The Best Study Bible I’ve Seen in Years! A Review of Thomas Nelson’s NKJV Study Bible

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Hi friends!

I have the privilege of telling you today about a fantastic study Bible that has become my new favorite!  The BlogAbout Blogger Network generously sent me the most gorgeous (inside and out) copy of Thomas Nelson’s new NKJV Study Bible to use and review.  I love it and it has made my devotional and Bible reading times so rich and rewarding!



The NKJV Study Bible is beautifully printed and bound in cranberry-colored softcover faux leather.  Its full-colored pages have gorgeous photos of art and geographical regions of Bible lands, as well as golden page edges.  There are two ribbons to mark the spots you’re reading in.  Each Bible book has an interesting introduction that describes the events, purposes, and timelines of the books, as well as chapter outlines.  It’s a hefty Bible with a good weight; after all, there are 2201 pages!  There is just SO much to this Bible; check out what’s included!

  • Verse-by-verse study notes, on more than 15,000 verses
  • Notes on Bible times and culture
  • Word studies with Strong’s numbers (one of my favorite ways to study, by delving into the original Greek and Hebrew!  The Strong’s numbers help you to discover more without being an ancient languages scholar yourself.)
  • Extensive cross-reference system
  • Maps and charts explaining more about what’s going on in the text
  • Full-length articles by evangelical Bible scholars, a concordance, and color maps
  • Clear and readable Thomas Nelson NKJV Comfort Print®


What I encountered with the NKJV Study Bible

Each spring, our church offers a cool optional prayer and Bible reading activity for the first 21 days of the new year.  That gave me the perfect opportunity to put this study Bible to the test.  And oh, was it a rich and fulfilling time!  The Bible reading was divided into a New Testament (a daily chapter from the Gospel of John) and an additional chapter or chapter portion (sometimes in the Old Testament, sometimes in the New).  So, each day I was reading the book of John chapter-by-chapter, and then reading verses of Isaiah, Psalms, 1 Corinthians, etc.  That would have been an amazing three weeks in and of itself.  But this Bible added so much depth to that!

The book of John starts with a gripping introduction (as do all the other 65 books of the Bible) and reminds us that this gospel includes the reason it was written: to show us how to find eternal life (John 20:31).  It tells us about its author, “the disciple Jesus loved,” widely understood to be the apostle John.  It includes a timeline of the years covered in the book, and the time scholars believe it was written.  The gospel’s theology is shared (that Jesus, the Word, is God) as well as the acts of Jesus that serve as His deity’s proof.  The intro closes with an outline of the book.



As the book of John progresses, the NKJV Bible includes verse-by-verse footnoted teaching, Greek word studies (for example, “The Word,” “The Only Begotten Son,” “born again,” “fountain,” and more).  There are also maps of Jesus’ journeys and photos of the lands He walked through, like Tiberias, a Capernaum synagogue, and Nazareth.  There are infographics (charts) on everything from Jesus’ trials, to the Old Testament predictions (and consequent fulfillment) of the Messiah’s death, to Peter’s restoration.  And more!  There are just so many amazing additions that both bring the Bible to life for the reader and deepen his or her understanding of it.

I have to mention one last thing I really appreciated, and that’s this Bible’s translation.  There are quite a few Bible translations out there, which are produced by people who read and study the original Hebrew and Greek, then translate it into modern language.  I’ve used, over the years, the NASB, the NIV, and the Message for my Bible study and devotional reading.  This study Bible, as you might have noticed from the title, is in the New King James Version, which (other than knowing it existed) I was mostly unfamiliar with.  Well, I love it!  It seems both very personal and very faithful to the Scriptures I’m familiar with.  In fact, it wouldn’t be exaggeration for me to say it has brought my Bible reading to life.  And all the qualities and aspects of this Bible that I loved in the Gospel of John book occur in all the other books of the Bible as well!



All in all, this Bible has been a wonderful experience for me.  And I think it would be the same for anyone who’s looking for a great study Bible in a fresh and vivid translation, with all the extras that bring the Old and New Testaments into greater focus.  Whether you’re considering it for a gift for someone else or for you, yourself, it will be a fantastic faith experience.  Definitely, check this Bible out!




More on the NKJV Study Bible:

You can see even more about this amazing study Bible, and why it might be right for you, by watching this YouTube video about it!  Just follow the link in the preceding sentence to see this gorgeous Bible.




Enjoy!  –Wren

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The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible (for kids) ~ Review and Giveaway (Ends 9/28/18)


Hi friends!  Are you interested in great devotional Bibles and Bible stories to share with your children and family?  FlyBy/Propeller Promotions sent me a free copy of Zonderkidz’ new The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible to use and review.  And, I’ll be giving away another copy to one reader at the end of this post!



About The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible

Written by Doris Wynbeek Rikkers and gorgeously illustrated by Fernando Juarez, this colorful book of Bible stories based on Scriptures includes verses and accounts from both the New and Old Testaments.  In total, there are 40 different Bible stories!  Each one starts with a verse that describes what God or the Holy Spirit are doing, and the biblical reference for the story.  Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find in this book, first from the Old Testament:

  • The Spirit Makes All Things New Again
  • The Spirit’s Gift to Joseph
  • The Spirit Inspires Bezalel
  • The Spirit Prepares Others to Help Moses
  • The Spirit Changes Saul into a Leader
  • God’s Spirit Speaks Through David

And, from the New Testament, you’ll find:

  • Simeon Sees Through the Eyes of the Spirit
  • The Spirit Comes Like a Dove
  • Jesus Makes a Promise
  • The Spirit Takes Philip Away
  • The Holy Spirit Fills Saul
  • The Fruit of the Spirit
  • and tons more!

This hardback book is sturdy and the illustrations and pages inside are very glossy and eye-catching.


What I thought about The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible

First, I love the illustrations.  They are gorgeous, colorful, full of life and fun.  They really bring the Bible stories and characters to life in an exciting and interesting way; for adults as well as children.  I really enjoy Fernando Juarez’s art.

I really liked the Bible stories the author chose to use.  We’re familiar, of course, with Adam and Eve or Joseph and his dreams.  But what about Simeon?  Jahaziel?  Ezekiel?  Zechariah the priest?  Or Philip, in the book of Acts?  These are fantastic people whose interactions with God our children might not know about, and they are great additions to this illustrated story Bible.



The stories are bite-sized and don’t contain a lot of text (although the important factors are mentioned) so they would be great for reading aloud to little children, or for devotional times with the whole family before bed (or at any other time).  It would also be a fantastic addition to a children’s Sunday school class.

I like that the book is about the Holy Spirit and His interaction with people throughout human history (well, at least, biblical history).  We learn a lot over the courses of our Christian lives about God and Jesus.  But the Holy Spirit is often the less-seen, unnamed person of the Trinity who is still active and at work.  It is a great reminder that God is at work; and that the Holy Spirit has an important purpose!


How to enter to win The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible for yourself!

Simply click on the pink “Enter here!” link below.  That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form, where you’ll find a variety of ways to enter.  Giveaway closes on 9/28/18, and one winner will be selected.  Best wishes!

Enter here!



Enjoy!  –Wren


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Best Kid Bible Ever ~ Zonderkidz’ FAITH BUILDERS BIBLE

What if you could combine Bible reading with your child’s favorite building toy?

Faith Builders Bible banner

Then you would have Zonderkidz‘ awesome new Bible for brick-building kiddos, the Faith Builders Bible!  We were ever so fortunate to receive and review a copy of this outstanding Bible for Jackson to use.  And we have just loved it!


Zondervan Logo_zpsaxmkrrcjWhat is the Faith Builders Bible?

The Faith Builders Bible was created especially for children (or really, Lego lovers of ANY age) by  Zonderkidz, the children’s publishing section of Zondervan.  It is a complete Bible in the New International Reader’s Version, which lends itself very well to children who read on their own, or for parents reading the Bible to their children.  The language is very accessible to younger readers, or those in elementary or middle school.  But this Bible also has some very special features that will delight brick fans of all ages!

The Bible itself is an 8 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ hardback book with a laminated cover.  It’s just over an inch in thickness and is very sturdy.  The pages (except for the color photos interspersed throughout the Bible) are tissue-thin, as you’ll often find in Bibles.


Faith Builders 1What will you find in this Bible?

The Faith Builders Bible contains the following:

  • Table of Contents
  • an Alphabetical Order of the Books of the Bible list, complete with page numbers
  • A Word About the New International Reader’s Version
  • All 66 books of the Bible
  • DictionaryFaith Builders Bible 01_samptxt_zpse6j85o3u
  • a listing of “Great Bible Stories” and their page numbers in this Bible
  • Bright, glossy pictures of astounding creative brick builds of crucial Bible scenes
  • “Building Block” verses and building ideas
  • The ABCs of Salvation, The Lord’s Prayer, the Fruit of the Spirit and more


Faith Builders pic 3How we used the Faith Builders Bible

We like to include Bible reading as part of our homeschool day, and as part of our lives overall in general.  Jackson used the Faith Builders Bible for his daily Bible reading.  I assign him a chapter or two for his devotional reading, which we like to do at the beginning of our homeschool day.  We’ve also used it for Bible read-alouds for a Bible study we’re currently doing on parts of the New Testament.

I like to vary Bible versions for my own Bible reading, because for me sometimes a different wording of a familiar verse can bring fresh meaning or vision. The NIrV has blessed us with that as well.  It’s very understandable to a child’s ear, and it works well whether it’s read aloud or just to oneself.  We’ve particularly enjoyed it as we have studied the beginning of the book of Luke.  Words we’re familiar with about Zechariah, Elizabeth, Gabriel and John have read beautifully aloud and have sounded fresh and vibrant.

Faith Builders Bible 03_samptxt_zps6uee1la1And…Jackson and I have sat together and looked at the pictures of Bible scenes built via Lego bricks.  They are truly spectacular; you can tell that whoever composed and created these builds must be thoroughly familiar with, and a lover of, both Lego bricks and the Word of God.  The pictures are just incredible, and each one includes a short description of the Bible scenes being depicted.

We also built the Lego display of the stacked books of the Bible, arranged by categories (i.e., history, prophecy, gospels, epistles, etc.).  It really gave us a vivid illustration of all that our Bible is comprised of, and can offer!  This inspiration to see brick-built Bible scenes will not only bless and encourage your children, and maybe even teach them.  It’s also very likely to inspire them to build their own faith-related brick creations!

And, our favorite parts of this Bible?  Jackson’s favorite brick page was probably the building of the tabernacle.  It’s pretty spectacular, and enables the viewer to finally SEE what that ancient prescribed place of worship could have looked like.  My favorite was Samson at the temple.  It is just majestic, and the moment is just before Samson’s strength returns and it all comes crashing down.  Like these, all the Lego builds are beautifully done and communicate much more than just the coolness of Lego.  They remind us as well of the great truths of the Christian faith and of Jesus and all those who have gone before us.



Faith Builders Bible 01_samptxt_zpse6j85o3uWhat we thought about it

I have to admit that when we received this Bible, Jackson and I were both seriously overjoyed!  (There even might have been some jumping up and down.)  It is REALLY a delight.  And joy and delight truly are the right words to describe how we felt about it!

Picking up the Bible in our family is something we regularly do.  And Jackson does have a Bible of his own, that he used before we received Faith Builders Bible.  But the combination of two of his favorite things–brick-built creations and the Word of God–added up to a book he was eager to use every day.  There weren’t many days when we didn’t pick it up and say words to the effect of, “This is SO cool!” or “I can’t believe this build of (fill in the blank).”  The pictures of the Lego builds of Bible scenes are incredible.  We like that familiar Bible stories are listed at the back along with page numbers, so if my son wants to read about the feeding of the 5000, for example, he can check that list, find the correct page(s), and go right to the account.  This is something that I believe will help all children!

I do want to share that the pages themselves are very thin, yet not quite as delicate as one might expect.  The font size is small yet is almost bolded, so that the words are pretty easy to read (even for adults!).



Faith Builders pic 4Our recommendations

We definitely, definitely recommend  for your children!  The pictures and Lego builds are spectacular.  Any child who loves building with bricks is going to adore this.  And best yet—maybe the photos and building tips they’ll find in Faith Builders Bible will encourage them to read more of the Bible!

You can find Zonderkidz‘ wonderful kids’ Bible at Faith Builders Bible.  Be sure to check it out!  I’m sure that your own favorite Lego-loving child must have a birthday or other celebration coming up!


Enjoy!!  –Wren


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