Introducing “Cubekins” – a fab new Christian kids’ animated series! (review & giveaway; CLOSED)

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I have a fun new kids’ animated series called Cubekins to share with you! Collide Media Group and Momentum Influencer Network provided me with the first episode of this series, “Invasion of the Cubecumbers,” plus an additional digital screening link of the episode to share with one FINCHNWREN reader. It is super-fun and exciting! Let me tell you more!


Cubekins is a brand-new Christian video series that’s perfect for kids! Fantastic animation (using Blender and Unreal Engine, for anyone who’s into computer animation), cheerful music, songs sung by the characters, and a fun story shares Christian family life from the kids’ perspectives. One person suggested that its tagline should be: “Veggie Tales meets Mayberry!” That perfectly describes Cubekins’ whimsy, design, faith, and small-town feel where everyone knows each other.

The characters include:

  • 7-year-old Kip, who’s lively and energetic
  • His sister Kara, the pet-lover
  • Dad, who’s always got a new job idea
  • Mom, who loves her family and helps remind them to pray and love others
  • The baby
  • And, Kip’s best friend Finn

Developed by 2 homeschool dads and their families, Cubekins is a fun animated kids & family show that’s designed especially for children aged 3-8. Its stories are interwoven with Scriptures that are applicable to different moments in the show, and the family clearly loves and supports each other. All the characters are cubes stacked in various lengths; the adults are 3D rectangles, the kids are smaller rectangles, and the baby is one cube. The animation, voice acting, and sound design are exceptional and, once the story starts, viewers forget they’re watching geometrical talking objects and just enjoy the show! The computer animation is truly beautiful; the shading and textures are gorgeous. (I especially loved the look of the cubecumbers, and the characters’ hair!)

This is a show that the whole family can watch together and enjoy. The lessons learned are things all of us learn ourselves, so they make real sense and are personally applicable to viewers. I’m truly blown away by the professionalism and beauty of the show while deeply appreciating its purpose: to share God’s World, entertainment, and life with kids and families. It totally succeeds!

“Invasion of the Cubecumbers” Episode

“What could go wrong, right?”

That’s what Dad says when he presents his newest idea to the family at the dinner table; growing and selling cubecumbers. Kip pipes up and says he’d LOVE to help out! So the project is handed over to him, and he invites his friend Finn to help out. Finn loves to follow the directions but Kip refuses; he thinks he can figure it out on his own and is both rueful and surprised when things don’t go quite as expected.

Several characters share Bible verses, and talk about how they can be applied. Viewers get to see the family pray together, confess mistakes to each other, and readily forgive each others’ wrongdoing. It’s very clear that they love and care for each other. Both Kip and Kara have a chance to sing songs, about Kara training her pets and Kip experiencing the unexpected consequences of his decisions. There’s also a scene in a church, where a brief bit of the sermon is shown. The pastor explains a Bible verse and later, encourages reading the Bible aloud to really grab on to its meaning. In the end, kids learn how God answers prayer and how Scripture really does apply to our lives.

It’s a delightful show, and one that families, and their children, will love!

As a former homeschool mom myself, I want to mention a fantastic area of the Cubekins website. Found at Cubekins Resources, it contains tons of neat family activities, curriculum, games, Bible verses, encouragement for parents, and recipes. This can add some fun and different activities for your homeschool days.

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How to enter to win the giveaway

I have one digital episode link of Cubekins to give to one reader! To enter, simply click on the “Enter here!” link below. That will take you to a Giveaway Tools entry form, where you’ll be able to enter in a variety of ways. Giveaway closes 3/11/21. One winner will be selected to win. Best wishes!

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And, if you don’t happen to be the winner, you can purchase or rent this episode at Cubekins. You can also become a Cubekins member at the same website, which enables users to access special bonus content that’s exclusive for members, like coloring books, videos, and more.

Enjoy! –Wren

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