Andrea Bocelli’s “The Journey” film review (and giveaway, ends 4/10/23)

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Sweet friends, I have the most lovely film to tell you about today–and to encourage you to see this week, Holy Week, in theaters! It’s called “The Journey: A Music Special from Andrea Bocelli,” and it provided one of the most beautiful times I’ve ever spent in a movie. Keep reading for more about this wonderful film. (Also, there’s a $10 Amazon gift card giveaway that you can enter.)

About his experience, from Andrea Bocelli:

“We journeyed by horse for over 300 kilometers along a path that was not always easy to travel, but absolutely beautiful, made of meadows and forests; sacred places filled with lasting testimonies of faith, full of art of incredible beauty, and views in front of which one can’t but ponder about creation and the miraculous work of our Heavenly Father.”

About “The Journey”

Oh my. What an experience.

This film is the most gorgeous interweaving of faith, song, gifting, and calling–combined with amazing landscape and meaningful word and conversation. Andrea Bocelli has combined his own incredible and mellifluous (really!) tenor with his friends’ musical talents–friends including Tauryn Wells, Tori Kelly, Michael W. Smith, TAYA, and many more, to create a film which takes viewers away to a quiet, worshipful place. The star and his musical guests travel by horseback throughout a special, pilgrimage road in Italy, and speak about God, relationships, worship–and share not only their music with us, but breathtaking Italy.

My thoughts about “The Journey”

Oh, precious ones!

Do anything you can to see “The Journey” in theaters. It is so, so worth your time, your eyes, and your ears. (Your heart is going to be blessed, as well!)

The idea of pilgrimage is communicated throughout the film, as Andrea Bocelli, his wife Veronica, and their friends travel on horseback throughout the Via Francigena in Italy (which believers and pilgrims–even the apostles!–have traveled for thousands of years even to the current day). I’ve read from current-day pilgrims traveling by foot along one of the pilgrim roads (like the one the Bocellis took, or one of the Camino de Santiago routes) that it’s a trip that causes people to slow down. To spend time living in the moment. To connect with the Lord in a special way.

Even though we as viewers only take an hour and a half of our own time to join the Bocellis and their friends, it is a restful and meaningful film, and “The Journey” communicates so much peace and beauty to us. The musical performances take place in the open air, with stunning Italy all around, in amphitheaters, and in ancient churches. Although the film moves along at a peaceful, measured pace, it’s so beautifully constructed that you never daydream or lose your place. Instead, you are drawn into an intimate sharing of friendship, conversation, music–and blessing!

The music includes current-day songs by Tori Kelly, Tauryn Wells, and Michael W. Smith; a Leonard Cohen heartbreaker reprise; and some incredible and lovely duets by the artists along with Andrea Bocelli. One of TAYA’s worship songs (one of my faves) is performed. And there are the sweetest conversations about life, faith, and calling.

There were moments that deeply touched my heart. (I admit there were several sob-fest moments for me!) There are some sweet, precious conversations or songs that Andrea and his wife Veronica, son Matteo, and daughter Virginia have together. (There is so much love that seems to flow between them!) I especially loved Tauryn’s and TAYA’s horseback conversations with Andrea and Veronica. (And one brief one with a walking pilgrim on the road!)

In all, I think that Jesus’s words in Mark 6:31 are what is lived in this film: “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.” Dear ones, we all so desperately need that quiet place and rest with Jesus. Here’s a totally unexpected place where I believe you can find peace and rest, and music to soothe your soul. If this sounds appealing to you—click on the link below, purchase tickets (if they’re available where you live), and go enjoy beauty, worship, music, and tender conversation, all pointing to Jesus and the rest He so lovingly offers to us.

And take your hankies. You’re going to need them, especially for the film’s tender ending.

Watch the trailer for “The Journey” here!

Visit the movie website & purchase tickets here!

Check out more about “The Journey” at the film’s website here: “The Journey” website

And purchase tickets to see this film ONLY in theaters April 2-April 9, 2023 here: Purchase tickets here Dear friends, you will be so blessed by this sweet, loving, worship-filled movie. Only in theaters Palm Sunday, 2023 through Easter Sunday, 2023!

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Be blessed! –Wren


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For you this Sunday: Hillsong Worship’s “You Said”

Hello, friends!

I woke up this morning with a worship song on my mind. All I could remember of it was that it started with, “You said…” and I could remember the instrumentals only for the chorus. When I looked it up (thank you, Google!), I listened to it and oh, my heart!. This song gets me. It honestly, nearly takes me to my knees. It communicates to me so strongly God’s worth, and His desire to move in us and for us.

Here’s a little snippet:

You said, “ask and you will receive
Whatever you need”
You said, “pray and I’ll hear from heaven,
And I’ll heal your land”

Reuben Morgan, Hillsong Worship

Bless you today! –Wren

Here’s a song to encourage your heart: Josh Blakesley’s “Jesus, I Trust in You”

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Friends, I have the most lovely and encouraging song to share with you today. FrontGate Media provided Josh Blakesley’s new song for me and I have to tell you, today was the PERFECT moment for me to listen to it. It is going to go on my phone and into my regular worship song rotation. Let me tell you more!

About Josh Blakesley

Josh Blakesley believes he has a calling to make music that moves people into prayer and action. As a Christian songwriter, the question that provokes him is, “How do I create a song that will honor traditions yet speak to the modern Church and lead them to worship?”

In 2003, Josh released his first solo album, Immersed, which included “The Lord Is My Shepherd” and the popular anthem “Our God Is Good.” Immersed was followed by Waiting then FreeYou Are the Light was released to iTunes in March of 2012, debuting at #16 on the Christian and Gospel charts. Josh and his band’s latest album, Even in This, features songs co-written by Michael Farren, Mia Fieldes, Marc Byrd and Sarah Hart.

Most recently, Josh collaborated with guitar player Grae McCullough to write a new Mass setting paying homage to the hymns of the past and the culture of modern worship. This long-awaited project called Mass of Restoration is now available anywhere music can be downloaded.

Josh also recently launched a new, on-demand video worship series, The Way with speaker and author Paul George. The Way is a unique series of 10 worship night-style videos promoting introspection, thoughtful prayer and a strong relationship with Jesus Christ.

Here’s what Josh says about “Jesus, I Trust in You”

“When we say ‘Jesus, I Trust In You,’ we’re not only expressing our faith in God, we’re making ourselves vessels open to all that God has for us. The divine mercy of Jesus pours out of his heart and cleanses us from our deepest sorrows. In suffering, it can be difficult to see, and even more difficult to accept, but when we trust in Him, we are made witnesses to his compassion—his deep and unconditional love for us. ‘Jesus, I Trust In You’ is a song about God’s mercy flowing out to his people offering peace and healing for all.”

–Josh Blakesley

My thoughts

I was so moved as I watched the “Jesus, I Trust in You” music video. Josh and his fellow musicians and singers in the video create are completely in the moment as they perform; there’s no awareness of the fact that they’re being filmed. Perhaps that adds to the incredibly worshipful atmosphere of the song. They make it all about Jesus, and not about themselves.

For me, this was THE message I needed to hear in this moment in time. There is suffering all around us in this world at this moment. I’ve seen it in my own life, in the lives of those I deeply love, and in the world as a whole. I may *try* to carry the burden of suffering on my own. But God never asks me to do that! Instead, He is present. And I can put my trust in Him even when I don’t have all (or sometimes, any!) of the answers.

He loves us so dearly. And we can trust Him. What a beautiful and timely reminder.

Where you can stream “Jesus, I Trust in You”

Just click on the link below. That will take you to links for Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube, and others, where you can stream this lovely song.

Stream “Jesus, I Trust in You” here

And–here it is for you, on YouTube!

Enjoy! –Wren

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Win an autographed CD of Anne Wilson’s debut album “My Jesus” ~ review & giveaway (ends noon May 6, 2022)

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Thanks to Momentum Influencer Network and Universal, I’ve had the joy of being introduced to Anne Wilson and her incredible music recently. I’ve been given the opportunity to listen to her new album and share about it with you. And, Momentum has provided an autographed copy of Anne’s debut CD, My Jesus, which I’ll be giving away to one FINCHNWREN reader!

About Anne’s debut album, My Jesus

Anne Wilson was brought into the music business after a terrible family tragedy; when they lost her older brother Jacob to a car accident. She was a teen then and had very different expectations for what her life path would be. But God asked her to do something different. (You can listen to her video story through the link below.) Really, something remarkable. And I believe that God is going to use this young woman (she is not even 21 yet!!) to make a difference, to be a voice for Jesus and for healing. Her debut album is a witness to that.

My Jesus and Anne Wilson have accumulated so many accolades already! Anne is the first the first female solo artist debut single to reach #1 on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart. The debut single “My Jesus” was the longest #1 single on Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart of 2021 at 7 weeks. It has even achieved gold record status.

Here’s the song list from Anne’s new release My Jesus, and my thoughts about each song:

  • “Prelude (Scatter)” is a remarkable introduction to not only its subsequent song, but to the album as well. With a variety of instruments, the listener gets the sense of a thunderstorm which segues into piercing mariachi music (with strong keyboards and trumpets). These crescendo and then, head toward a firm stop. This leaves you breathlessly anticipating what comes next…
  • which is “Scatter.” This song picks up where “Prelude” leaves off. What is the idea this song communicates? It’s what the enemies of the child of God do: they scatter. It’s really a praise and proclamation song–a powerful one. Our God fights our battles for us; and when He does, we praise.
  • “My Jesus.” I don’t think they could have selected a better title for this album. This heartfelt song about suffering, pain, and the Jesus who is there with us always–Anne’s Jesus, and ours as well, if we want Him. How ready He is to meet us when we are broken, always. “My Jesus” is the anthem that every human needs to hear. And you can hear it here. It’s truly a song that can change your life.
  • And you wouldn’t think that “Devil” is a song that could follow “My Jesus.” Au contraire! This fantastic pronouncement of victory will get your blood flowing and remind you, as the song said, that Jesus “brought life to me and death to the devil!”
  • The precious “Sunday Sermons” (and don’t miss the music video!) shows the beautiful seeds that the church, the Bible, and all the words we hear in church when we are littles can produce, in bountiful fruit later on.
  • When you hear the title, “Hey Girl,” do you think of a famous meme? I did too (funny!), but Anne’s song is a word of life spoken over young women. It’s wonderful! It’s not just a reminder of what we should believe about ourselves: but why.
  • “This House” (with a lovely bridge from an old hymn) shares what our homes need to be built on to live, thrive, and stand.
  • “Mansions” is Anne’s lovely take on Jesus’s words from John 14:2. It will make you smile.
  • In “Mamas,” Hillary Scott, from Lady A, sings with Anne about the gifts mamas are. Perfect for Mother’s Day! Beautiful, happy, cheerful song and gorgeous duet. One of my favorites!
  • “No Place Like Home” is a sweet, heart-wrenching ballad to Anne’s brother; and the knowledge that, in the midst of grief, there is a perfect home out there for us.
  • “God Thing” — Miracles. Healings. Answered prayers. A sinner saved by grace. They happen!
  • “That’s What We Need” is faith and life that looks like Jesus. Love; the least of these embraced; His purpose. So wonderful; you will love this song!
  • What is it about Jesus’s name that is different from every other name on earth? “Something About That Name” is about what happens when we speak His name, in all circumstances, places, over every situation–with His unique power to save. Compelling–and powerful.
  • “Closer to God” is one of the most beautiful songs on this album to me. It showcases Anne’s voice in a wonderful way. She often sings in a lower register, but moments in this song give her voice to soar beautifully high and free. And the words! What truths for the broken, for those who feel that God is far away. He’s so close.
  • And last, there’s a reprisal of “My Jesus” but this time it’s with Crowder. I wouldn’t have expected their voices to pair well together; but this is awesome! You’ll love it. (And maybe not cry as much over this version.)

My thoughts about Anne Wilson’s remarkable debut

I was privileged to attend the Capitol Christian Music Group/Kisme livestream with Anne Wilson on April 27. I was just so struck by her story, but also her absolute gratefulness to be singing with her band and for her label, as well as to all those who co-wrote the album’s songs with her. Her spirit is so precious and refreshing, and her voice is rich and compelling. It was an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to Anne.

Her story is a one like no other I’ve heard. Out of absolute heartbreak (her beloved older brother’s unexpected death in a car accident) came the calling and life she’s walking out now. (Actually, she’d planned to be a NASA astronaut!) But her songs are written from the heart. During the livestream, she said that “the best songs are written from the deep places in your life.” How she has proved that. And how these songs will minister to you, to your children, to all those around you. (Whether they’re country-rock fans or not!) Anne’s humble, gracious story is the living out of how God can bring beauty from ashes.

I’m so pleased to be able to share about Anne and her songs and new album, and to give away this fantastic CD. It will minister to you and speak to your lonely, broken places. Don’t miss “My Jesus!”

Where you can purchase My Jesus

I wish I could give a copy of this CD to each one of you! But since I can’t (but don’t forget to enter my giveaway!), I want to let you know how and where you can purchase this CD.

You can stream and buy My Jesus here: Anne Wilson My Jesus

Watch the official music video for My Jesus here

And for more behind the scenes, you can watch Anne’s “My Story” Video here

Anne Wilson and Hillary Scott singing “Mamas”

Enter the FINCHNWREN giveaway to win an autographed My Jesus CD

The FINCHNWREN blog is giving an autographed My Jesus CD to one reader! To enter, just click on the pink “Enter here!” link below. That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form, where you’ll be able to enter to win in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes at noon on Friday, May 6, 2022. One winner will be selected to win. Best wishes!

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Enjoy! –Wren

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My favorite Anthem Lights songs–and more fun to come!

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What are your favorite Anthem Lights songs? I’ve had such a wonderful time listening to this band’s original and cover songs, and I’ve got more fun about the band to tell you about! Momentum Influencer Network and PureFlix gave me this opportunity to tell you about an upcoming series as well as share my own musical faves with you. First, let me tell you more about the band!

About Anthem Lights

Anthem Lights is an American Christian group formed in Nashville, Tennessee in 2007. The band started as a solo project for the vocalist Chad Graham. He and Alan Powell were writing music for the project when they thought the songs would be better performed by a group. They came together with vocalists Kyle Kupecky and Caleb Grimm and formed the band Yellow Cavalier releasing one self-titled EP in 2009 before changing the name to Anthem Lights. The group signed with the label Reunion Records and in 2011 released the self-titled EP Anthem Lights and the full studio album with the same name. The first track from the EP “Can’t Shut Up” reached number 42 on Billboard’s Christian Songs chart. Together the band released 7 studio albums, Anthem Lights, You Have My Heart, Escape, Hymns, Painted Skies, Hymns Vol. II, and Worship. They also released 3 EPs, 5 compilation albums, and 9 singles. The bands current members are Chad Graham on vocals, Caleb Grim on vocals, Spencer Kane on vocals, and Joey Stamper on vocals, piano, guitar, and drums.

What I love about Anthem Lights

Two things: songs I love, delivered by Anthem Lights’ perfect harmony!

Anthem Lights is known for both their original songs (I love “Live This Day” and “You Will Always Be My Son”) and their fantastic covers (“Bless the Broken Road,” “Isn’t She Lovely,” and more) and medleys. Their harmony is so beautiful and pure, and it is a delight to listen to their songs. (Especially as a former choir geek myself.) The background music is wonderful, but the purity of the vocals on each song just fills the listener with joy. The band has also sung covers of lots of my favorite Christian/worship singles and hymns (“My Jesus, I Love Thee,” “Hymns Mashup: Come Thou Fount/I Need Thee Every Hour/This is My Story”).

Anthem Lights also has a YouTube channel, where you can find all of their wonderful songs in video format. I definitely recommend that you check this out! (And when you do, don’t miss the “Easter Medley,” which features Nicole C. Mullens’ “My Redeemer Lives” among other inspiring resurrection songs.)

I’m thrilled to share some of my own favorites with you! First, “In Christ Alone.” I love how this song carries the worshipper from Jesus’s birth, life, and crucifixion, all the way to victorious resurrection.

Another of my favorite Anthem Lights songs is this “Hymns Medley.” We don’t (at least in many contemporary worship churches) get to hear a lot of hymns these days. But in this medley, the guys sing a mix of some of my own childhood favorites that still have a special place in my heart. It will make YOUR heart sing, too!

Last, I’d like to share with you this fun one: the “Friend” medley, which blends radio faves “Stand By Me,” “Lean on Me,” “Time after Time,” and more. The end result is seamless, amazing, and a wonderful listening experience.

And now, for PureFlix streaming service’s new show!

Soon (as in tomorrow, January 12, 2022!), PureFlix will be releasing their fun new animated series featuring Anthem Lights! Exclusively on PureFlix, families (including parents and kids) will be able to watch “A Show About Anthem Lights.” This fast-paced and sometimes-zany animated show is PureFlix’s own, developed to add to families’ fun times together. The show is all about the band members of Anthem Lights, as they go about their days, and features the four band members in the lead voice acting/singing roles. I’m so excited to watch this myself. And, I’ll be sharing more soon about this new project, so stay tuned!

You can find out more at

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Momentum Influencer Network and PureFlix for the opportunity to share about Anthem Lights and this upcoming animated series!

Exciting new concert tour! Chris Tomlin/UNITED Tour 2022 (plus music download code giveaway, ends 12/1/21)

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Hello friends!

As we’re gearing up (at least in the US!) for Thanksgiving, I have some wonderful news to share with you plus a giveaway, all provided by Momentum Influencer Network and Premier Productions. Chris Tomlin and Hillsong UNITED will be heading out on a 33-city concert tour, starting in early 2022! (I know, can you believe we’re that close to another calendar year?)

What I’ve loved from Hillsong UNITED and Chris Tomlin

I do love worship music. I’ve found that many times worship music, and its lyrics, can provide a voice for my deepest yearnings and my under-the-surface (but still very much present) concerns, as well as the desires of my heart to love God and to follow Him. I love how today’s artists seek to give words to not only what’s outside us, what’s going on in the community of faith, but also to the hopes, hurts, and healing all people carry.

Hillsong UNITED has done this, beautifully. Some of their songs which have touched me the most include the gorgeous Prince of Peace and Whole Heart. In particular I still adore Oceans (Where Feet May Fail):

You call me out upon the waters
The great unknown
Where feet may fail
And there I find You in the mystery
In oceans deep
My faith will stand

And I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours
You are mine

And of course, the never-to-be-forgotten bridge:

Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders
Let me walk upon the waters
Wherever You would call me
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander
And my faith will be made stronger
In the presence of my Savior

Those words, and the beautiful music that surrounds them, give me shivers every time I hear them. For me, worship can draw me deeper into God’s embrace. Not that He’s ever not holding me or walking with me! But the visible parts of life: my tasks and responsibilities, the problems, and the issues of life can pull my attention to them just because I can see them. But worship music reminds me that there is another world out there that I cannot see, but that to which I am connected, and always will be; a God who loved me, came to rescue me, and walks beside me every day. What a blessing.

Where the Tomlin United Tour will be playing

The Tomlin UNITED tour, featuring Chris Tomlin and Hillsong UNITED, will be touring 33 US cities, and you can purchase tickets to attend!

You can buy tickets for individually or for a group (your youth group, book group, Bible study group, or friends group!). Just click on the highlighted BUY LINK below!


And a little about the tour from Chris Tomlin and UNITED

Tomlin UNITED promises to be an incredible, amazing night of worship, joy, and fellowship! Click the Buy Link to get your tickets today!

And…we can’t forget the giveaway!

Momentum Influencer Network and Premier Productions are providing a giveaway prize of music download codes from UNITED’s “people” album and the Chris Tomlin and Friends recording that features Lady A & Florida Georgia Line! To enter the giveaway, just click on the pink link that says “Enter here!” below. That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form, where you’ll be able to enter to win in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes 12/1/2021. One winner will be selected to win. Best wishes!

Enter here!

Thanks for joining me today and bless you!

Enjoy! –Wren


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Chris Tomlin/Kari Jobe/Bethel Music Live Concert Tickets Giveaway Extended! (CLOSED)

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**CONGRATULATIONS to the winner, LeAnn H!**

Earlier this month, I had the fabulous opportunity to share with you a giveaway for 2 tickets to a live concert with Chris Tomlin, Kari Jobe, and Bethel Music. I’m thrilled to tell you that you still have time to enter the giveaway, until June 25, 2021!

Concerts will be held in 12 U.S. cities (transportation to and from the concert, as well as hotel and incidentals costs, are the responsibility of the ticket winners) on dates beginning August 13, 2021 and ending on September 3, 2021. Other artists include Brian & Jenn Johnson, Cody Carnes, Dante Bowe, and more. It promises to be an incredible and an amazing time of worship live and in person.

There are a number of blogs who are hosting this giveaway…but EACH blog is giving away two tickets, so you have an amazingly increased chance of winning! You’ll also gain additional entries by sharing the link to the blog (all this will be explained on the giveaway page!) via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Where will the concerts be held?

Here’s the list of cities and the dates of each:

Cedar Rapids, IA (8/13); Detroit, MI (8/14); Milwaukee, WI (8/15); Rogers, AR (8/19); Oklahoma City, OK (8/20); Austin, TX (9/21); Beaumont, TX (8/22); Charlotte, NC (8/27); Simpsonville, SC (8/28); Albertville, AL (8/29); Tuscaloosa, AL (9/01); Orange Beach, AL (9/2); and Jacksonville, Fl (9/3).

So, you probably want to know how to enter!

To enter to win two tickets to Chris Tomlin/Kari Jobe/Bethel Music Live in Concert worship event, simply click on the pink “Enter here!” link below. That will take you to an Audience Republic giveaway entry page where you’ll be able to enter in a variety of ways. Remember, the more you share, the more points you’ll accrue, and the better your chance of winning the concert tickets via the FINCHNWREN blog. Giveaway closes 6/25/21 and winner will be notified soon after. Blessings!

Enter here!

And, you can purchase tickets as well….

If you’d like to purchase tickets for this incredible event, that’s also possible, starting on June 11, 2021! Just click on the purchase link below to select city/venue and tickets.

Purchase link

Enjoy–and best wishes! –Wren

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Win 2 Tickets to THE Worship Concert Event of the Summer! Featuring Chris Tomlin/Kari Jobe/Bethel Music (CLOSED)

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**CONGRATULATIONS to LeAnn H, the giveaway winner!**

2020-2021. A worldwide pandemic. Jobs lost or transformed to wfh; schools reconstructed into at-home/online learning; stores closed, and a terrible virus and illness, hospitalization for some, and loss for others.

One of the hardest things many have faced is the isolation; not being able to meet in community, with friends or family, or worship together. We may not have always felt His presence, but I know that God has truly been there. And finally, things are opening up. And a unique worship event is happening this summer, for a moment that attendees can sing, praise, lift their hands, and stand up as we reach out for hope, joy, and restoration.

Featuring Chris Tomlin, Kari Job, Bethel Music, and other fantastic musicians, this incredible live and in-person concert event will be held in cities across America. The concert tour begins August 13, 2021, and runs through September 3, 2021. And they’re providing TWO CONCERT TICKETS for one FINCHNWREN reader to win!

My experiences with these worship leaders & their music

If you’re a fan of worship music, you’re probably very familiar with Chris Tomlin (“How Great is Our God,” “Good Good Father,” and many more), with Kari Jobe (“The Blessing,” “Forever”), or members of the worship team from California’s Bethel Church, like Bethel Music’s Brian & Jenn Johnson (“Raise a Hallelujah,” “Reckless Love”). Our family has loved all of these (and you can find their music on YouTube and give it a listen, if you’re not familiar), and we’ve had wonderful worship moments with each one. But, I’d like to share with you a special moment that ties into a favorite Chris Tomlin song, “Who You Are To Me.”

We have all had our ups and downs over the past 15 months. I have, myself, experienced joys and encouragement alongside pain, illness, and disheartening moments. But I can say that I have seen God’s faithfulness, His presence, and His character as well…which is no small thing!

A few weeks ago, I was reading a book that contained familiar verses (Psalm 77:19-20) in a translation that was so different from those I’d read before that I was wonder-struck:

 "Your road led through the sea,

your pathway through the mighty waters—

a pathway no one knew was there!

You led your people along that road like a flock of sheep,

with Moses and Aaron as their shepherds."

Yes, truly, I was awestruck. We’re familiar with the story of the Exodus, with the moment when the pursued Hebrew people were faced with obstacles before them and a powerful army behind. We know that God does an enormous miracle as He parts the Red Sea and His people walk through on dry ground.

Yet the New Living Translation of these verses opened my eyes to frame that image in a way I’d never comprehended it: “Your road led through the sea, your pathway through the mighty waters–a pathway no one knew was there!

How amazingly comforting. And timely. And what a word that I could apply to my own life.

In a worldwide pandemic that none of us ever expected, God can make a pathway for us, where we had no idea where we’d be stepping. But God knew the way; and He’s leading us on it.

I so love Chris Tomlin’s (and his cowriters’) words in “Who You Are To Me.” They underline for me again God’s goodness and faithfulness as He carries us in and by paths unknown.

But I’ve seen You part the waters

When no one else could pull me from the deep

That’s who You are to me

Some people think You just live in cathedrals made of stone

But I know You live inside my heart, I know that it’s Your home

“Who you are to me,” Chris tomlin & friends

Just wow.

So, where will the concerts be held?

Check out the list above! They’ll be held, in the dates listed in the image above, in:

Cedar Rapids, IA (8/13); Detroit, MI (8/14); Milwaukee, WI (8/15); Rogers, AR (8/19); Oklahoma City, OK (8/20); Austin, TX (9/21); Beaumont, TX (8/22); Charlotte, NC (8/27); Simpsonville, SC (8/28); Albertville, AL (8/29); Tuscaloosa, AL (9/01); Orange Beach, AL (9/2); and Jacksonville, Fl (9/3).

How this contest will work

This is not just a giveaway with a randomly-selected winner. In fact, you can influence your chances of winning by sharing! You’ll have opportunities to share via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, by sharing your own unique link with your friends/family/followers, and by following my blog as well!

You’ll earn points by doing all these things. The more you share, the better your chances of winning.

And, the top winner who enters via the link below through the FINCHNWREN blog will win: 2 tickets to the Chris Tomlin/Kari Jobe/Bethel Music Live in Concert, in the city of your choice. (Transportation to the concert city and the concert itself are the responsibility of the winner, including any associated costs or liability. This giveaway prize is the two tickets to the concert.)

This is truly an amazing opportunity and you could be the winner!

So finally: how to enter!!

To enter to win two tickets to Chris Tomlin/Kari Jobe/Bethel Music Live in Concert worship event, simply click on the pink “Enter here!” link below. That will take you to an Audience Republic giveaway entry page where you’ll be able to enter in a variety of ways. Remember, the more you share, the more points you’ll accrue, and the better your chance of winning the concert tickets via the FINCHNWREN blog. Giveaway closes 6/25/21 and winner will be notified soon after. Blessings!

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And, you can purchase tickets as well….

If you’d like to purchase tickets for this incredible event, that’s also possible, starting on June 11, 2021! Just click on the purchase link below to select city/venue and tickets.

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Enjoy–and I’m rooting for you! –Wren

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Gary LeVox & his first solo album: “One on One” (a review & giveaway, CLOSED)

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**CONGRATULATIONS to Edye, the merch winner!**

I have a wonderful new album to share with you today! You are probably familiar with the band Rascal Flatts, for whom Gary LeVox was the lead singer. Well, he has just released his first solo album and it’s wonderful. Momentum Influencers was kind enough to provide an early release digital ep for me and I’ve been listening to it for the last 40 minutes on loop. Keep reading for more, and for a merch giveaway!

About Gary LeVox

I’m sure you’re familiar with the band Rascal Flatts. They had an exceptionally successful career stretch as a band (20 years), and Gary was the lead singer and cofounder. They could probably be categorized as country/rock with adult contemporary style. The first time I heard them was years ago when my family and I took our then-kindergartener to see the Disney Pixar film Cars. Rascal Flatts sang one of the key songs in the movie, “Life is a Highway.” (I definitely recommend checking out the YouTube Rascal Flatts official “Cars” video of the song; it’s celebratory and fun and you’ll get to see Gary LeVox heading up the band.) After 20 years together, the band had their farewell tour planned for 2020…but we all know what happened in 2020! That tour was put on hold for a bit. But then, Gary had some time to work on a personal project. The result was the lovely and inspiring “One on One.”

Gary says this about music as a vehicle for faith: “I feel like God graced us with a platform where we can not only touch people’s lives through music, but by being men of God offstage too,” explained LeVox. “At those times when we are with fans that are going through something like cancer, it is so wonderful to not only sing for them but to hold their hand and pray with them. I want them to know that they have a friend in me. I’m not just some guy on the stage. I feel like Christ has put me in this position because He knew I could handle the obligation, which often means taking the time to lift someone up in prayer.”

It’s wonderful to get this peek behind the scenes at Gary LeVox‘s faith. Of course one of the Rascal Flatts’ enormous hits was the beautiful “Bless the Broken Road,” so perhaps that isn’t so surprising!

About One on One

One on One is a five-song music ep featuring Gary’s distinctive, rich lead vocals; including some beautiful duets with other talented groups and individuals like contemporary Christian band MercyMe, Grammy winner Jonathan McReynolds, and country-rap star BRELAND. Gary’s daughter Brittany LeVox, who has an astonishingly beautiful voice, joins him for a rich treatise on walking out faith in spite of suffering. Here’s a little more about each of the five songs:

  • “A Little Love” (featuring MercyMe). I particularly love the bridge in that song; reminders of what we can do because we have God’s incredible 1 Corinthians 13 love in and behind us.
  • “Never Forget,” where the phenomenal Jonathan McReynolds’ and Gary LeVox’s voices soar as they proclaim that they’ll never forget what Jesus has done for them. What a great reminder to keep the faith. Some of the most moving lyrics are these:
    • “‘Cause my soul still remembers what my eyes can’t see; And my heart still rejoices in that memory…Jesus I’ll never forget what you’ve for me.”
  • “While I Wait,” the song Gary sings with his daughter Brittany. This one is undoubtedly my favorite, a song I want to make part of my prayers and my days! You’ll know why when you hear it, but here is the rich prayer it contains:

“Until you heal me
Until there’s no more pain
Until these tears dry and my heart unbreaks
Until the rain stops
Until you make a way
Oh Lord I still praise you
While I wait.”

  • “All I See,” featuring BRELAND, which asks the Lord to help us focus our eyes so that He is what we see
  • Last, the wonderful “The Distance,” which so describes the last year and a half for the world and infuses it with what we need: “Go the distance, accept the challenge; For every battle that’s beforе you Hope’s not lost, it’s found on a cross.”

One On One is my passion project and I have wanted to do this body of work for as long as I can remember,” explains LeVox. “I feel so honored to get to collaborate with such greatness throughout this project. BRELAND is a dream to work and sing with, as is the iconic MercyMe. Jonathon McReynolds, one of the greatest singers of our time and my dear friend, wrote a perfect song for us. And for my daughter Brittany and I to get to sing a song that Tauren Wells help craft just completed the collection. I couldn’t be prouder of this project, and the songs that we recorded. This is gonna be an amazing new season and I just hope everybody enjoys it as much as we did making it.”

In some ways it seems so very clear that these songs were composed or sung during a time when everyone on the planet has struggled, in so many areas of life. Yet their beauty isn’t only in the incredible vocals, or the notes, or words sung; it’s in the timeless truths we need to hear not only when life is hard but when it’s good.

Enter the giveaway to win some One on One merch!

So, the Gary LeVox merch! You can enter to win an 8″ x 10″ signed poster from Gary and One on One! To enter, simply click on the “Enter here!” link below. That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form, where you’ll be able to enter in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes June 5, 2021. One winner will be selected to win. Best wishes!

Enter here!

Where you can find One on One — so YOU can listen!

Gary LeVox has made One on One available on many streaming services; Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube, Pandora, iTunes, Soundcloud, and deezer. (Hint: if you go to YouTube, you can also see the lyrics in many of the music videos!) One on One can be streamed and purchased from these services. And bonus: $1 of every purchase goes to fight human trafficking through the Tim Tebow Foundation!

Just click on Gary LeVox – One on One – EP, and you’ll be able to select your streaming service and listen. I know you’ll enjoy it and be encouraged and lifted up!

In the trying times we’ve all been enduring for the past few years, we can all use some uplifting music to point our eyes toward the God who loves us. One on One, Gary LeVox and his fellow musicians will do that for you!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: Many thanks to Capitol Christian Music Group for providing this product/product information for review.  Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  I did receive a sample of the product in exchange for this review and post.

Christmas Eve 2020 & Music to Enjoy!

Hi dear friends!

Happy Christmas Eve 2020 to you! My hope and prayer for you are lovely and beautiful days today and tomorrow in spite of the collective craziness that 2020 has been. I’m (naturally, because it’s me) hoping to wrap up (no pun intended) a bunch of pre-Christmas tasks and goodies before we head toward the evening. I’m looking forward to a calm and beautiful day tomorrow and a pleasant night tonight. And, I’m going to be listening to some Christmas music faves today, because that always makes me happy!

Here are some YouTube links of some of my most-loved Christmas songs. Enjoy!


Chris Rice “Welcome to Our World”

Michael W. Smith “Christmastime”

King and Country “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”

Il Divo “O Holy Night”

Michael W. Smith “Angels We Have Heard on High/Gloria”

Amy Grant “I Need a Silent Night”

Carrie Underwood & Michael W. Smith “All is Well”

Amy Grant “Breath of Heaven”

Band Aid 1984 “Do They Know It’s Christmas” (complete with 80’s hair and makeup!)

The Piano Guys “Carol of the Bells” (instrumental)

Pentatonix “Mary Did You Know”

Idina Menzel “Do You Hear What I Hear”

YoYo Ma, Alison Krauss The Wexford Carol

Glee Cast “We Need a Little Christmas”

Of course there are SO MANY MORE songs we all love at Christmas! What are you loving and listening to this year?

Happy Christmas Eve, dear ones! –Wren