A new children’s book filled with love: “Mama, Sing My Song” by Amanda Seibert (a review)

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I received the most precious new picture book from Tommy Nelson Publishers: Mama, Sing My Song, by Amanda Seibert. I enjoyed it so much–it’s full of creative touches that made this book a delight for both reading and reading aloud. Here’s more about what you’ll find in Mama, Sing My Song, plus my thoughts on the book!

About Mama, Sing My Song

Mama, Sing My Song is a sweet, faith- and love-filled song to children: about how precious and special they are to both God and their parents. Bunnies, sloths, giraffes, foxes, bears, and cats (both baby animals and their moms) are shown together in play, snuggles, and quiet activity as the gentle rhyme of the printed prose (which is also a song) meanders along the pages. The animals and their varied habitats are colorfully illustrated in ways that will draw little eyes to explore and enjoy.

Endpapers include spaces for personalization, where parents can write verses, prayers, and special thoughts about their children, to their children.

Although the book is written for ages 4-8, I believe that children both younger and older than that will be both delighted and encouraged by Mama, Sing My Song.

My thoughts about Mama, Sing My Song

What if you had a book AND a song which tells your children how enormously valued they are in God’s eyes–and in your eyes as well?

Mama, Sing My Song is that book. And, that song! (There is a QR code inside the book’s cover which will provide a free download for you of the musical version of the words of the book.) I love this thought from the author of Mama, Sing My Song:

“There are three things I have become quite sure of:” says Seibert, “every child is uniquely made in the image of God; the words we speak have great power, and song is one of the most memorable, meaningful ways to touch a life. When you combine those three things, something truly magical happens.”

Amanda Seibert

From my own very first moments of motherhood, I wanted to speak life over and into the heart of my child. I loved having music, books, and Scripture to help me accomplish this goal. What a wonderful gift Mama, Sing My Song is for both parents and children–and what a way to begin to teach children that they are precious in both their parents’ AND God’s eyes!

The world actively tells us that we are not enough. That we are judged for whatever. That we’re always being compared to others who are more (fill in the blank). How vital it is for us to communicate the opposite to our children: that they are created carefully and lovingly in God’s image. That His presence is always with them. That they are unique and dearly loved. That they are enough.

I was absolutely captivated by the beautiful words of Mama, Sing My Song. I loved the darling animals and the wonderful use of color, which is just as expressive as the prose, and perfectly calibrated to the different habitats and activities of the animals. For example, the wild and vivid fuchsia, blues, and greens in the sloths’ rain forest . Or deep blues and purples, along with a bright yellow moon in the dogs’ field at night. Or, the daytime’s yellow and green daisy field for the mom cat and kitten. Each illustration expresses the peace and love between the parent animals and their babies. So perfect alongside the song’s words!

If you have little ones in your family, this is just the book I’d recommend. It is both lovely and lyrical, even as it’s filled with powerful truths. Mama, Sing My Song will speak those truths into their lives, and lovingly define for little ones that they really are precious and dearly loved.

About the author, Amanda Seibert

Amanda Seibert is the founder and “original mama” of Mama Sing My Song, a company that has created personalized songs and lullabies for thousands of kids all over the world. She believes that every child is uniquely created and loved by God, that words hold great power, and that song is one of the most beautiful,memorable ways to touch a life. She attended Moody Bible Institute, spent three years serving at a children’s home in India, and now lives in Indianapolis with her husband and three children, where they try to fill their home with songs, dance, and laughter each day.

About the illustrator, Sally Garland

Sally Garland grew up in a small town in the Highlands of Scotland and studied illustration at Edinburgh College of Art before moving to Glasgow. Sally has loved drawing since she was young and grew up with an assortment of pets, including goldfish, budgies, hamsters, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, a pony, and, of course, rabbits. Each of these little personalities still influences her illustrations today.

Where you can purchase Mama, Sing My Song…and more

Amanda Seibert has some wonderful things available to parents and to purchasers on the book’s website! There, you’ll find:

  • a free downloadable activity packet
  • Purchase links for Mama, Sing My Song from booksellers like Amazon, Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, Target, Book Shop, Christian Book, and Walmart
  • 10 wonderful (and sometimes humorous) tips on how you can help foster families in your community (just check under “Foster” in the website’s header)
  • You also have an option to order a Book & Stuffy Bundle, which gives you Mama, Sing My Song plus an adorable stuffed animal from the book: a bunny, fox, polar bear, brown bear, cat, sloth, or giraffe. (I freely admit I’m always a sucker for a stuffy. These all look so huggable!)

Here’s a direct link to the book’s site:

Mama, Sing My Song

Enjoy! –Wren

Disclosure: I received a copy of Mama, Sing My Song from Tommy Nelson Publishers. All opinions expressed here are my own honest ones.