“It’s Christmas Again” ~ releasing tomorrow, 11/29, in theaters! (plus an Amazon GC giveaway, ends 12/6/22)

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Are you looking for a fantastic new Christmas movie? Then I’d recommend you check out the newest Fathom Events film, “It’s Christmas Again.” I was able to watch this wonderful movie courtesy of Momentum Influencer Network. It was such a joyful, moving, and cheerful experience–and you can see it in theaters for one day only, November 29, 2022! Keep reading for my thoughts on “It’s Christmas Again,” where you can get tickets, plus a giveaway!

About “It’s Christmas Again”

A Magical Musical Adventure Through Time coming to theaters November 29 FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY!

Here’s the synopsis from the filmmakers:

Jake Young (Lawson Touliatos) wants nothing more than to spend his Christmas vacation with his girlfriend, Abbey Walker (Leela Owen). So when Abbey volunteers for her church’s Christmas play, Jake is ready to skip Christmas this year until an unexpected turn of events lands him in a field outside Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born. While on his journey with the shepherds to find the promised Messiah, Jake discovers the true meaning of Christmas. Coming this Christmas season, IT’S CHRISTMAS AGAIN is a modern-day musical the whole family will love!

My thoughts about this movie


I LOVE musicals. I love group choreographed dancing. (I even go to YouTube and watch movie dance sequences when I feel a little low. You can find awesome mashups!) And in “It’s Christmas Again”? The movie has now joined my list of favorites for the those two things alone. The music is cheerful and upbeat while still communicating a meaningful message. And the dancing (not to mention the backflips)–incredible.

But. This is not a movie about the entertainment world. Instead, it asks the question: What if Christmas, and Jesus’ birth, weren’t celebrated and recognized? Protagonist Jake isn’t that excited about Christmas. In fact, he is bummed because his girlfriend Abbey isn’t able to go skiing with him on Christmas. Instead, she’s going to play Mary, the mother of Jesus, in the church’s nativity play. Jake thinks it’s a useless idea, and heads off to a friend’s party. At least he *thinks* that’s where he’s going…until an accident sends him back to the fields with the shepherds. Just after the heavenly host appeared to them, and told them:

“Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people; for today in the city of David there has been born for you a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.

Luke 2:10b-22, The Bible (NASB)

So. What if, a young man who couldn’t care less about the true meaning of Christmas gets transported back in time…to see the first Christmas? Romans. Shepherds. Jews, oppressed by Caesar and his minions. And a young father, a teen mother, and that Baby.

That’s got to make an impression. And on Jacob, it does. But is it too late for him to make a difference in his present-day life?

So–this beautiful movie, with incredible singing and dancing, tells a life-changing, faith-creating story. It is a joy to watch. It will touch your heart, and bring meaning to your own family’s faith traditions, Advent, and most of all, Christmas.

Get some tickets. Take yourself and your family to the movie and see “It’s Christmas Again” on November 29. It will bless you!

And, I’ve got some fun trailers/shorts for you to see!

First, the movie trailer:

And a short from writer and director Sandra Martin:

Where you can buy tickets for “It’s Christmas Again” for its one-night-only showing, November 29, 2022!

This Fathom Events film is going to be in theaters for one night only: Tuesday, November 29, 2022. You can get your tickets now at the link below!

Purchase tickets here for “It’s Christmas Again”

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Enjoy! –Wren


Many thanks to Mapelle Films for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Celebrate the season with Pure Flix: “Silver Bells” (review & giveaway, ends 12/3/22)

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I’m so excited to share another Pure Flix film with you, which is part of their Christmas lineup of family- and faith-centered films (190 of them to choose from!) for you to enjoy as we prepare our hearts for Christmas. (I will also have a 3-month Pure Flix subscription to give away to one reader!) I was gifted the opportunity to watch the Pure Flix film “Silver Bells,” about a sportscaster dad whose heart is given more to his games coverage and film time—than it is to his family. Until, that is, he becomes “that” dad during his son’s basketball game.

About “Silver Bells”

“I’m Bruce Dalt. Action 8 Sports. For the win!”

Bruce Dalt (played by Bruce Boxleitner) is bigger than life. He’s jovial, fun, and knows everything about sports. But–he’s driven. Can’t bear to lose. Vetoes his wife’s plan for silver Christmas lights because the Dalt family always “goes for the win!” –Which means gold. Little by little, we see the other side of Bruce. He does love his family–but there’s something inside him that can’t give up first place. So, there’s rudeness. Selfishness. Choosing work over family celebration and togetherness. (Painfully unaware of his effects on others.) He’s pretty sure that he knows more than anyone else in the room.

His actions at his son’s basketball game have swift and serious consequences…that finally, eventually, give Bruce an opportunity to become a different man.

“You never know WHAT God has in mind.”

Major Lowell of the Salvation Army, played by Antonio Fargas, in “Silver Bells”

(He also gets this fantastic line: “I didn’t say we were robbing a bank!”)

Because of Bruce’s choices, he’s required to do a couple of things; restitution, to the ref. And many hours of community service, with the Salvation Army. (And if there’s anything we know about Bruce? Service is not his thing.)

My thoughts about “Silver Bells”

Well! Welcome to my new favorite Christmas movie!

Our family loves sports movies, so this one was both an easy viewing choice and one that provided lovely moments of faith, redemption, and family. (Eventually. Because Bruce has a hard road to head down first.) Actor Bruce Boxleitner is fantastic as the dad (and his interactions with Kevin Downes, the referee, are priceless. After their *first* interaction, which is more on the cringey and painful side). Before his costly mistake, you really can see that there’s a diamond in the rough in him. It’s just going to take a lot of sanding to get to that diamond.

It’s very much a sort of modern “A Christmas Carol” film (without the ghosts). But Bruce’s journey isn’t an overnight, immediate character transformation. His is gradual. Painstaking. (And at times, painful.) I loved that, though, because it made the story feel so real. I don’t want to give too much away, because it’s an utter joy to watch without knowing what’s going to happen. I will tell you that the story arc (and the character arc too!) is fantastic. There is humor (yes! I laughed out loud!). And heartwarming faith–love–and change.

It is wonderful! And beautiful. And it’s a film you can watch safely with your entire family. Don’t miss “Silver Bells” on Pure Flix!

“That’s not the way it should be among you. Instead, whoever wants to be great among you must be your servant…That’s the way it is with the Son of Man. He did not come to be served, but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many…”

Matthew 20:26-28, The Bible (ISV)

Watch the “Silver Bells” trailer here!

Check out the Christmas film offerings on Pure Flix!

With 190 Christmas film titles, you won’t run out of wholesome, faith-centered family viewing goodness this season. 45 of these are brand-new on Pure Flix in 2022! In addition, there are 11 Pure Flix Originals (6 of them new in 2022) and 3 new exclusives. You’ll find amazing series and movies like:

  • “The Way,” with Kathie Lee Gifford
  • “Lifemark,” with Kirk Cameron and a fantastic cast, which celebrates adoption and life
  • Original Pure Flix series “Legacy Peak” and “Saved by Grace,” which feature family, answered prayers, and visits from angels
  • “Thursday Night Club,” with friends and community helping a young woman who’s suffered enormous loss
  • And so much more. And of course, “Silver Bells”!

You can see more of what’s available by clicking on this Pure Flix link.

Subscribe to Pure Flix today!

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Join now and check out “Silver Bells” — and all the other fantastic films on Pure Flix!

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You can also check out these great posts on the Pure Flix blog

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5 Christmas Bible Verses and Stories to Reflect on This Season

Enjoy! –Wren


Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Precious, Christmas-themed PJs–Holy Pals (a review & giveaway, ends 11/20/22)

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Hello darlings!

I have the most wonderful family, faith-filled pajamas to tell you about–and the fantastic company who makes them, Holy Pals. I received the most precious pair for myself, thanks to Holy Pals and FrontGate Media. And you can also enter to win a pair for yourself, or for one of your family members (either parents or kiddos!) These really might be the most charming faith-based clothing items I’ve ever seen.

About Holy Pals

So. I LOVE this company. Their mission is this:

  • Give children the opportunity to draw near to Christ, and to help parents teach their children about their faith.
  • To shine a light on child-focused charities in need of support, raising awareness of their worthy causes and supporting them alongside our customers.

Every pajama sale supports the Littlest Lamb Orphanage, a privately funded orphanage in Egypt. They have built a home for orphaned and at-risk children who have lost parents to death, imprisonment, or abandonment. The Littlest Lamb provides these children with everything they need to thrive – shelter, food, clothing, education and most importantly A FAMILY that loves them. 

George, Jen, Nazareth, and Nile (pictured in the adorable family photos above) want people to know that Jesus is the reason for the season–and the pajama prints sweetly present that focus. Holy Pals has created this clothing to do just that. As they say, “Keeping Jesus the reason for the season in fun matching family Christmas pajamas focused on the true story of Christmas!”

We pray that Jesus is born inside the hearts of all who wear these pajamas. And that they may witness to their family and friends His amazing love.

George, Jen, Nazareth and Nile from Holy Pals

The Holy Pals pajamas:

  • are made from 100% soft and cozy cotton
  • the knit cotton is both very soft and comfortably stretchy
  • are consciously sourced and produced in India
  • are snug-fitting for women and children and loose-fitting for men
  • have a small label stitched on the right arm of each pair of Holy Pals pajamas, with the verse reference of the print
  • are available not only in Christmas prints, but also in prints featuring Easter, Palm Sunday, Esther, Noah, David & Goliath, Jonah, Adam & Even, and more

The Christmas patterns are pictured below, in clockwise starting from top left: Christmas Classic, Starry Night, Joy to the World, and Away in a Manger.

My Holy Pals pajamas experience

I received a pair of Holy Pals pajamas in Christmas Classic, the top left pattern above. I chose the men’s pajamas in size L for myself. I love the women’s pajamas pictured above, but I have had numerous abdominal surgeries over the years and felt that a looser fit might be better for me. I am so happy with my choice!

I wear, most of the time, a women’s M (sizes 8-10), and I am just over 5’7″ tall. But since the men’s pajama bottoms have a drawstring closure (with light elastic) on the waistband, I knew that even if the bottoms were a bit big, I’d be able to pull the drawstring closer and have them fit well. And, while the pajamas were large on me before I washed them, they did shrink just enough to create a perfect fit.

When I launder my own clothes, I *always* wash them in cold water, and I usually hang my shirts and pants to dry after wrinkle-releasing them by running them in the dryer for about 10 minutes. (This is because, over a lifetime of experience, I’ve had sleeves and leg lengths in my clothing end up too short, if I didn’t.) I followed that pattern after turning the pajamas inside out (as recommended) to wash. After the wrinkle release, I hung both the top and the pants to dry.

When I tried them on the next day, there had been a slight shrinkage, which is not surprising since the knit fabric is 100% cotton. But that really just helped them to size perfectly for my frame, in both length, width, and circumference. The quality fabric looked as rich and lovely after the washing as it did before.

Also, since I’m a woman and these are men’s pajamas, I wanted to mention the fly. There is a button halfway between the top and the bottom of the fly, so they felt modest and didn’t have an open gap. I didn’t think of that to begin with, but I appreciated it when I wore them!

…and my final impressions

First, the comfort. Interestingly, I noticed that ALL my pajamas and nightgowns (both winter and summer) are 100% cotton, and the Holy Pals pjs fit right into that preference. I gravitate towards cotton for sleepwear because it’s just so comfortable and doesn’t get too hot. The Holy Pals cotton is smooth, stretches in all directions, and is wonderfully comfortable on the skin. The fit was great as well. The men’s top fit loosely but really nicely, and the bottoms were so comfortable; cozy, but not too tight or constraining anywhere. I guess I felt a bit like Goldilocks–everything was “just right!”

Second, the look. The printed fabric is SO darling. The cartoon drawings of the Christmas Classic design have a plethora of Nativity personages (Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the Three Kings, an angel, and even animals–a camel, a donkey, and a sheep!). Baby Jesus even has an ichthus fish on his swaddling clothes! It is joyful and just so pleasing on the eyes and to the spirit. Really, each one of the designs is wonderful and will provide tons of opportunities to talk with children about Jesus and our spiritual heritage as believers. And, they’ll provide the most adorable family Christmas jammie pics!

Third, the craftsmanship. I have a high appreciation for exceptional seams and tailoring work (just ask me about my mom’s hand-sewn creations!). So, when I see beautiful craftsmanship in clothing, I just value it all the more. The seams, buttonholes, hems, and plackets are superbly sewn. (The men’s pj’s white shirt placket even has the Christmas Classic fabric facing out!) The pajamas are just incredibly well-made and should last for many years to come.

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’ ”

Matthew 19:14, The Holy Bible

Fourth, the company. I just love their vision for providing a quality product for families that will provide comfort, great fit, and beautiful moments for spiritual training. I so appreciate their donations to the orphanage in Egypt. How wonderful that their products can go to little ones whom Jesus describes as precious and loved.

Where you can purchase Holy Pals pajamas for your family–and even get a discount!

Holy Pals is making it possible for you to purchase these darling pajamas for your family–and they’re providing you with a 10% discount as well!

You can get this discount by using this link:

Holy Pals MELANIE10 discount

Or by applying this code when you purchase: MELANIE10 at the Holy Pals website.

And, enter to win your own pair!

You can enter to win a pair of pjs from Holy Pals! To enter, just click on the link below. That will take you to the Blessed Freebies giveaway hosting page, where you can enter to win. Just follow the directions on the website.

Enter to win a pair of Holy Pals pjs!

Where to find Holy Pals online

Holy Pals website

Holy Pals Facebook

Holy Pals Instagram

Thanks for letting me share Holy Pals with you. I so recommend their lovely pajamas–and their company as well. Check them out, and don’t forget to use the purchase link above to get 10% off!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received these pajamas from Holy Pals. All opinions expressed here are my own honest ones.

Ameo Life Health Products: a review & giveaway (ends 8/24/22)

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In the times we live in I’m definitely interested in products that will help me and my family live healthy lives. So when FrontGate Media offered me the opportunity to use some of Ameo Life’s products and supplements, I was thrilled to have the opportunity. I can tell you that my experiences with them have been very useful, quite positive and overall, very enjoyable!

About Ameo Life

Ameo Life – Honoring Our Creator
We stand strong in our faith. We believe that the human body is a miracle of divine creation. We also believe that our planet earth provides the ability to promote healing with natural supplementation and elements.

And here’s more about Ameo Life as a company, which you’ll find on their website:

Our Vision

To positively impact the lives of families with pure natural supplementation.

Our Mission

Our mission at Ameo Life is to produce amazing natural products to promote care for the body using only the cleanest ingredients, free of chemicals, toxins or any harmful substances.

Ameo Life sells vitamins, supplements, liquids, gels, lozenges, and soaps to enable individuals and families to meet those goals.

The products I received to try

Ameo Life was generous enough to provide four of their products for me to use. I received these full-sized products:

  • ph Balanced Alkaline Silver Solution
  • Extra Strength Silver Gel
  • Daily Multivitamin
  • Organic Silver Soap

I’d like to tell you more about each of these, and then more on my experiences with each one.

pH Balanced Alkaline Silver Solution

In the name of this product, you get a lot of the information of what it is! It’s pH balanced and the silver is in an alkaline solution. This supplement is tested in a 3rd party lab for quality and efficacy. According to the Ameo Life website, this product supports both the immune system and “a healthy digestive system.” It contains no artificial flavors, ingredients, preservatives, or additives.

The bottle contains 47 servings per container at 2 tsp. per serving size, for adults. Each serving contains 300 mcg of Purified Silver.

Extra Strength Silver Gel

Ameo Life’s Silver Gel is also 3rd-party lab tested. The gel is for topical use only and can be used to cleanse the skin. It contains 35 ppm silver and is, like the Silver Solution above, pH balanced. It is alcohol- and formaldehyde-free, and also contains no petroleum, coal tar, siloxins, or parfum. The Ameo Life website describes a number of ways this gel can be used, such as: soothing/rejuvenating skin; promoting the skin’s ability to heal; or for soothing bites or minor skin irritations.

Daily Multivitamin

Ameo Life’s Multivitamin is an antioxidant-rich formula. They believe that their multivitamin is exceptional, and particularly because its minerals are chelated and its methylated folate is in a highly bio-available form. It contains all the vitamins and minerals you’d expect from a multivitamin (the 18 essential ones), and its water-soluble vitamins (like C and the many forms of B) are very generous. Each bottle contains 60 easy-to-swallow capsules, with 2 capsules per day equaling a serving (and giving you the allowances you’d expect in a multi).

Organic Silver Soap

I received the All Natural Lemongrass Silver Soap to try. It’s made with organic ingredients. (Ameo Life also makes their Silver Soaps in Organic Lavender, Charcoal Tea Tree, Oatmeal Spice, and Peppermint options). The soaps are usable for handwashing, facial washing, or baths.

The ingredients of the lemongrass soap are: saponified oils of sunflower and/or safflower, coconut, and palm (with retained glycerin); essential oils of lemongrass, patchouli, rosemary, lime, sage, and bergamot; annatto seed; rosemary leaf, rosemary extract; 30ppm pH Silver Solution (purified water, 99.9% pure silver, pH Buffer Plus).

My experiences

I would say that my experiences with the Ameo Life products were fantastic! Let me break them down for you per product:

  • pH Balanced Alkaline Silver Solution: Our family is familiar with colloidal silver, having used it since 2009. So I understood some of the ideas behind Ameo Life’s Silver Solution. I have to say that I noticed almost immediate results when I started using it, and actually quite different ones than the colloidal silver I’d used in the past. It reduced inflammation for me in some problem areas and after only 2 days I saw improvement with less overall acidity in my body. I noticed that my digestion seemed more regular and comfortable. The two areas in my body that have caused me the most issues over the years, with the most irritation or soreness, seemed greatly improved. In fact, I didn’t at all expect the overall blessing the silver solution was–or how very quickly it would make a difference.
  • Extra Strength Silver Gel: I used this gel on some areas of my skin that needed healing. One was a partially-healed blister on the back of my heel from walking a long distance, and the other was a grouping of some scratches and bruising from moving heavy boxes one day. The gel felt wonderful as I applied it. It seems to absorb quickly and doesn’t leave any residue. And, I really felt that healing happened quickly! A very small amount of the gel goes a very long way, so one bottle of it could last quite awhile. It’s also a great size/weight to carry around in my purse. I would also use it instead of an anti-bacterial hand gel when I’ve needed to wash my hands but didn’t have access to a restroom. I would depend on the silver to help keep things bacteria-free.
  • Daily Multivitamin: I took two capsules daily as recommended. I felt that they absorbed well (I do admit that they made me burp for a few moments after ingesting, but that was of short duration) and quickly. I LOVE the extra Bs, Cs, and a little extra zinc that this vitamin contains. I’m someone who really appreciates having those extra antioxidants and felt really well overall as I took the multivitamin. It seems to be a great formulation.
  • Organic Silver Soap: What another great area to include silver! This is certainly a time in history when we really want to get our hands clean—but if you’re like me, you might have dry skin already on your hands from the constant handwashing. I think that Ameo Life’s soaps will not only get your hands clean, but the ingredients (both the oils and the essential oils) are those which should really keep your hands from drying out AS they clean. The best way for me to describe this soap is that it feels incredibly luxurious in your hands, even as it’s cleaning them well. (I LOVED holding this soap!) I’m also someone who doesn’t tolerate a lot of scent well, but the essential oils in this soap weren’t overwhelming at all. Perhaps that speaks to the purity of the ingredients. This soap is truly exceptional.

I really loved my experiences with all four of the Ameo Life products. They are high quality, contain pure and organic ingredients, and are definitely supplements and soaps that I would purchase in the future. I felt that they made a noticeable positive difference in my health and wellbeing. I’m so glad to have been introduced to Ameo Life!

Where you can purchase Ameo Life products

You can view Ameo Life products and purchase them at the link below:

Purchase Ameo Life products here

Enter to win 4 Ameo Life products of your own!

You can enter to win 4 full-sized health products selected by Ameo Life! To enter, simply click on the pink link below that says, “Enter here!” That will take you to the Blessed Freebies website, where you can enter to win. Giveaway closes 8/24/22. Winner will be selected and contacted by FrontGate Media and Ameo Life. Best wishes!

Enter here!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received these products from FrontGate Media and Ameo Life. All opinions expressed here are my own honest ones. I am not a health care professional nor a provider and my opinions are only that; they are not medical advice, nor is this information intended to diagnose or treat, but merely describe my own experiences. Please consult a health care professional or provider for your own healthcare and medical needs.

My review of the gorgeous NET Abide Bible (& giveaway, ends 7/24/22)

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I have received the most unique and gorgeous Bible to review, from FrontGate Media. And its format and beauty have absolutely won my heart. Harper Collins/Thomas Nelson, along with Bible Gateway and the Taylor University Center for Scripture Engagement, have created a Bible that totally lives up to its name: “Abide.” Its full name is the NET Abide Bible. I am just filled with joy to share this with you–and also, to tell you that you can not only enter to win a copy for yourself, but that you can also access a free 21-day Bible study!

What is the NET Abide Bible?

The NET (New English Translation) Abide Bible is designed to help you to engage with God’s Word. No matter which book of the Bible, or which chapter or verses you open to, you will find unique, creative, and thoughtful helps which will enable you to approach Bible reading, and even Bible study, in a way that’s quite different from any other that I’ve seen. Specifically, these helps include ideas and specific directions, scattered throughout the entire Bible, for:

  • Contemplation: meditating on, resting in, and listening to what God has to say to you, on each chapter or passage
  • Journaling: responding to what the Scriptures say, whether it’s verses that impact you, questions you have, ideas for putting verses into practice, and more
  • Picturing It: applying your imagination to the text. If you had witnessed the verses as they happened, what might you have apprehended with your 5 senses?
  • Praying Scripture: Praying actual verses, or letting them inspire you to praise
  • Engaging through Art: This Bible includes many reproductions of famous paintings, sculptures, and photographs, with prompts for the reader. These include art of Biblical scenes or passages, or other art which can inspire prayer, with verses to ponder.

Each Bible book begins with a description of what is contained in the book, its historical and literary context, and how readers can prepare themselves for the book, and what God might wish to teach or show them.

This Bible is available in a variety of cover designs (hardback, leathersoft, leathersoft with designs, in a variety of colors). It also has two attached ribbon markers in a satiny finish. It contains a 365-Day Bible Reading Plan, colorful Bible maps, and some thoughts on Bible reading.

My thoughts on the NET Abide Bible

I have to admit to you that I fell in love with this Bible before I ever held it in my hands, and I anticipated reading and engaging with it long before I opened it! I am not a great artist myself; or really even a good one. But I do love beauty, and I am inspired by creativity. In addition, for years I loved teaching the Bible and art to children in a complementary way. So much of the world’s great historical art is based on Bible passages or parables, like Rembrandt’s “The Return of the Prodigal Son” painting, Michaelangelo’s Sistine Chapel frescoes, or the many paintings of Jesus and moments from His life. But even when a piece of art isn’t specifically of a Bible scene, it can still inspire us to beautiful thinking, remind us of God’s love or creativity, or help us to apprehend something He’d have us to know about Him. The NET Abide Bible reprints dozens and dozens of pieces of art, and directs readers to particular Scriptures plus observing the art, all with the aim of helping them grow closer–to abide–with the Lord. It combines the some of the things I love best in the world–God’s Word, and beautiful art–so that I can draw near to the Lord in creative ways.

Now! This Bible is not only focused on engaging the reader with visual art. Because really, we need to engage with the Lord in other ways as well. The ideas for prayer, the directions for preparing our hearts for what we’re about to read, the journaling directions, the thoughts for meditation and contemplation, are all incredibly rich, quite varied, and also faithful to the text. They’re scattered through this Bible quite thoroughly, so that there is hardly a page without them.

In the end, I think that this Bible is just the thing for anyone who wants to grow closer to God. It is perfect for devotional reading; for daily Bible reading; for family worship times; for teaching children; for listening to God. I so recommend it to you!

Some of my favorite parts of my new Bible

Of course, I LOVE all the art, and being able to use beloved artworks in my quiet times and in order to draw near to God is such a wonderful experience for me. I love the thoughtfully-created prayer, journaling, and contemplative readings. I love the way that the authors of the prayer and journaling prompts cross-reference Old Testament passages with the New Testament, and vice versa. I love that this is the perfect Bible for travel, in that it is sufficient for significant study time even without other study books.

Here are some of my favorite prompt passages (and you’ll see some of my favorite art scattered throughout this blog post!):

  • “READ. In this passage (Isaiah 60:19-61:11) Isaiah provided a poignant picture of God’s planned restoration. As you read, make note of the main improvements God has in store for His people…Ask God to reveal Himself to you more consistently and enable you to confidently look forward to a positive future with Him.” (p. 1020)
  • “JOURNAL Psalm 19:1-14…Where do you see God’s glory in the natural world around you, despite living in a fallen world (see vv. 1-6)? Verses 7-10 call attention to God’s Word. How does reading the Bible revive your soul?” (p. 741)
  • “PRAYING SCRIPTURE (Philippians 3:10-14) Paul knew exactly what he aimed for. He was not floundering or lost. He had a clear goal…But Paul pursued the knowledge of Jesus. He did not dwell on the past; he stretched toward what was ahead (v. 13). What is your primary goal in life?…Ask God to help you press on toward your reward in Christ.” (p. 1660)

Sign up for a free 21-day Bible study

Thomas Nelson Bibles has created a 21-day Bible study on the Gospel of John. It’s full of video teaching, daily devotionals, and a free pdf download of the Gospel of John from the Abide Bible for you to use as you study. Just click on the link below that says “Free Gospel of John Abide Study.”

Free Gospel of John Abide Study

And…enter to win your own copy of the NET Abide Bible!

You can enter a giveaway to win your own copy of the NET Abide Bible. Just click on the link below that says “Enter giveaway here!” That will take you to the Blessed Freebies website where you can enter to win. Enter by July 24, 2022. The winner will be selected on July 25, 2022. Best wishes!

Enter giveaway here!

You can purchase this Bible here:

Just click on the link below to purchase the NET Abide Bible.

Purchase NET Abide Bible

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of this Bible from FrontGate Media. I’ve expressed my own honest opinions in this review.

Timely (& free) kids’ coloring book from ANM: “A Home for Artyom”

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Recently, I had the opportunity to check out some wonderful family/kid products from ANM (Advancing Native Missions). This is from their ANM Kids on Mission division. Let me tell you more (and keep your eyes out for an awesome free family devotional in my next post)!

About ANM’s Kids on Mission Coloring Book

Like me, perhaps you and your loved ones have been praying for the people of Ukraine lately. Because the Ukrainians have been so deeply on my own heart and in my prayers, I was very excited to be able to tell you about this coloring book for kids that is based on a true story about a real person!

Created by ANM, the coloring book “A Home for Artyom” tells the true story of a child from Ukraine who gets to learn about Jesus, and the love that He has for everyone! Artyom is a boy who lives in an orphanage in Ukraine. When he is transferred to a new orphanage, he feels self-conscious and embarrassed because of the red bumps that break out on on his skin. He is lonely and ashamed of this, and he withdraws from the other kids.

One day, a man named Alex comes to the orphanage and tells the children about God’s love for them, and about God’s Son, Jesus. The children even learn that Jesus would never, ever leave them! Alex continued to come and share. But he also learned that when the kids turned 16, they would “age out” of the orphanage.

Before the coloring book is over, Artyom and the other kids will hear more about Jesus, visit families in their homes, attend summer camp and move to Light Houses (started by Alex) where they can learn more about Jesus, pursue higher education, and prepare for their own futures. Artyom will even join God’s family by believing in Jesus as his Savior! (Kids will even get to learn more about Artyom’s future!)

My thoughts about “A Home for Artyom”

I loved the story and pictures, which are told in language that even smaller kids will understand. The story focuses a lot on Artyom’s feelings and situation; but it also shows how one man, who’d experienced the loss of his parent, understood how kids without parents can feel. Because of that, Alex devoted his life and time to share the gospel with children in orphanages; and then, to provide a way for the aged-out teens to pursue education, adoption, and Jesus.

Although this coloring book/storybook is written for children, it has some significant truths in it about kids who live in orphanages. And how they, just like all of us, need to know that they are LOVED. It was a sweet and precious way to help our own children learn about kids in other nations; and a beautiful way that parents can engage with kids in coloring and then, to pray. It’s a gentle introduction as well to one way that missions can happen.

The coloring book is easy to print at home (although you could also print it at an office supply store). The front and back cover print in color and all the other pages are black & white coloring pages. After printing, I stapled ours with 3 staples on the left side (so that it could open like a book) and then covered the staples with washi tape. (You don’t have to do that; I just liked the way it looked and wanted the staples to be covered. Masking or painter’s tape could accomplish the same purpose.) Ours is colored with crayons, but kids could also use markers or colored pencils.

How to get your own free coloring book “A Home for Artyom”

To download your own free copy, click below on “Free Coloring Book.” That will take you to the Advancing Native Missions Catalog page. Scroll down until you see a red rectangle with the “A Home for Artyom” coloring book inside it. You’ll need to enter your email, then you’ll be able to download the coloring book.

Free Coloring Book

About ANM (Advancing Native Missions)

Since 1992, ANM has sent Christian workers to those who haven’t learned about Jesus, God, or the Bible. The key difference about ANM is that they equip these workers to go to unreached areas of their own nations! So rather than a missionary from a foreign country (like America, for example) going to share the gospel, these individuals get to hear the gospel from their own people. You can find out more about ANM at the ANM/About page.

Enjoy! –Wren

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Kids Faith Krate ~ fun, faith, and family togetherness in a box! (a review)

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Recently, FrontGate Media and the Kids Faith Krate ladies sent me a wonderful subscription box that’s perfect for families with little ones! While I love subscription boxes already, I found this one to be unique, well-designed, and something that families will love. Let me tell you more!

What is Kids Faith Krate?

Kids Faith Krate is a monthly subscription box program that’s designed for families to enjoy with their children aged 4-10. Imagined and created by founder Lynsey, who is a former teacher herself, each box contains 4 weeks’ worth of activities (one per week) for parents and children to enjoy together; and learn about God as they do so.

Lynsey understood that parents may not always know how to teach children about God, faith, and the particulars of Christian discipleship. She developed Kids Faith Krate as a means for families to experience God and the Bible together, with Bible readings, Q&As, and a wonderful variety of activities designed to help children learn the life of faith.

Each month, the Kids Faith Krate boxes include (the photo above is an example of what a Kids Faith Krate can include):

  • Four weekly fun and interesting Bible lessons for parents and kids to do together
  • Four crafts which go along with each week’s lessons
  • A new stamp for kids to add to their Kids Faith Krate Stamp Collection as they complete Bible verse memorization

The subscription boxes are designed to contain activities for 1-3 children (if you have additional kids, you can add them to your subscription for just a slightly higher price).

Each month, the contents of the subscription box will have a different theme connected to faith and discipleship. They are Bible-based but not connected to any particular denomination.

My thoughts

Did you ever love attending Vacation Bible School as a child yourself? Kids Faith Krate reminded me of the best and most beautiful aspects of that–except that here, you get the joy of doing the discipleship activities with your own child, instead of someone else getting to do them!

The Bible teachings are fantastic. Although there is a main verse that connects each week’s activities, the Bible lessons cover specific stories in the Bible, or here, as in the last week, some of its instructive verses. The accompanying booklet is like a lesson plan for the whole month as well as for each week. The first page of the booklet provides an instruction manual (even though it’s only two pages long) that tells the parent how to use the Bible lessons and the activities. Most important, it encourages families to read the Bible together, talk about God’s Word, and to pray together. What wonderful habits for us to develop!

I loved the variety of the activities too. The box I received contained: a cooking activity (with a cool craft that all ages will love doing); a coloring and sort of “mystery” activity that will bring to life one of Jesus’s miracles; a blanket craft for little hands to tie together; and a stickers-and-cardboard ornament. Each of these is something that parents can do with the children or that kids can do on their own. (A parent will need to provide ingredients for the cooking activity, but they’re all items that can be found already in most pantries.) Other than that, everything is included in the box. (You’ll need your own Bibles, however!)

I absolutely loved the Kids Faith Krate that we received. The activities, the Bible lessons, and the conversation and prayer ideas were wonderful and so encouraging. Even if parents wouldn’t consider themselves to be Bible teachers, the box’s contents and plan will enable anyone to follow these faith-building activities. And, to thoroughly enjoy them with their children!

How to subscribe to Kids Faith Krate

You can purchase a subscription and learn more about this wonderful company by clicking on this link:

Kids Faith Krate

Kids Faith Krate offers a variety of plans (monthly, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly) that are great for families. And, Kids Faith Krate has a special offer for you…below!

Here’s a coupon for $10 off your first box!

You can receive $10 off your first Kids Faith Krate box! Just use the code campinabox when you purchase your subscription.

Thanks for letting me share with you about this lovely, faith- and fun-building subscription service. What fun for families!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a Kids Faith Krate subscription box from FrontGate Media. All opinions expressed here are my own honest ones.

Win an autographed CD of Anne Wilson’s debut album “My Jesus” ~ review & giveaway (ends noon May 6, 2022)

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Thanks to Momentum Influencer Network and Universal, I’ve had the joy of being introduced to Anne Wilson and her incredible music recently. I’ve been given the opportunity to listen to her new album and share about it with you. And, Momentum has provided an autographed copy of Anne’s debut CD, My Jesus, which I’ll be giving away to one FINCHNWREN reader!

About Anne’s debut album, My Jesus

Anne Wilson was brought into the music business after a terrible family tragedy; when they lost her older brother Jacob to a car accident. She was a teen then and had very different expectations for what her life path would be. But God asked her to do something different. (You can listen to her video story through the link below.) Really, something remarkable. And I believe that God is going to use this young woman (she is not even 21 yet!!) to make a difference, to be a voice for Jesus and for healing. Her debut album is a witness to that.

My Jesus and Anne Wilson have accumulated so many accolades already! Anne is the first the first female solo artist debut single to reach #1 on the Billboard Christian Airplay chart. The debut single “My Jesus” was the longest #1 single on Billboard’s Christian Airplay chart of 2021 at 7 weeks. It has even achieved gold record status.

Here’s the song list from Anne’s new release My Jesus, and my thoughts about each song:

  • “Prelude (Scatter)” is a remarkable introduction to not only its subsequent song, but to the album as well. With a variety of instruments, the listener gets the sense of a thunderstorm which segues into piercing mariachi music (with strong keyboards and trumpets). These crescendo and then, head toward a firm stop. This leaves you breathlessly anticipating what comes next…
  • which is “Scatter.” This song picks up where “Prelude” leaves off. What is the idea this song communicates? It’s what the enemies of the child of God do: they scatter. It’s really a praise and proclamation song–a powerful one. Our God fights our battles for us; and when He does, we praise.
  • “My Jesus.” I don’t think they could have selected a better title for this album. This heartfelt song about suffering, pain, and the Jesus who is there with us always–Anne’s Jesus, and ours as well, if we want Him. How ready He is to meet us when we are broken, always. “My Jesus” is the anthem that every human needs to hear. And you can hear it here. It’s truly a song that can change your life.
  • And you wouldn’t think that “Devil” is a song that could follow “My Jesus.” Au contraire! This fantastic pronouncement of victory will get your blood flowing and remind you, as the song said, that Jesus “brought life to me and death to the devil!”
  • The precious “Sunday Sermons” (and don’t miss the music video!) shows the beautiful seeds that the church, the Bible, and all the words we hear in church when we are littles can produce, in bountiful fruit later on.
  • When you hear the title, “Hey Girl,” do you think of a famous meme? I did too (funny!), but Anne’s song is a word of life spoken over young women. It’s wonderful! It’s not just a reminder of what we should believe about ourselves: but why.
  • “This House” (with a lovely bridge from an old hymn) shares what our homes need to be built on to live, thrive, and stand.
  • “Mansions” is Anne’s lovely take on Jesus’s words from John 14:2. It will make you smile.
  • In “Mamas,” Hillary Scott, from Lady A, sings with Anne about the gifts mamas are. Perfect for Mother’s Day! Beautiful, happy, cheerful song and gorgeous duet. One of my favorites!
  • “No Place Like Home” is a sweet, heart-wrenching ballad to Anne’s brother; and the knowledge that, in the midst of grief, there is a perfect home out there for us.
  • “God Thing” — Miracles. Healings. Answered prayers. A sinner saved by grace. They happen!
  • “That’s What We Need” is faith and life that looks like Jesus. Love; the least of these embraced; His purpose. So wonderful; you will love this song!
  • What is it about Jesus’s name that is different from every other name on earth? “Something About That Name” is about what happens when we speak His name, in all circumstances, places, over every situation–with His unique power to save. Compelling–and powerful.
  • “Closer to God” is one of the most beautiful songs on this album to me. It showcases Anne’s voice in a wonderful way. She often sings in a lower register, but moments in this song give her voice to soar beautifully high and free. And the words! What truths for the broken, for those who feel that God is far away. He’s so close.
  • And last, there’s a reprisal of “My Jesus” but this time it’s with Crowder. I wouldn’t have expected their voices to pair well together; but this is awesome! You’ll love it. (And maybe not cry as much over this version.)

My thoughts about Anne Wilson’s remarkable debut

I was privileged to attend the Capitol Christian Music Group/Kisme livestream with Anne Wilson on April 27. I was just so struck by her story, but also her absolute gratefulness to be singing with her band and for her label, as well as to all those who co-wrote the album’s songs with her. Her spirit is so precious and refreshing, and her voice is rich and compelling. It was an absolute pleasure to watch and listen to Anne.

Her story is a one like no other I’ve heard. Out of absolute heartbreak (her beloved older brother’s unexpected death in a car accident) came the calling and life she’s walking out now. (Actually, she’d planned to be a NASA astronaut!) But her songs are written from the heart. During the livestream, she said that “the best songs are written from the deep places in your life.” How she has proved that. And how these songs will minister to you, to your children, to all those around you. (Whether they’re country-rock fans or not!) Anne’s humble, gracious story is the living out of how God can bring beauty from ashes.

I’m so pleased to be able to share about Anne and her songs and new album, and to give away this fantastic CD. It will minister to you and speak to your lonely, broken places. Don’t miss “My Jesus!”

Where you can purchase My Jesus

I wish I could give a copy of this CD to each one of you! But since I can’t (but don’t forget to enter my giveaway!), I want to let you know how and where you can purchase this CD.

You can stream and buy My Jesus here: Anne Wilson My Jesus

Watch the official music video for My Jesus here

And for more behind the scenes, you can watch Anne’s “My Story” Video here

Anne Wilson and Hillary Scott singing “Mamas”

Enter the FINCHNWREN giveaway to win an autographed My Jesus CD

The FINCHNWREN blog is giving an autographed My Jesus CD to one reader! To enter, just click on the pink “Enter here!” link below. That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form, where you’ll be able to enter to win in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes at noon on Friday, May 6, 2022. One winner will be selected to win. Best wishes!

Enter here!

Enjoy! –Wren

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“A Show About Anthem Lights” Part 2–and a PureFlix giveaway! (ends 2/5/22)

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Thanks to PureFlix and Momentum Influencer Network, I’ve recently had the opportunity to watch the streaming service’s brand-new show about the Anthem Lights band. (You can check out more about the band in this post.) The new animated series is called “A Show About Anthem Lights.” Let me tell you more about this fun show, plus I’ll have a giveaway for you at the end of the post!

About the show

“A Show About Anthem Lights” is an animated series from PureFlix streaming service. It’s for both adults and kids, so it’s perfect for family viewing. It’s a show about the band Anthem Lights, clearly; but it’s about the animated version of them. It’s definitely a comedy, filled with humor that both kids and parents will be able to relate to. What is it like being in a 4-member boy band? This show answers that question, humorously! There will be 20 episodes in the series, (episodes drop 4 at a time every other week) with each one running around 12-14 minutes in length. The four members of Anthem Lights (Caleb Grimm, Chad Graham, Joey Stamper, and Spencer Kane) perform themselves as they both voice act and sing in the episodes. Each show starts with the series’ theme song, performed by the group. The series was developed by Rob Hawkins, and it’s part of Sony Affirm Originals.

The Anthem Lights have their office/studio on a city’s main street. Their arch rivals, the Handsome Knights, have rented a studio across the street. Now, the Anthem Lights guys have no idea that they even have arch rivals, but the so-called competition between the two bands (which is really only in the minds of the Handsome Knights) provides lots of comedy fodder for each episode. Some of the episodes’ issues include:

  • Auditioning for a reality show
  • Getting an unfavorable comment on a video
  • Fans and social media
  • Rivalry (over…you know…shoes)
  • What happens in a musical when one Anthem Lights member is the star, and everyone else is a supporting character
  • And more

The problems do tend to be on the less-serious side and each one gets resolved before its episode’s conclusion. I got to watch Vol. 1, Episode 2, and here are my impressions!

“A Show About Anthem Lights, Vol. 1, Episode 2”

In “Oil of Algorithm,” the band has a problem. Chad is hoarse and can’t sing those high notes he normally hits easily. And neither can anyone else! The mighty Algorithm (no one’s quite sure what that is) must be appeased; they have to have their new song uploaded to the internet by 8:00 P.M. There doesn’t seem to be an obvious solution. But wait! What about drenching Chad in essential oils? Surely that will help his voice get back to normal!

There’s also a side story about the Handsome Knights, and the way they think they can get themselves noticed by throwing shade.

My thoughts about this episode

Overall? Entertaining. Playful. Engaging, and super-fun to watch!

It is a really creative idea; making an animated series about an actual band, and having that band voice themselves. The show’s animation is simple and mostly two-dimensional with 3D effects here and there. Occasionally, there’s some lettering (like on cell phone faces, or in character identification). The story was lighthearted, giving the boy band an online deadline that seems impossible to meet. There is a “scary” costume; I don’t think it’s really scary, but it’s supposed to be, and I think kids will get the joke.

The “villain” band, the Handsome Knights, have a Porta-Potty in their office (a bit of the gross factor some kids will think is hilarious). The lead singer speaks with an Aussie accent and the other three band members just mumble. I actually thought they were pretty funny with their cluelessness!

Now…the song that the Anthem Lights play. They’re missing their tenor, so that is played for the comic effect. The video touches that are added are fun. I have to say that I thought the lyrics sounded a bit stalkerish. (Parents could discuss this with their kids.) There’s also a running gag about essential oils.

Overall, I really did enjoy it. There are a lot of jokes that kids today will totally get, and find hilarious, and the same goes for adults. The band members have great comic timing, and “A Show About Anthem Lights” is very fun to watch.

The best things? We all know we are living in a TOUGH TIME. I can’t believe that we are coming up on nearly two years in a worldwide pandemic. And “A Show About Anthem Lights” couldn’t be a more perfectly-timed show. It is fresh, fun, sometimes silly–really, it’s just a treat. And we could use more happy and fun these days!

And–you can enter to win a PureFlix subscription!

I have a wonderful giveaway to offer you! PureFlix is going to give someone a 3-month subscription! The winner will be able to watch “A Show About Anthem Lights” and everything else on the PureFlix streaming service. That includes series, movies, kid films–tons of things you can watch together with your family.

To enter, simply click on the pink “Enter here!” link below. That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form, where you’ll be able to enter in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes on 2/5/22. Best wishes!

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Trailer and opportunity to try PureFlix free!

So, PureFlix wants to offer you the opportunity as well to try out a trial membership for free! Just click on the link below to sign up. You’ll receive a free trial membership which can be cancelled at any time.

PureFlix Trial Membership

And, here is the trailer for “A Show About Anthem Lights.”

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a temporary subscription for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. 

“Redeeming Love” ~ new film based on Francine Rivers’ book, opens 1/21/22

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I’ve just had the opportunity to watch the new film Redeeming Love, courtesy of Momentum Influencer Network and Universal. Opening in theaters on January 21, 2022, the film is based on Francine Rivers’ landmark book of the same name. Here are some of my thoughts on the movie!

About Redeeming Love

If you’re not familiar with Francine Rivers’ book, it’s based on the Bible book of Hosea. Francine had written what she has called “steamy historical novels” before she came to faith in Christ. For several years into her walk of faith, she didn’t write any more books, until she was studying Hosea. That was her “Eureka!” moment. So, she wrote Redeeming Love, just changing the setting from 755-725 B.C. to the Gold Rush days in 1850s California. Michael Hosea is a farmer, a man of faith, and a kind and loving person. God taps him on the shoulder one day in Pair-a-Dice, where he’s gone to sell what he’s grown, and shows him his future bride, Angel.

It turns out that Angel is the most highly-paid prostitute in the local brothel. She is beautiful and alluring, with that exterior covering a hardened, world-weary heart. There’s ample reason for this. After her mother’s death, alone in the world, she was sold into prostitution as a child. Her attempts to escape it were fruitless, producing beatings and thefts of the money she has earned in the most painful of ways.

Eventually, Angel does marry Michael. He is patient and gentle with her, wanting to show her the kindness and love she deserves. But Angel finds it extremely hard to adjust to this new life of grace, as painful as her life as a prostitute was. Like Hosea’s wife Gomer, she runs back to her old life several times. Michael’s love for her continues, but eventually he knows that she will have to make the decision to stay–or go. He will not force her to stay with him. She is given the free will, the volition, to choose.

My impressions of the film

Like the book of Hosea, Redeeming Love aims to show us a human example of God’s deep and amazing love for us. He will love us, even woo us…but He will never force us to follow Him or be in relationship with Him. The choice is ever, and always, ours.

Tom Lewis does a fine job as Michael. He hears God and loves Him. He follows His directions. But he is willing to wait for Angel to heal, to open her heart, to be willing to receive AND give love even as his own heart might be broken. Abigail Cowen plays a wonderful Angel. But it takes time for her to leave old ways and habits behind. Viewers see the fight she has within. And Eric Dane is fantastic as the Irish gangster Duke. He is frightening, and I almost shivered at one point at his portrayal.

The locations and costuming were exquisite. (I discovered after watching, that much of the movie was filmed in western South Africa, which displayed just gorgeous landscapes.) The actors were also exceptional and very believable in their roles. And, I felt that Francine Rivers’ book was reimagined very faithfully.


Redeeming Love isn’t always easy to watch…nor, really, would we want it to be. When we read the book of Hosea, it’s so easy to focus on the righteous, God-loving man told to woo a prostitute. It’s easy to think ill of Gomer. But we might easily forget the reasons a person might enter the life of sex trafficking. Were they taken by force? Did poverty or circumstances make them think that that was their only option? And what if, like Angel, they lost all their protectors, and wicked adults sold them into lives they shouldn’t have even known about?

This film pulls no punches when it comes to the costs and destruction sex trafficking exacts from its victims. Alcoholism, despair, loss, and depression. And yet, a way out is offered to Angel by Michael. But in the end, it’s her choice to take it or not.

What you’ll want to know before you see it

  • Its rating: PG-13
  • A fair bit of nudity (not quite full-frontal, but close)
  • A severe beating, and some vile betrayals
  • Two very intimate lovemaking scenes between Michael and Angel. (They’re married…but it was still more implied sex than I’d have preferred to see.)
  • Dead bodies. One more disturbing than the other.

I’d say: there is beauty in this movie for sure. And there is redemption. It just has more nudity and sex than most “Christian” films that I’ve seen. And perhaps there is more pain on Angel’s road to redemption than we usually see in films.

But I like to think of Corrie ten Boom’s famous saying, which applies so perfectly here, and for all of us:

There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.”

Corrie ten Boom, Elizabeth Sherrill, John Sherrill (2006). “The Hiding Place”, p.8, Chosen Books

How to purchase tickets for Redeeming Love

You can purchase tickets for Redeeming Love by clicking on this link.

Tickets for Redeeming Love

And thank you for letting me share my thoughts with you!


Disclosure: Many thanks to Universal for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation.