for your agent minifig. However, you can only pick specific names (I was happy to find that Wilson is one of the names in it!). There are six missions, one for each set. Each mission has the first half of comic, a minigame, and then the second half of the comic. Please note that it is a little darker than LEGO normally gets because:

  • It is violent. At the end of most of the minigames* (the Swap-Lane ones) you must shoot the villain with your blaster.
  • LEGO used the term “suck” in the Hurricane Heist comic, which they had never used before.

Now, it is a pretty good app, in spite of these things. It does have some very funny lines and scenes in it. There is the funniest line that Tremor says, especially since he has, like, A TON of metal on his body! I would, however, advise some parental guidance with this app. I would recommend that you preview the app before you let your child use it. I would warn you about one thing that is not dark or violent at all. In the Hurricane Heist comic, your child may get annoyed at the fact that there are about 15 puns related to wind including “suck,” “my head is spinning,” and “the twist at the end.” The minifigures are dressed well and modestly (except for one character, which is one reason that I would not recommend Mission 4). There is some mildly scary content in missions 3 and 6, so I don’t recommend those for kids under the age of 8.


The Minigames: Recommendations, Guidance and Glitches

In the minigames, I have only encountered one glitch on the games for missions 4 and 6, and that is, sometimes if you press the wrong arrow button, after that, even if you press the right one, it counts it as the wrong one.

*I mentioned the violent content of the games earlier in the post.

In the parental guidance department, only the mission 3 game is the only one I would not recommend, because of mildly scary content.


So there you go. Oh, and by the way, I forgot to mention that it is free, but be warned, it takes up a lot of data space.


Enjoy, and God Bless!


The Wilson Show: Episode 1

Hi! Jackson Here!

This is the debut of…THE WILSON SHOW!! This new series depicts Wilson’s life and what he does in it. This is just something I threw together a while back, but I knew it would make a good series start. PLEASE NOTE: the episodes are just clips. It takes a while to film things like this so that they actually look like they’re moving.

Click on the link below!

Enjoy! -Jackson

Episode 1: “Wilson goes Bowling”

Wilson bowling

The LEGO Movie SigFig Creator!!

Hi.  It’s me, Jackson.

Look, Wilson is on a movie poster-for THE LEGO MOVIE!!!!

thelegomovie-WilsonposterOk, so it’s not an “official” poster, but it’s MY official poster!  Wilson does not appear in The LEGO Movie, but I still put him on a poster for it!  YAY!  And I did it for free.  That’s right, FREE.  Here’s the link to where I made it.

On this site, you can create your SigFig image, poster, wallpaper, cover or icon.  However the SigFig creator is only a part of The LEGO Movie site.  This site includes a game, downloads, the trailer and more.  (and more games are coming soon!)

Enjoy! -Jackson

Series 11 Complete!


Hi, it’s me, Jackson.

I completed Lego Minifigures Series 11!  Over the course of a month and a few days, it was very fun to get all of them.  This is the first series in Lego Minifigures I have completed so far.

I felt through a ton of packages at different stores to get all 16.  They are in what are called “blind bags,” meaning that you can’t see from the outside what is inside the bag.  But you can sometimes figure it out!




Hi.  It’s me, Jackson.

I’ve been working on a top-secret project for the last few weeks…

LEGO League of Awesomeness!  It is a custom theme.  I’ve even made a custom set for it.  You’ll see that in a few weeks.  Today: TK-741!

2013_0918_162457AAThis is TK-741.

When half of his body was scarred by lightning, he needed to be rebuilt as a cyborg.

Sorry about my absence on the blog, I was busy.

Next week:  The reveal of Wilson’s superhero identity!

Enjoy! -Jackson