New from Grace Valentine: “What Will They Think?” ~ a review

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When FrontGate Media offered me the chance to review Grace Valentine’s newest book, I was thrilled. I am so happy to share my thoughts and impressions of What Will They Think? I highly recommend it to my readers–especially to the women, both younger and older, who will feel that Grace is speaking to their own hearts.

About What Will They Think?

In this inspiring guide for young women, Grace Valentine shines a spotlight on nine courageous women in the Bible who lived their faith boldly. In a world that pressures you to seek validation from others, learn to focus on what truly matters.

“What will they think?” – It’s a question that consumes many women and may even stop them from living the lives God has called them to live. Whether it’s don’t be too loud, don’t be too aggressive, or your role is to be a sidekick for men, women struggle to live a life that is about pleasing others—but Scripture describes women who actually did the opposite.

In this third release from popular blogger and podcaster Grace Valentine, What Will They Think? features the stories of nine incredible women in the Bible, including Esther, Deborah, Sarah, Mary Magdalene, and Tabitha. These women did not bend to peer pressure or seek to people-please but instead turned their focus on God.

What Will They Think? contains:

• Inspiring and motivating stories of strong women who lived courageously in their faith
• Practical steps on how to stop caring what others think and focus on what truly matters
• Personal stories from Grace’s life and her own struggle to stop focusing on the opinions of others

For inspiration found in the lives of these biblical heroes, What Will They Think? provides steps to finding freedom to live life boldly and to stop caring about what others might think.

My thoughts about this book

I love Grace Valentine’s voice! She is delightful to read, so fun and so relatable. But most important, if we’re reading a book that deals with both Scripture and our own relationships with God, we’d want to know that this author is a woman who’s poured time into Bible study and pursuing her own relationship with the Lord. Well, we do see the excellent results of that in this book! What Will They Think? tells readers Grace’s observations and study about 9 important women in the Bible; how God pursued them and how they responded. And, how their examples can inspire women today to boldly live for God, to love Him, and to love others.

Grace shares the story of nine women:

  • Esther
  • Deborah
  • Sarah and Hagar
  • Mary, the mother of Jesus
  • The Woman at the Well and The Woman Who Touched Jesus’ Cloak
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Tabitha

Then, each of these chapters is followed with a chapter that tells readers 5 things that we can draw from these women’s lives, faith, character, and choices.

Honestly, this book was a delight to read. I read so many things that inspired me, encouraged me, and clearly showed me truths to apply in my life where I needed to grow, didn’t understand God’s love for me, or reminded me of a topic I’ve run into a lot lately: joy. In the era we’re living in, when 2020 included COVID and staying at home (a LOT), and 2021 just seemed like an overflow of the previous year, I have seen anxiety seem to skyrocket (just watch the news), conspiracy theories abound, and meanness appear all over the place. And yet I remember seasons in my own life where joy abounded; when I was happy in my work; and when my trust of and enjoyment of the Lord was at a high.

Maybe you too, as I do, feel that you’d like to do a reset of your life, your faith, and your relationship with God. I believe that you would find What Will They Think? to be a fantastic encouragement and a huge help for that, as you look at the lives of these Bible women and apply the lessons they learned (and more!) to your own life and walk. I so recommend this beautiful book. (Plus–Grace’s voice is a delight. She’s honest, vulnerable, and fun–and a fantastic Bible student!)

Some of my favorite moments from What Will They Think?

I have many segments of this book highlighted and marked with washi tape. Here are some of my favorites!

  • “You, too, were created to step into God’s best, not to shrivel up to fit (or rather be squeezed) into the world’s box for you. Esther had faith, but she did not have control. You may feel like you don’t have control over a lot of your circumstances due to a health issue, your family, your past, your looks, or your financial state, but you do have your voice. And your voice gives you the power to be there for “such a time as this.” (p. 12)
  • “But God isn’t looking for results. He’s looking for you to see Him and for you to know He sees you. God desires your boldness, not success. So even when it doesn’t work out, God cares for you, mourns with you, and sees that you are growing into who you are meant to be. He is faithful to fulfill His promises to you.” (p. 70)
  • “And then there’s you, someone reading this with a light ready to be shared. Whether you’re too scared to shine because the crowd is comforting, or you think your past makes it hard to shine, remember this light isn’t dependent on who you are; it is dependent on who God is. This light will be bright not because you’re worthy of shining but because God is powerful enough to use broken vessels like you and me for His glory.” (p. 144)
  • “Your voice isn’t meant to be silenced. When God calls you to something, I pray you do it. However, don’t expect a literal voice; sometimes it is just your heart pumping with joy as you paint, teach, start that business, care for your children, make music, or write. When you feel this joy, do it for Jesus. Find ways to go and tell with this gift. But never forget we have the gift of our voice. We all are called to spread the gospel through love and through this truth.” (p. 174)

Aren’t those wonderful? I hope they whet your appetite for Grace’s lovely book. Keep reading for more about the author and info on where you can find What Will They Think?

About Grace Valentine, the author

Grace Valentine is an author, blogger, podcast host, and speaker. Her readers love the fact that she is young, ordinary, and relatable; they say her fresh voice helps them navigate their own faith and life. Grace’s mission is to show others that Christianity is not lame–it is an adventure worth living.

Grace grew up near New Orleans, Louisiana, in a suburban town called Mandeville. She graduated from Baylor University in 2018 with a degree in journalism. She currently resides in Orlando, Florida, where she enjoys going on runs and eating lots of sushi.

Grace is the bestselling author of Am I Enough? and Is It Just Me?

Where you can purchase What Will They Think?

You can purchase What Will They Think? from numerous booksellers and both online and brick-and-mortar stores via the link below. Just click on the link below!

Purchase What Will They Think? here

Enjoy! –Wren

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“Link2Us” ~ a brand-new lifestyle & faith magazine

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Recently, FrontGate Media sent me a copy of a brand-new lifestyle magazine that incorporates faith, beauty, wellness, and more. I’d love to share my impressions of Link2Us with you, and let you know how you can subscribe to print or digital versions!

About Link2Us magazine

Link2us magazine is a lifestyle publication at the intersection of faith and popular culture, providing readers with a blueprint for living their best and most authentic lives. Each issue delivers fresh and engaging stories, conversations with today’s most inspirational figures, the latest food and wellness trends, relationship and finance tips, home décor solutions, and much more, with faith and inspiration at its core. Our feature content highlights noteworthy figures, up-and-comers, and everyday people impacting their communities and the culture at large. We provide real solutions for real people, living in the real world.

My impressions

I thought that Link2Us was a gorgeous, high-quality magazine. The articles, which included everything from interviews with celebrities of faith (singer Lecrae and “Bachelor” contestant Madison Prewett), mental-health providers and advocates, food blogger Becky Hadeed, book lists, and even fashion pages. The publisher, editors, and writers for Link2Us clearly understand that women of faith are interested in information and articles on ALL parts of their lives, and in this issue, they definitely provide that.

Its photography and layouts are on high-quality paper (a bit thicker than most magazines), and in style and beauty resemble magazines like Vogue or Bon Appétit. The food, fashion, and celebrity photos are, in a word, exquisite, in the skills of the photographers (and those of the stylists, location scouts, lighting directors, and so on). The whole magazine is just a pleasure to look at.

There was a lot of variety not only in the articles, which included not only those I’ve mentioned already to some about church hats, food instability, prayer, and more; but also in the wide diversity of the subjects interviewed and photographed. Many men and women of color were both photographed and interviewed; what a great reminder that all God’s children really are every color! I think that this will make Link2Us something that many readers will be interested in.

I appreciated, in particular, the articles that encouraged people of faith to also take care of their mental health, and to acknowledge that every part of life, whether it’s exercise, processing grief, or embracing new traditions, is worth focusing on.

…and my favorite moments

I’ve shown you some of the lovely photos from the magazine. I wanted to include some of my favorite quotes for you as well, to give you a bit more flavor!

  • From Lecrae: “When you are religious, you are really stressing yourself out to be perfect and trying to do it all in your own strength. And when you mess up or miss a step, it’s devastating to you because you are thinking about your own resume–not the fact that you should be dependent on God in the first place.”
  • From Madison Prewett: “I think so many of us really value those big, life-changing moments. But I would say that a lot of my book (Made For This Moment) is about, is how to value the small moments and how to steward the small things well–because it’s the small moments that will one day become the big moments and lead to the bigger things.”
  • From home baker Sheila P. Johnson: “It was a way to bring happiness and comfort to my neighbors by sharing something that I loved and created.”
  • And some of Dawn Rusinko’s (self-proclaimed control freak) reminders to add to your daily prayer: “God will give me rest…will strengthen me…will answer me…is for me.”

Isn’t that the most lovely way to close out a magazine for people of faith!

Where you can find Link2Us

You can find Link2Us magazine in Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million stores and airports in the U.S., and at Chapters/Indigo stores in Canada.

And, how you can subscribe

If you’d like to subscribe to either the digital version or the print version of Link2Us, just click on the link below. Also, when you sign up for a 1-year subscription, you’ll receive a Link2Us tote bag!

Subscribe here!

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of this magazine from its publisher and FrontGate Media. All opinions are honest and my own.

“Who Are You Following?” ~ a book & guided journal review

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FrontGate Media sent me Sadie Robertson Huff’s gorgeous new book duo, Who Are You Following?: Pursuing Jesus in a Social Media Obsessed World and the Who Are You Following? Guided Journal. They are hardback books that are as gorgeous inside as they are outside. Let me tell you more about them!

About Who Are You Following?

Sadie Robertson Huff has experienced the ups and downs of social media use, along with both the joys it can bring and the discouragement and heartache. In Who Are You Following?, Sadie addresses the truths that young people face today with their statistically-high use of various social networks, which can result in poor self-image, anxiety, depression, even eating disorders. She’s not saying that social media is all bad, of course; but she is saying that it’s vitally important *who* we are following online as well as in our lives overall. And if those we follow aren’t encouraging us, blessing us, or leading us to great places, are they really the ones we should be putting our trust in?

In Who Are You Following?, Sadie unpacks these ideas in the 9 chapters:

  • Who is influencing you?
  • What are you looking for, from social media?
  • How “liking” and “loving” are so very different
  • The ugly trap of comparison, and why we don’t have to engage with it
  • Why do you want to be famous?
  • What are you sharing, and what are the results you’re hoping for?
  • Is “cancel culture” part of your engagement online?
  • What truth are you following?
  • Perhaps most important: “Does God Still Love You?”

In just one book, Sadie identifies, unpacks, and clarifies the many reasons we engage with social media; what our hopes are, and what the realities of each actually are. She utilizes Scripture, her own life experiences, and what she’s learned in each of these chapters that will truly benefit readers. Especially young people, who are still forming their own identities.

Her conclusions are sound and will, I believe, help social media users understand how online use will affect them and shape them. I think this book will encourage them to understand the true love offered to them by Jesus, and to develop some wise practices in the way they interact online.

About the Who Are You Following? Guided Journal

This lovely book is the perfect companion to Who Are You Following? In the journal, readers are guided through the same ideas, also in 9 chapters, that Sadie discusses in her book. The difference is that this journal is for readers to actually write in and engage with. Journaling spaces, devotional readings, Scripture verses, encouragements and prayers comprise each of the guided journal’s chapters. There are lots of questions and lined spaces or boxes for writing, designed to help young women to stop and really think about:

  • who they engage with online and why
  • to identify issues that social media seems to create for them
  • to consider who’s influencing them
  • to understand that “likes” don’t really provide the love they’re seeking
  • to consider their passions and purposes, and why they’re pursuing them
  • to understand whose truth they’re following, and what will set them free
  • and more

This guided journal is filled with beautiful images, words of wisdom, and spaces for readers to think and write down their own thoughts, desires, and the directions that they are truly led to go, instead of just the way social media leads them.

My impressions & reactions

I love reading Sadie Robertson Huff’s books! I love her genuine, happy voice, which comes across as clearly as you read her words as it does when you watch her on a video. I love the joy that infuses her words in each chapter. Better yet (as she does in her books), she would be the first to tell you that this joy is not a result of who she is, but because of who she is following–Jesus.

Sadie’s message is a vital one for young women (and, to be honest, not-so-young women too) today. In a time and era when social media, film, and print media pressure women in so many ways (and ways that are not always positive), Who Are You Following? offers a different take: that we are not amazing, precious, or adored because of our beauty, thinness, popularity, or number of likes and followers. Instead, Sadie reminds us that what we are looking for so avidly via social media is something we’ve already been offered. God showed us that love, the immense love and acceptance He has for us in that Jesus died on the cross for us, when we didn’t even know Him. And that love will never leave us, never forsake us, never desert us when we’re unlikable or unlovely. It is totally steadfast, even when we are at our worst.

The Who Are You Following? book and its companion Guided Journal refreshed my spirit and captured my heart. They are physically beautiful books. The book itself is filled with wisdom pulled from Sadie’s own walk through the ups and downs of “likes” and the world’s approval, which didn’t satisfy her or give her love; but that instead helped her to choose Christ and to understand the complete love He always has for His people. The journal is also gorgeous. It’s filled with lovely photos of diverse young women and of beautiful landscapes. So it’s soothing to read. But it’s also a journal that will guide readers through the topics addressed in the book, with exercises to help identify struggles and pain, and to receive the healing and acceptance Jesus offers.

These would be lovely gifts for young women for so many occasions. Or even for yourself! What a breath of fresh air, filled with excellent Bible verses for life application, and the thing that will help women understand their own worth–and the One who loves them best.

About the author

Sadie Robertson Huff is a speaker, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Influencer, and Founder of Live Original. Communicating as a sister and friend, Huff is on a mission to use her influence to reach her generation with the message of Christ. Huff is the host of the popular podcast WHOA, That’s Good, which reached more than a million unique downloads after only 15 episodes. Her Live Original Blog, features encouraging and transparent messages from Huff and her closest friends. She recently launched her exclusive, online community and App, LO Sister, which is designed to cultivate sisterhood through bible studies and workshops. You can learn more about Sadie Robertson Huff at or by following her on Instagram @legitsadierob.

Where you can purchase these

You can learn more about Sadie, the Live Original ministry, and purchase Who Are You Following? and the Who Are You Following? Guided Journal at the link below:

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are honest and my own.

“The Flirtation Experiment” ~ a review & book giveaway (ends 2/19/22)

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Recently, Momentum Influencer Network sent me the most lovely book for women in their marriages! It’s called The Flirtation Experiment. It is the MOST encouraging and equipping book I’ve read on the topic of women in marriages in ages. And Momentum also will be gifting a copy to one of my readers!

About the book

Subtitled “Putting Magic, Mystery, and Spark into Your Everyday Marriages,” Lisa Jacobson’s and Phylicia Masonheimer’s beautiful book contains thirty chapters on ways that wives can seek to relationally engage with their husbands (a.k.a. “flirt”) so that marriages can become closer, more connected, more romantic and wonderful. Although we often regard husbands as the “pursuers” and wives as the “responders,” the authors cite many Scriptures (Song of Solomon 3:1-3, 1 Corinthians 13, and more) which encourage women to reach out, relationally, to their husbands. With two different perspectives on marriage (7 years in, for one, and approaching empty nesting, for the other), the two authors share about how wives can pursue deeper intimacy and connection with husbands. The book is written in an engaging, fun manner, with lots of wisdom sprinkled in here and there as well.

The authors take turns writing chapters, and share why they began their own flirtation experiments (to draw closer to their husbands romantically and emotionally). It wasn’t at all that they didn’t love their husbands, but rather that in the fullness of lives with children, professional work, and shepherding their families that they were missing the fun and closeness of their early years or even what they experienced during dating. They thought that trying out different ideas, approaches, or activities might encourage this. Perhaps not every idea worked—but so many did! And they really did grow closer to their husbands as a result.

So, they developed these thirty ways a woman could approach, or flirt (in the best sense of the word) with her husband. Each chapter describes why they thought it might bless them, what they did, and some ideas for the reader. Here are some of them, and the essences of what they hoped to accomplish with the activities:

  • Affection (to approach with a simple touch, with no strings attached)
  • Kindness (noticing how we might treat a stranger more kindly than our spouses)
  • Adventure (choosing an activity that your hubs might love and inviting him to do it)
  • Celebration (because life deserves to be celebrated!)
  • Affirmation (because affirmation can lift a spirit and bless the hearer)
  • and more

I think that The Flirtation Experiment is the perfect book for healthy marriages, in which the spouses would like to bring more joy, connection, and contentment to their relationships. So many couples would be blessed by this book.

And one important note, and I’ll quote directly from the book.

“Are you struggling with a spouse who […] seriously mistreats you? Are you in a situation that requires legal protection? Are you in a toxic, abusive relationship? Please don’t look to this book as holding a possible answer. In fact, don’t read this book at all. Seek professional, wise, biblical help and protection.”

The Flirtation Experiment, Lisa Jacobson and Phylicia Masonheimer

My impressions

I LOVED this book. Phylicia and Lisa are warm and personable communicators. They are vulnerable and honest themselves, confessing their own struggles or challenges (which will sound a lot like the readers’ own!). I felt that they gave me not only some lovely ideas and perspectives to use in my own marriage, but also encouraged me to look at myself and see my own vulnerabilities. I had to laugh some time ago when I took the Enneagram test, when I learned that my own type tends to not be very self-reflective. So being able to read this wonderful book, where I gained some fun perspectives and ideas on some areas, also showed me others where I’ve hesitated to step out in, because of some unhealed parts of my soul, from my own past. I was surprised, but also just appreciative to take note of things that I could bring to God in prayer for my own healing. What a gift! Because I’m certain that my own healing will, in turn, bless my marriage and my family.

I loved Phylicia and Lisa as authors, as fun gals I’d love to know personally, and wise women with good words for me. And for lots of women!

My favorite moments from The Flirtation Experiment

My copy of The Flirtation Experiment is filled with much highlighting and flags on pages where there was something important that I wanted to engage with. I don’t want to tell you so much that I spoil your own enjoyment of reading this book…but I do want to share some of my favorite passages!

  • From the Rest chapter: “We can so easily underestimate our need for rest and how healing it is for our bodies. But rest is good not only for our physical selves; it is essential for our souls and for the souls of our marriages.”
  • From the Refuge chapter: “We all long for a refuge. Somewhere to go where danger and distress are banished. Someone who will be steadfast and sure. A shelter in the storm.”
  • From the Affirmation chapter: “Thoughts guide actions. Thinking about honorable things leads to honorable choices. Thinking about justice leads to just behavior. Thinking on what is pure protects against depravity. Patterns of thought shape our character, and since our character should be the image of Christ, our thoughts should be “on things above, where Christ is” (Col. 3:1-2 NIV).”

There are so many other passages that I’ve bookmarked and highlighted. Things that I’d like to pray on, to act on, things that I’d like to see God work on in me. But one great thing I noticed, overall: although I do have a longer “to-do” list (so to speak) after reading The Flirtation Experiment, it is not at all a list that is burdensome. Rather, it’s things that I can do, myself, to help my own marriage to improve and grow closer. And that brings me joy!

You can download the first two chapters free!

The authors and publisher, Thomas Nelson, have provided a link for you to get the first two chapters free. (I am sure you’ll want to read the entire wonderful book after you’ve checked them out! Just click here, where you’ll be prompted to enter your name and email address. Then you’ll be sent the free chapters.

And…your opportunity to win!

You can enter to win The Flirtation Experiment! I’m thrilled to be hosting a giveaway for a copy of this book. To enter, click on the pink “Enter here!” link below. That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form, where you’ll be able to enter in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes 2/19/22. One entrant will win a copy of The Flirtation Experiment. Best wishes!

Enter here!

Here’s where you can purchase The Flirtation Experiment

You can purchase this lovely book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Christianbook, and other booksellers (including Audible, if your preference runs to audiobooks). Just click on the buy link below, and scroll to the bottom of the page. You’ll also find more goodies, including a video short with Lisa and Phylicia plus info on The Flirtation Experiment Workbook.

The Flirtation Experiment book & workbook buy link

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: Many thanks to HarperCollins Christian Publishing for providing this product/product information for review. Opinions are 100% my own. I did receive the product in ex-change for this review and post.

A little about “I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants)” –now available!

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I’ve had the chance to dig into this wonderful new book about women’s friendships, courtesy of FrontGate Media and authors Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston. It is, honestly, the perfect book for women after nearly two straight years of a worldwide pandemic.

I don’t know about you. But I have realized, in the last few months, how much I miss pre-corona get-togethers. There are so many things I miss doing with my gal friends, that would have been pretty easy to schedule almost at the drop of a hat. And there are precious people that I used to see here and there that I have almost lost touch with completely.

I realized that not only do I want covid to GO AWAY; but, I also need to do some sort of reset on my friendships. And just in time: I received I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants), by Amy Weatherly & Jess Johnston.

It. Is. Wonderful!

Amy and Jess became friends online. Then they moved to phone calls (they lived states away from each other). And then, out of that friendship, the Sister, I Am With You blog was born. As you probably can imagine, this online spot is to encourage, to uplift, to help build up friendships. Just what their book is about, in real, hilarious, gut-honest wonderfulness. Here’s just a sample of what you will find in this book, from the table of contents:

You know, we’ve all had friend struggles. Such as:

  • When you think you’re the only one who doesn’t have friends
  • When your “person” moves away
  • When you get ghosted by someone you thought was close to you
  • When you don’t know how to make friends
  • And all those other friend moments that hurt your heart

Amy and Jess have felt all those things. They’ve talked about them. And it turns out, all women go through this. But how do you get over the pain, or keep your friendships close, or build new ones? They have beautiful and encouraging words for so many situations that we’ve all faced. And maybe now (like me) you are really noticing that you miss your girlfriends! If that is you, I can’t recommend this book more highly.

Some of my favorite moments from this book

About a friend breakup: “It taught me to choose my friends wisely, to be intentional about the relationships I invest in, to guard my heart, and to go all in. It taught me to love the moment but to be aware that anything can change. It taught me to know who I am…It taught me about boundaries and learning to leave with grace.”

About moving away from self-criticism: “I had welcomed myself. I had honored who God made me to be, and this gave me energy to breathe life into the people around me. I relaxed…If you did not like me or wave me over to sit in your circle, it was okay because I believed someone eventually would.”

About how to build friendships: “Invest in people who are like-hearted. Invest in people who are capable of investing in you. Invest in people who make room for you at their tables. Invest in people who are dependable. Invest in people who are consistent and willing to get real…who make you feel a sense of connection, and even more importantly, a sense of belonging.”

And this one, which I won’t explain because you seriously just need to read this book and delight in it without knowing it’s coming: “You can’t be everyone’s Chick-fil-A sauce.”

There is just so much beauty in this book. But there is also such a sense of fun. Of open-heartedness, and sound counsel sprinkled not only with honesty, but with kindness and care. I loved I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants), and I think you will too!

Where you can purchase I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants)

You can find this amazing book on Amazon! Just click on the link below, and it will take you right to the book’s page.

I’ll Be There (But I’ll Be Wearing Sweatpants) purchase page

Where you can find the authors on social media

These gals are so fun! So if you’d like to follow them, here’s where you’ll find them:

Amy Weatherly on Instagram

Jess Johnston on Instagram

Sister, I Am With You on Instagram

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: From time to time, FINCHNWREN may receive a free product or service to share on our blog. We are not required to write a positive or glowing review, nor are we additionally compensated for these reviews. We share our own opinions, and our family’s opinion, of these products. We’re disclosing this in accordance with FTC regulations.

Sally Clarkson’s new book, “Help, I’m Drowning” ~ A JustRead Blog Tour & Giveaway (ends 9/20/21)

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Help, I'm Drowning JustRead Blog Tour Welcome to the Blog Tour for Help, I’m Drowning by Sally Clarkson, hosted by JustRead Publicity Tours!


Help Im DrowningTitle: Help, I’m Drowning Author: Sally Clarkson Publisher: Bethany House Publishers Release Date: September 14, 2021 Genre: Christian Women’s Spiritual Growth

Life is filled with unexpected storms that take you by surprise.

In these storms of life, it’s easy to feel helpless, exhausted, afraid . . . and alone. We can feel like victims to circumstances out of our control. Beloved author Sally Clarkson understands deeply. Through almost seven decades of life, she has found herself tossed about in overwhelming life storms through many different seasons. In Help, I’m Drowning, Sally identifies the challenges that took her by surprise and then leads you to the wisdom she gathered from her experiences. Finding grace to walk through the darkness and hope to make it through will give you the comfort and encouragement you need in knowing you are not alone. Though there are no easy, formulaic answers that apply to every situation, Sally leads us to the One who is with us and will see us through. Sally found the anchors that held her steady in the midst of every storm, and she wants to help you find your anchors too. She invites you into her own personal story of anchoring well, and then–with honesty, grit, and her trademark wisdom–she will help you heal and move forward with courage and strength.

PURCHASE LINKS*: Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | BookDepository | IndieBound | Christianbook | BookBub



Sally Clarkson

Photo Credit: © Steve Hixon

Sally Clarkson is the beloved author of many bestselling books, including Awaking Wonder, Own Your Life, The Lifegiving Home with her daughter Sarah, Desperate with Sarah Mae, and Different with her son Nathan. As a mother of four, she has inspired thousands of women through Whole Heart Ministries. She advocates relentlessly for the power of motherhood, the foundational importance of family, and the influence of home through her Mom Heart conferences, speaking to audiences on several continents. Mentoring women to understand how to love God in a more personal way and how to live a satisfying Christian life are threaded through her messages. Sally’s podcast, At Home with Sally Clarkson and Friends, has more than 14 million downloads.

CONNECT WITH SALLY: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


(1) winner will receive a four-book prize including Awaking Wonder by Sally Clarkson, The Happy Crab by Layla & Kevin Palmer, Make Their Day by Karen Ehman, and Prevail by Susie Larson!

Help, I'm Drowning JustRead Giveaway

Full tour schedule linked below. Giveaway began at midnight September 13, 2021 and will last through 11:59 PM EST on September 20, 2021. Winner will be notified within 2 weeks of close of the giveaway and given 48 hours to respond or risk forfeiture of prize. US only. Void where prohibited by law or logistics.

Giveaway is subject to the policies found here.


Follow along at JustRead Tours for a full list of stops!

JustRead Publicity Tours

*NOTE: This post contains affiliate links.

My thoughts

Oh, I have so many! (Thoughts, I mean.) Help, I’m Drowning: Weathering the Storms of Life with Grace and Hope was yet another book that I didn’t know I *needed* but which poured out comfort, wisdom, strength, and important points to reflect upon as I: remember my past, walk through my present, and also look toward my future; all those years as a woman, a wife, and a mom. I have to admit that there were a few moments in which I wished this book had been written about 10 years ago, as there were storms my family and I were buffeted by then, and I was completely unprepared for the difficulties I was about to walk through. (You know! As if I had that time machine that I could use to take a copy of this book back to 2011 me!)

Part of my own struggles was the pair of rose-colored glasses I was wearing (I was comforted to read that Sally had begun her marriage with a similar pair). Apparently when I read the Bible’s verses on suffering, I studied them but then was SHOCKED when the pains of life showed up on my doorstep. (I know! Also as Sally says about herself and us, I was totally a toddler myself in some ways!) As we all do, I muddled through. But reading Help, I’m Drowning today provides a different pair of glasses for me to view my life with; one that says that storms will come, but I have the hand of my loving Father God who will walk me through them; and that I can begin to trust Him even more with those storms as well as life’s joys and blessings. So as we know, if we live in the world today, there are all sorts of difficulties that life can bring. Sally chooses some to speak about here that I know have affected me and many of my friends and family. She speaks, not in a “one-size-fits-all” manner, but as a loving older mentor sharing what she has learned that might help others. Here are some of the ideas that meant most to me:

  • Does God not care about me as I am going through this suffering?
  • Fear desires to intimidate and even stop us in our tracks
  • It really is okay to feel sadness
  • Some of our storms are created by difficult people
  • We can be tender and gentle with ourselves (!)
  • We really can grow and mature as we walk through the storms

There is a lot there, right? More really, than I can unpack for you here in one post. I can say, overall, that Sally’s book was a breath of not only fresh air, but of loving and kind support and encouragement. Sally’s words and the way she shared her own life experiences told me that what I had lived and struggled with was normal for this life, and this world that we live in. That the Bible even left us examples of similar struggles faced by the early church (or, of course, by the Hebrews and Israelites in the Old Testament). The author’s personal, honest stories meant so much to me as a Christian and as a mom myself.

Perhaps even more helpful to me than the “Yes, this is what life can contain and you’re not a weirdo for going through this,” were the insights Sally included about how we can walk through these troubles (as Jane Bennet calls them in Pride and Prejudice). We can know, as we live through our days, that we are not unnoticed by the God who loves us; that He promises to work things out for our good; that He is not embarrassed or ashamed of us when we struggle. All of those things that, in my deepest valley of suffering, I forgot as if I’d never learned them in the first place! We can have a disconnect when trouble comes; but both Sally and Scripture remind us of the truth of the God who’s standing with us in all things.

This is such a beautiful, instructive, and helpful book for women and for moms. I believe I’m going to be garnering riches from it for a long time.

Enjoy! –Wren

DISCLAIMER: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Enjoy! –Wren

DISCLAIMER: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

“A Bible Study Journal for Women” ~ A JustRead Takeover Tour (& giveaway, ends 7/5/21)

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A Bible Study Journal for Women JustRead Takeover Tour

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About the wonderful A Bible Study Journal for Women

I DO love a brand-new journal.

Barbour Publishing’s newest one is more than just a journal! It’s full of Bible study helps as well as blank pages, so that a Bible student (or a woman who’d like to learn more about the Bible) has great directions for jumping into God’s Word. It even has an introduction to explain how the Bible works.

Then, this journal provides an abridged version of Robert M. West’s How to Study the Bible. In 5 chapters, West kindly and clearly explains:

  • How and why to prepare our hearts to study the Bible
  • How to study and interpret God’s Word inductively (focusing on observation, interpretation, and application, plus 6 different principles for interpreting the Bible)
  • Various Bible study methods (e.g., survey, topical, word study, devotional, and more)
  • How to use Bible study helps like dictionaries, study or topical Bibles, commentaries and atlases
  • How to put the Bible and its verses to work in our own lives

These are fantastic and clear resources that will aid not only those new to the Bible but those who are familiar with it. It’s always good to be reminded of ways we can study the Bible, especially the methods we might not use as often.

A Bible Study Journal for Women is a softcover, almost 10″ x 7.5″ book. Its cover design is a very dark grey with peony-like blooms around the edges. That same design is repeated on the journal pages, which pick up after the How to Study the Bible segment at the beginning. The page edges are pink, and there’s a pink ribbon bookmark inside. Each journal page has a header with “Study Topic” first, then a “Date” line next. Then, there are lovely blank spaces for you to fill in with your own study notes, verses, and personal thoughts.

I loved this journal for many reasons. It is so beautiful, either open or closed. The design and feminine touches (like the peonies!) made the book a joy for me to pick up and write in. The pages are a comfortable texture and take ink well. (Although, some pens might bleed through to the other sides of the pages, so test them out first if that’s important for you to avoid.) The heft or weight of the book is light and comfortable to hold. Also, the binding is flexible, so that you can easily hold the pages open as you write.

I appreciated the title sections provided on each page. Currently, I’m moving between several Bible studies (it’s summer, what can I say?!). But there are also moments when I’d like to do a verse or topical study, and when I do I can record those on the pages. (Rather than just jotting them down on random pages in my daily planner.) I often find that different verses or ideas are very vivid to me on a given day. But if I don’t record them somewhere, they may not stick in my mind as well later. A Bible Study Journal for Women offers me space to write those passages and applications down, and then they’re right at my fingertips when I need them again.

Both the beauty and the practical nature of A Bible Study Journal for Women make it a very attractive writing space for me to use during my quiet times. I appreciate beauty so much, but in challenging times or days beauty might be harder to find. But this journal is lovely and easy-to-hold, and, perhaps best of all, it creates an exquisite place for me to record God’s words to me–those words that are beautiful to my soul as well as to my eyes.

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclaimer: I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014….for all Women!

Today is a time to celebrate what our female ancestors accomplished through incredible and unwavering dedication. It is Women’s Equality Day, a day in where we commemorate the granting of the vote to women throughout our nation on an equal basis with men.

Women in the United States were granted the right to vote on August 26, 1920, when the 19th Amendment to the constitution was passed into law.

When I was younger, I didn’t take advantage of my right to vote because I thought it wouldn’t make a difference. Now I understand how important it is to excercise the right to vote. Even though sometimes the things or people I vote don’t come to fruition, at least I know I have a voice…unlike those women before 1920, who had no say in their future, political or otherwise.

Here’s to the suffragettes…!