Jackson’s Review of StikBot: The Social Media Sharing Toy!

Hi everyone! Jackson here.

I thought it would fit to post a toy review on Black Friday…even though this was written on Wednesday…and I also got him on that day…never mind that, I am here to review Zing’s StikBot, aka the Social Media Sharing Toy!

Stikbot in package

Stikbot in package

First off, he has great posing ability, as he can have his (or her) arms, legs and head turned and positioned to your liking!

StikBot comes in many colors, but the one I got was the azure/turquoise blue version.

Of course, StikBot is intended for stop-motion, and works very well for it! In fact, I already made a stop-mo with him and he can be used very well! However, he fell over a lot, but maybe it was just the surface I had him on.

Next up is the fact that his hands and feet are suction cups, meaning many possibilities for places you can put him on in your videos/pictures.

There are pretty much infinite possibilities for this little fella, including that you can get him for a good price. He is only about $5 and some tax at my local Wal-Mart, meaning you can buy several of them for a reasonable price, or get the StikBot Studio ($10), which I will be reviewing in the future.

Size-wise, they are very-well sized for their price, as I just measured him, and he is about 3” tall.

Overall, whoever came up with this idea deserves a big raise, because StikBot is very awesome for private or shared stop-motion videos or even maybe a StikBot Selfie!

Thanks for reading this review, everyone! Happy Black Friday!

God Bless!